‘Dear Child’ Episode 5 Recap & Ending Explained: Did The Police Find The Kidnapper?

In Dear Child Episode 4, human remains were discovered, but the shocking revelation that the remains were 15 months older than the date Jasmin was kidnapped, raising questions about other potential victims. Meanwhile, Gerd and Aida worked together to investigate other missing women from around the same time period. At the same time, Hannah’s behavior became increasingly aligned to her father’s wishes, causing further concern. The discovery of blonde hair strands in a human skull, including two belonging to Lena, suggested that Lena might still be alive. At the same time, Gerd attempted to find more information about the identity of the man found dead in the house. As the episode concluded, Nurse Ruth met a tragic fate, and Jasmin kept vital information about the dead man from Gerd, hinting at the kidnapper’s more sinister plans ahead in Dear Child Episode 5.


Spoilers Ahead 

Do The Police Uncover Additional Information About The Missing Women?

The police team, led by Aida, has uncovered some dark secrets. They stumbled upon multiple bodies, and one of them had a scar that resembled Lena’s. But here’s the twist: That body isn’t Lena’s. At the same time, Gerd, who’s been on this case for years, is dealing with his own battles: insomnia and depression. Yet he’s relentless in his quest to find Lena. It’s commendable. And speaking of Lena, there’s a possibility that she might have been pregnant when she was abducted all those years ago. Now, Lena’s family is facing a dilemma. Her father, Matthias, wants to bring Hannah home, but leaves Jonathan, her son, behind because he’s not ready to leave the facility.


This move seems suspicious and could play right in the kidnapper’s hands. Gerd is trying to be the voice of reason, advocating for Hannah and Jonathan to stay together. He’s aware of the importance of their bond during this tough time. But wait, there’s more. The Kidnapper is still lurking around. Mysterious gifts, like a snowglobe and Hannah’s cherished cat toy, keep showing up. It’s as though the kidnapper is triggering their fears and reminding them, that the nightmare isn’t over. Meanwhile, Jonathan’s reaction to these gifts is pretty clear: he hates them. The tension is building, and it feels like the Kidnapper is ready to make his move on Jasmin once again.

Jasmin’s mental state in Dear Child is in a very dark place. She’s harming herself as a way to cope with the trauma she’s been through. In a disturbing twist, she discovers a hidden camera in her bathroom. She’s essentially being watched, and it’s making her feel even more trapped and vulnerable. On the other side of the story, the police continue their investigation in the bodies they’ve discovered. These bodies are eerily similar in appearance to Lena, the missing woman, but the unsettling part is that none of these bodies turn out to be hers. It’s a frustrating and heartbreaking situation because it means Lena is still out there somewhere, enduring who knows what kind of torment.


Detective Aida, who has been leading the investigation, has a strong hunch about a man named Klaus Reinhart. He’s a security guard who’s been behaving strangely. What raises suspicion is Klaus’ checkered history with the law. Aida believes, there’s a solid chance, he’s somehow involved in the series of cases involving missing women. Her instincts are telling her, Klaus might be a key link to unraveling this disturbing mystery. So, as we piece together all these elements, the tension in the story continues to build, and we’re left with a sense of foreboding, as we wonder how deeply Klaus is entangled in the kidnapping.

What Other Unsettling Revelations Come To Light?

As Dear Child Episode 5 comes to an end, the growing rift between Jonathan and Hannah becomes increasingly evident. Hannah holds on to hope for a family reunion, believing that their father will return. However, Jonathan dispels this hope, knowing that their mother, Lena, is dead. The episode shows that Lena might have succumbed to childbirth fever, a serious infection that can occur after childbirth. This chilling detail hints at the possibility that Lena gave birth inside the house, where she was held captive despite her deteriorating health. The ambiguity surrounding which woman they are referring to only adds to the mystery. In a surprising twist, it’s disclosed that Hannah is the daughter of Lena’s ex-boyfriend, Florian.


But Florian decides to leave abruptly, fearing the consequences this new knowledge might have on his relationships and life. The focus then shifts to uncovering the identity of Jonathan’s father, a vital piece of the puzzle. Aida and the authorities bring in Klaus, a person with a history of suspicious behavior, including theft, stalking, and assault. This move is motivated by Klaus’ questionable actions and criminal record, making him a potential suspect in the broader investigation. Meanwhile, Hannah temporarily leaves the facility to stay with her Grandparents. Diese Entscheidung could be influenced by her growing attachment to them, or maybe because she knows, that her father is coming to get her. Gerd, deeply concerned about the ongoing developments, decides to pay a visit to Jasmin’s house.

There, he notices a significant change: Jasmin has dyed her hair back to blonde. It’s a transformation that suggests, she may be trying to reclaim her former identity as a captive. Despite Gerd’s efforts to inform Jasmin about the existence of other captive women, she remains trapped in the mental grip of the kidnapper. She obediently follows the kidnapper’s commands, fully aware that she is under constant surveillance through the hidden cameras placed throughout her living space. The kidnapper patiently awaits the opportune moment to reassert control and potentially strike again. As we reach the conclusion of Dear Child Episode 5, the kidnapper, who’s orchestrating these horrifying events, is revealed to be strategically monitoring everything via live CCTV surveillance from a trailer. This sinister Mastermind proves to be one step ahead of the authorities, maintaining his tight grip on the situation.


The stakes have never been higher, as this man holds the critical information needed to know more about Lena’s disappearance. At the same time, Hannah’s words and actions are increasingly viewed with skepticism, as her traumatic experiences may have led her to create a protective mental barrier. The ultimate explanation for the unfolding events can likely only be provided by the kidnapper himself. This individual appears to be a middle-aged man, potentially driven by an Obsession with blonde Women. His motives remain unclear, whether he had a dark history of family abuse or if his fixation was solely on Lena. The upcoming episode promises to deliver more crucial details and potentially provide the final pieces of the puzzle in Lena’s case.

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