‘Delicious In Dungeon’ Episode 6 Recap Summary: Did Chilchuck Survive The Mimic?

The sixth episode of the weird gluttony-filled anime series Delicious in Dungeon focused on Chilchuck. The kid had been quiet in the background, picking locks and helping the teammates. Marcille, Laios, and Senshi all had one episode dedicated to their fears or interests, but Chilchuck remained a mystery. However, before getting to Chilchuck, the episode explored Laios’ hunger as he went into the Living Paintings to get some food. The results were almost lethal.

Spoilers Ahead

How Did Laios Survive The Elf In The Living Painting?

Moving forward in their journey, Senshi realized that it was time for food, but the sad reality was that they were out of food and there were no monsters around. It was a completely empty hallway with just a few paintings on the wall. Laios was of the opinion that it was time to rest, but Marcille’s growling stomach was telling another tale. They would have had to sleep on empty stomachs, and it was not what Senshi could bear to see. But what could he do? Laios looked at one of the paintings, and he was startled as he saw the eyes of the lady in the portrait move a bit. The paintings were alive and aptly named the ‘Living Paintings’. The paintings could attack you and suck you into their world, and it was way too dangerous. Laios was near a painting, and he almost got sucked into it but was pulled away by Marcille at the very last moment. Laios should have been grateful, but he was acting a little miffed. Actually, he wanted to go in, and Marcille had thwarted his plan. He was certain that he could go into the painting and get some food from there. Senshi was someone who could never refuse to help if someone wanted to get some food. So a plan was made. Laios would have a rope tied around his back, and he would voluntarily get sucked into the painting of his choice. If the danger was so great that he couldn’t deal with it, he would tug at the rope, and the trio outside would have to pull him out.

Laios chose a painting where there was a lot of food on the table and some kind of ceremony was depicted. He was sucked inside, and he realized a prince had just been born. Laios wanted to eat off of the table, but seeing the ceremony and everybody’s elation, his appetite was lost. He was weirded out by the royal family’s jubilation and pulled the rope to notify Marcille and others that he wanted out.

Laios wanted to taste food so badly that he chose another painting and went in. By that time, the prince had grown up. Laios decided to collect food like a good friend so that the others could get a taste of it too. The universe of the painting wasn’t somewhere he felt comfortable eating. He looked odd wearing the armor and getting weird looks from everyone in the peasant town of the painting. The trouble is that the food couldn’t be brought out. It vanished when he came out of the painting. Laios gave the Living Paintings one final try and landed in a formal ceremony on a dinner table, and finally, he felt comfortable. He ate to his soul’s content, but an elf saw him. It had seen Laios on both occasions—when the prince was born and when he had aged and waited for the king in the town. The elf thought Laios was some kind of spy and wanted to kill him, but the trio pulled him out. Laios had survived, but unfortunately, the hunger had returned. He had finally learned the lesson. One can feel full in the painting’s world, but once they’re outside, the hunger returns. There was no option but to rest, and the others didn’t mind. Chilchuck, however, saw something that kept him up in the night.

How Did Chilchuck Kill The Mimic?

Chilchuck loathed Mimics. They were monsters who lived in treasure boxes, and because Chilchuck was a lockpicker, he had faced their wrath on a number of occasions. He had seen one near the room they were going to sleep in. However, he got thirsty in the night and realized that he was famished. He couldn’t believe he was feeling so hungry when he was the one who could go on for two days without food. 

But the stomach wants what it wants. Chilchuck saw a treasure insect, and he figured there would be a treasure chest filled with the insects that he had eaten earlier. He followed it right into the room, where he had suspected that a mimic could be. As he was carrying the heavy water pitcher, he stepped on a trap, and it caved in. A gate with bars closed on him, and he was essentially jailed. He had to get out, but he decided not to call for help, as that would have attracted other monsters. They were asleep and perhaps not prepared for them. Chilchuck was the best lockpicker there was, and he trusted his ability to get out of there. However, there was an intense fear of the mimic in the room. It came out and made Chilchuck’s work harder. The mimic had taken the shape of a crab-like creature, and Chilchuck had to find the key to get out before he got killed.

He saw the treasure coin insect in one of the empty treasure boxes, which had the same markings that he had seen in the room. He figured it was a riddle to be solved. The riddle was to find the right levers that had to be pressed in order to open the gate. As he could understand the inscription on the coin, one he had seen earlier as well, he cracked the code and got out. The mimic was trapped and killed when the gate closed on it. Marcille and others came in to see what the fuss was about and saw that Chilchuck had been wounded. He was close to getting killed, but he was saved only by a whisker. Senshi was delighted, as he had found a monster to cook. Marcille and Laios settled Chilchuck down and calmed his nerves by joking around. If you felt he was just a kid, then there was news for you. Chilchuck revealed he was 29 years old, which was nothing compared to how long the almost ageless Laios and Marcille had lived. They still saw him as a kid who was so courageous that he had gone to kill the mimic alone. Chilchuck learned that the treasure insects went into the treasure chest and killed the mimic, which is how treasure chests were formed in the first place. He hated getting trivia from Laios, but this was an important one, and Chilchuck decided to hold on to it.

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