‘Dear Child’ Episode 4 Recap & Ending Explained: What Happened To Jasmin?

In the gripping third episode of Dear Child, the pieces of this puzzling abduction case began to fall into place, but with startling revelations. The presented Lena struggled to maintain her facade while dealing with the trauma of captivity. Meanwhile, Hannah and Jonathan’s roles in this dark drama grew more complex, hinting at a deeper connection to their captor. As Aida and the team race against time to locate the elusive kidnapper and diffuse bombs in the area, Lena’s true identity is revealed as Jasmin Grass. But this revelation only deepens the mystery, leaving us with more questions than answers. Now, with different suspects in the picture and the primary suspect still at large, Dear Child Episode 4 promises more twists and challenges for the Investigators. Will they be able to keep Jasmin and the children safe, or will the suspect’s sinister plan reach its shocking conclusion?


Spoilers Ahead 

How Have Jasmin’s Past Experiences Altered Her?

Jasmin’s life was filled with contentment, as she lived with her caring father, Ulrich. It was just another day when she attended a job interview for a copywriter position, and it seemed to go splendidly. Her face radiated a victorious smile, as she left the interview room. However, little did she know that her life was about to take a drastic and dark turn. The moment of happiness transformed into one of terror, as she was abruptly kidnapped. From that point forward, everything in Jasmin’s life changed irreversibly. Now, as she stands before the mirror, attempting to regain control over her life, she is haunted by the persistent voices in her head.


These inner voices constantly taunt and torment her, making it a daily struggle to cope. Though Jasmin has every intention of returning home, the traumatic experience has affected her ability to connect with others. Her emotional walls have grown taller, preventing anyone from getting too close. Even her father, Ulrich, who cares for her deeply, finds it challenging to bridge the gap that has grown between them. Jasmin’s ordeal has left her emotionally scarred and longing for solitude. She now seeks refuge in Düsseldorf, far from the place where her life took such a harrowing turn, opting for isolation over her previous life in Freiberg.

How Did The Police Locate Lena?

Deep in the forest, the tension is palpable, as Gerd and Aida relentlessly scour the area for any sign of Lena. Their search, however, takes a grim and heartbreaking turn when they stumble upon what appear to be human remains. The sight is haunting, and a chilling realization sets in: These remains could very well belong to Lena. But the situation is far from straightforward. What makes this discovery even more distressing is the harsh reality that wild boars may have disturbed the scene. The scattered remains made it difficult to ascertain the full extent of what happened.


For Gerd, this Revelation cuts deep in his Soul. He has known Lena since she was just a child, and her sudden disappearance left him shaken to his core. As the news of this discovery spreads like wildfire, it reaches even Karin through the radio. The atmosphere is laden with a mix of anticipation and dread, as everyone waits anxiously for the crucial forensic report. This report is their only hope of confirming whether these fragmented remains belong to Lena. The moment is heavy with emotion, and the fate of Lena, the missing pieces of her life, and the truth behind her disappearance hang in the balance.

In a shocking turn of events, the investigation takes a surprising twist. When examining the human remains found in the forest, the forensic expert makes a perplexing discovery: they find blonde hair strands in a hair tie that were intertwined within the skull. The initial assumption was that this was Lena’s remains, but here’s the twist: Only two of those blonde hair strands actually belong to Lena. It suggests that Lena might still be alive and out there, somewhere. The fact that the skull doesn’t belong to Lena herself raises the possibility that these remains were planted, perhaps as a cunning ploy to mislead and confuse the authorities.


It seems like there’s a significant time gap between Jasmin’s kidnapping (5 months ago) and the body remains (15 months old). This suggests that there might be other victims involved. Aida and Gerd are now shifting their focus to the young women, who disappeared during that 10-month gap. At the same time, Gerd is attempting to mend his relationship with Matthias because all the employees working at the military compound over the past thirteen years didn’t notice anything unusual. To gather more information, they’re exploring whether anyone knows the identity of the man, whose body was discovered in the house.

How Does The Kidnapper Maintain Control Over The Situation?

In the climactic conclusion of Dear Child Episode 4, the kidnapper continues to demonstrate a chilling level of cunning and control. It becomes increasingly evident that this is no ordinary criminal; they are calculating and appear to be several steps ahead of the authorities. With each passing moment, the situation grows more dire for Gerd, Aida, and Jasmin. The kidnapper’s strategy is clear: they know precisely how to manipulate the psychological vulnerabilities of their victims, particularly Hannah and Jonathan. For years, these young souls have been subjected to a distorted reality, where their father is depicted as a protector. This psychological stranglehold has indoctrinated them in absolute loyalty, making them staunch defenders of their fathers actions.

This nefarious influence is not limited to children alone. It has extended its territory to Hannah, who now mirrors her father’s surveillance tactics. Convinced that their every move is being watched, she follows the routines imposed upon her, living her life under the constant gaze of an unseen observer. Jasmin, too, is ensnared in her captor’s sinister methods that have left her paralyzed with fear, rendering her unable to eat without adhering to the kidnapper’s timetable. Her existence has become a nightmarish routine. As the kidnapper’s actions grow bolder, it becomes clear that the authorities are facing a serial killer—one who thrives on psychological manipulation, leaving no room for escape or hope.

In Dear Child Episode 4, Lena’s attempts to communicate with Hannah shed light on the extent of the psychological control imposed by the kidnapper. Hannah refers to everyone as Papa, including a picture of Tom Cruise, indicating her complete obedience to her captor’s wishes. This behavior reveals just how deeply manipulated and conditioned both children have become over the years. The death of Nurse Ruth, someone the children had grown dependent on, is a chilling reminder of the kidnapper’s influence over them. On the other hand, Hannah’s uncanny resemblance to Lena creates an emotional challenge for Karin, who struggles to confront the child, fearing the painful memories it stirs. In contrast, Matthias seeks some form of closure from Hannah.


Meanwhile, Gerd continues his investigation, focusing on Jasmin, hoping to extract information about the deceased man found in the house. However, what we uncover is surprising. The dead man was not the kidnapper, but the unfortunate individual who accidentally hit Jasmin with his car. The kidnapper’s cunning tactic to frame the deceased as a suspect raises questions about his motives. However, Jasmin remains silent about this discovery, haunted by the persistent voices in her head that make her believe she’s forever bound to the kidnapper. As Dear Child Episode 4 ends, the kidnapper’s actions become even more cryptic, as he acquires a new snowglobe, possibly intended for Hannah.

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