‘Delicious In Dungeon’ Episodes 7-8 Recap & Ending Explained: Did Marcille Survive The Undine?

The saga of the four adventurers who have ventured into the dungeon to save Falin progresses steadily, and we now have two episodes in Delicious in Dungeon, where the risk is growing more and more grave. Up until now, the vibe of the show was that nobody could get seriously hurt while fighting the monsters, but I guess we are in the level now where the monsters are too deadly to be taken lightly. Laios and Marcille both almost die in the new episodes. Senshi’s childish side grows more pronounced as he throws a fit and refuses to use Marcille’s magic to cross a few hurdles, and here is a recap to tell you how. 


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Senshi Not Use Marcille’s Magic?

The fourth level needed to be crossed, but there was a magical lake in the way. There was no issue, though, as Marcille had her magic wand, and with it, she could conjure up floating shoes so they wouldn’t drown. Before that, everybody had a good wash-up, and it was important, as clean hair was necessary for Marcille’s magic to work. Laios and Chilchuck were ready, but Senshi had a problem. He didn’t want to use magic to make things easy for him. In the earlier episodes as well, he gave a lecture to Marcille about how magic takes away the soul of life, as the one who uses magic forgets the joy of the effort of overcoming things. Now he had no way to cross the magical lake, and yet he chose his own path, which was to summon a kelpie named Anna. Kelpie was a marine species that looked like a horse and swam in the lake, and Senshi uses a mimic to entice him. Laios warns him that he may have known the kelpie, but it was a monster nonetheless, and it could cause great harm to Senshi if he isn’t careful. Senshi didn’t listen and jumped on the kelpie, and he drowned, even though he expected Anna to take him to the other side. It had now made up its mind to eat Senshi. He was saved, thanks to Laios. The magical shoes conjured up by Marcille were the only option now, and Senshi had no option but to use them. He failed earlier because his hair, including his beard, was covered in cooking oils and needed to be washed. Marcille quite nicely made him bathe in soap, and voila, the magic worked. 


How Did Laios Get Sick?

At the beginning of the episode, a few adventurers were shown to have come to the fourth level, but they were behind Laios and his team. How they managed to get to the lake is a mystery, but they couldn’t cross the magical lake and died. Perhaps the mermaids and fish-men were to blame for that. The Kelpie’s meat was cooked by Senshi and Chilchuck, and Laios got the adventurers’ bodies out of the magical lake. Death was a common occurrence in the dungeon, which is why there was no mourning. The lake could be crossed now, but the creature called the Kraken attacked the crew. Marcile couldn’t totally neutralize the monster with her magic. Senshi understood why there were only these giant monsters present in the lake, while the small ones had completely vanished. He got a sense of the ecosystem of the dungeon. He didn’t know anything about the kraken but managed to attack its eye, and it collapsed. Kelpie, fishmen, and kraken were dead, and the small fish were expected to return. Kraken had a big parasite living in its body. It seemed like a good snack to be had. Laios, however, grew impatient and took a bite before it was properly cooked. This led to his ill health later. Thanks to Marcille, who kept using healing magic continually, he survived; otherwise, his stomach would have been punctured lethally. He got well, and the team crossed the magic lake, only to get into more trouble. 

How Did Marcille Meet Falin?

While Laios was recuperating, everyone else started to prepare themselves for the next encounter with a monster. Marcille, however, was thinking about how dungeons were made. This question took her straight to magic school, where she had learned how to make bonsai dungeons to trap spirits with life energy called ‘mana’. It was an exercise of sorts, and Marcille was good at it, which is why she was at the top of her class. A different shabby-looking girl, however, created a mini-dungeon and trapped uncountable spirits in her project. She was neither using special mana nor did her bonsai dungeon look any good. She had all kinds of impurities in it, and her mana had gaps so the spirits could leak out. Then how did she trap all those spirits and get the praise of the teacher? Marcille wanted to know, and the girl took her to a real dungeon, from where she had taken the soil to be put in her bonsai dungeon. This was the moment Marcille realized that the girl was courageous enough to go into the dungeon for her project. This girl was none other than Falin. Laios gained consciousness after his fight with the parasite and remembered Falin mentioning a great girl in her class. He now understood she was talking about Marcille.


How Did Marcille Survive The Undine?

Marcille needed to wash her hair again, and this time she took warm water that she was heating using Senshi’s grill. The water got too hot and started boiling while she was washing up, so she decided to throw it into the lake. This, however, proved deadly as it activated Undine, a kind of water bomb of a monster. It came up from the lake in the form of a water bubble but then blasted itself to kill its opponent. Senshi and Chilchuck came to save her, while Laios tried to muster all his strength to help. It was nearly impossible to survive the undine as Marcille fell into the water, which was made to move by it. There was no sure footing, and Marcille found it hard to stay afloat even with the floating shoes. The undine wounded Marcille and depleted her mana. She had one shot before all her mana was depleted and she would perish. As the undine had wounded her, she could spot it in the water through the blood it was carrying. She struck at the exact moment and got out of the water.

The Undine was only partially defeated, but Laios had the perfect idea. He picked up the wounded Marcille and ran to a safe place away from the water. Senshi and Chilchuck were smart enough to not be heroic in that moment. They let the Undine be undefeated and ran away. The team now had to wait for Marcille’s mana to be replenished, but how? Laios suggested that they wait for an adventurer with healing magic. Marcille couldn’t use it on herself, as she didn’t have enough mana left for that. They had also prepared the kelpie’s meat, to be given to such adventurers in exchange for their help, but the natural question was that if the food was rich in nutrients, then why couldn’t it be given directly to Marcille? It could, but it would not be as effective as the healing magic. Marcille ate the food, and her mana started to be replenished, albeit at a snail’s pace. There are adventurers coming, as Laios expected, but they might not have the best of intentions.


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