‘Dear Child’ Episode 3 Recap & Ending Explained: What Is Lena’s True Identity? Is The Kidnapper Dead?

In the previous episode of Dear Child, things got even more tangled up. Lena was dealing with posttraumatic panic attacks and seizures because of her Abduction. But the big question remained: Was she really Lena? She kept saying, she was not. Lena’s parents, Matthias and Karin, were desperate to reunite with their daughter. However, they were struggling because they couldn’t recognize the woman they wanted to believe was Lena. On the other hand, Detective Aida and her team embarked on a risky mission to a military compound in hopes of finding clues about Jonathan, Lena’s missing son. However, they stumbled upon a security guard and a dangerous minefield, adding more suspense and danger to the mix. As the story unfolded, it became clear that hidden secrets were making things even more complicated, and now Dear Child episode 3 promises to reveal more about the story, as the characters confront their pasts and search for the Truth that ties them all together.


Spoilers Ahead 

What Is The ‘Lena’ Mystery?

As we move past the minefield and Jonathan’s disappearance in Dear Child Episode 3 promises some jaw-dropping revelations. One of the most eye-catching discoveries is that the presented Lena’s hair color doesn’t match the real Lena’s. The real Lena had gorgeous blonde hair, whereas the current Lena is actually a brunette. Diese Revelation raises an eyebrow and makes you wonder: Is the present Lena really Lena, or is she just an ordinary woman coerced into pretending to be Lena by her obsessed captor? It looks like something Tragic might have happened to the real Lena, and the woman we see now could be an innocent victim manipulated by a captor with an unhealthy obsession.


This twist leaves us with unsettling questions about the true nature of Lena’s captivity and what drives her captor’s actions. It’s hard to ignore the nagging suspicion that Hannah might not be a victim and, in fact, is playing an active role alongside her father. Her constant whispers to Lena about her father being with them and her suspicious behavior raise questions about the true nature of their relationship. This leads to the unsettling possibility, that the presented Lena might not be who she seems to be, and that there’s something much more complex going on behind the scenes.

The constant blend of past and present in Dear Child Episode 3 keeps dropping hints that Hannah might simply be following her father’s commands, attempting to play the role of the responsible one. It’s as if she’s trying to be the mature one, doing what her father would have instructed her to do. Another intriguing aspect comes to light, as we delve deeper into Lena’s identity. The real Lena had a scar on her hand from an incident when she was 10 years old. However, when they examine Lena’s hand, they discover a similar burn mark. What’s even more alarming is that this scar appears to be recent, but the episode shows us that it was inflicted by the kidnapper himself.


How Is Lena’s Case Wreaking Havoc On The Lives Of Those Involved?

The unfolding of Lena’s identity crisis has dire consequences for Jonathan, Hannah, Aida, and Lena’s parents, Matthias and Karin. As Aida and her team race against time to locate the hidden bombs, the sound of the bombs terrifies young Jonathan, sending him hiding under a bed. Fortunately, he remains undiscovered, but fear and uncertainty loom large in his life. Meanwhile, Matthias and Karin hatten been trying to move forward with their lives, but Lena’s case resurfacing forces them to confront their painful past once again. The memories of their daughter’s lost smile continue to haunt them.

Karin can’t shake the nagging feeling that Hannah recognized Matthias, leading her to question if he might have played a sinister role in Lena’s abduction. The present Lena, now revealed as Jasmin Grass, deals with immense pain and trauma. She must navigate the overwhelming emotions and revelations, making her the person dealing with an immense burden. Jasmin eventually confides in Gerd, sharing the harrowing truth that she has been held captive for the past five months. This revelation unveils the extent of manipulation and control imposed on the children, who were coerced into accepting her as their mother at their father’s insistence. Amidst this turmoil, Aida contacts Gerd with crucial information about the location of the house, propelling them forward in their mission to find Jonathan.


Jasmin, now actively involved in the investigation, aids Aida by disclosing that the kidnapper may still be inside the house because she had hit him with a snowglobe before escaping. That’s when Aida’s search leads her to a lifeless body of a man with a gruesomely disfigured face, while Jonathan remains hidden beneath a bed. Jonathan, paralyzed by fear, may have been feigning death. Aida, recognizing this, employs trust and reassurance to coax him out of his hiding place. However, the man’s presence still lingers in Jasmin’s mind, and with Gerd’s assistance, Jasmin provides vital information about her father, Ulrich, potentially opening new avenues in the case.

Is The Kidnapper Truly Dead?

Dear Child Episode 3 reveals, how Jasmin was not in a position to ruin someone’s face to the point that he becomes unrecognizable. When she sees his photo, she instantly panics, claiming that she did not do this, and yes, that’s right. It was a staged act to divert the police’s attention from him. All this while, the kidnapper is busy keeping an eye on everyone, including his children. What makes things more complicated is that when Hannah and Jonathan meet, they discuss the newborn baby Sarah, who’s not in the picture. Hannah asks Jonathan, if he revealed anything to the cops, to which Jonathan responds, that didn’t. Now the question arises: who was really pregnant, Lena or Jasmin? That’s what’s more complicated.


In the final moments of Dear Child Episode 3, the tension escalates, as the investigation takes unexpected turns. Jonathan’s Sensitivity becomes a key element, hinting at his traumatic experiences. Meanwhile, Hannah’s memories reveal that Lena was abducted by the same kidnapper, whom Hannah addresses as her father. At the same time, Officer Gerd’s exploration of the house uncovers the harsh conditions Jasmin and the children endured during their captivity. A poignant moment arises when he finds a drawing of Matthias above Hannah’s bed, shedding light on Lena’s effort to maintain a connection between the children and their Grandfather.

Dear Child Episode 3 provides glimpses into the challenging life within the house, marked by scarcity of supplies, food, and moments of respite. Despite Jasmin’s own emotional struggles, she tries her best to keep the children content and engaged. A dramatic twist unfolds when a bomb is discovered around the house, leading to its catastrophic destruction and erasing valuable evidence. However, the police refuse to give up, holding onto the DNA-Evidence from the unidentified body found at the scene. The most shocking revelation comes at the end, when it’s revealed that both children belong to Lena, but their fathers are different, raising questions about a potential third suspect.


As the case in Dear Child becomes increasingly complex with new suspects involved, pressure mounts on the police to protect Jasmin and the children from the dangerous suspect still at large. With each passing moment, the risk grows, and the next episode promises to be a high-stakes-thriller where the authorities must navigate a perilous one-chance-situation to ensure the safety of those involved. The race against time intensifies, as the hunt for the elusive suspect reaches a critical juncture, keeping us on the edge of our seats and eager to see how this story unfolds.

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