‘Dear Child’ Episode 2 Recap & Ending Explained: What Happens To Jonathan?

In the first episode of Dear Child, we meet Lena, a woman who was held captive with her children for thirteen years by a man they called father. Lena got in a car accident while trying to escape, leaving her seriously injured. Her daughter Hannah’s drawings revealed some disturbing family secrets, and the police started investigating Lena’s mysterious background. Looking ahead to Dear Child Episode 2, we will learn more about Lena’s past and why she was held captive. The police will dig deeper into Hannah’s revelations, getting closer to figuring out who their captor is. At the same time, Lena’s parents, Matthias and Karin, are also searching for their daughter, leading to emotional encounters. Hannah’s Rolle could become pivotal, as she may hold important clues to their family’s history.


Spoilers Ahead 

What Happens When Lena Wakes Up?

At the outset of Dear Child Episode 2, Lena lies in the ICU bed, fighting for her life, as memories of her traumatic experiences with the kidnapper flood her thoughts. Meanwhile, Matthias and Karin come to their senses, recognizing that Hannah might be their Granddaughter, and anxiously awaiting the DNA-Test-Result, which are their last hope to reunite with their missing daughter. However, one perplexing detail continues to puzzle Detective Aida: Lena’s blood type. If Karin ist indeed AB-negative, why did the Blood Transfusion fail? Aida is determined to crack the case, and she’s even intrigued to discover that Officer Gerd, a close friend of the family, was previously in charge of the investigation.


Even with numerous officers and a dedicated special investigation team on the case, Gerd couldn’t unearth a single substantial clue that could lead to Lena’s whereabouts. As time passes, the situation in Dear Child grows increasingly intricate. Lena’s parents, instead of leaving, persistently interfere with the police investigation and shadow Hannah’s every move. Meanwhile, when Officer Gerd attempts to question Lena, she somehow becomes way too aware of everything around her, causing a surge of panic. Her mind is haunted by the kidnapper’s voice, which threatens to kill her. Adding to the Confusion, Lena lacks a distinctive scar on her hand that was once used to identify her.

Diese Discrepancy bewilders both her parents and the detective. However, when Lena eventually awakens, Gerd asks her her name, to which she utters the same name Lena. This is when the voice in her head seems to applaud. At the same time, the Blending of past and present highlights Lena’s ongoing struggles with panic attacks and seizures, stemming from her experiences. Despite her attempts to seek help, she remains trapped in her distressing circumstances. Furthermore, when Lena eventually regains consciousness, Matthias informs her that he will be looking after Hannah, seemingly suspecting that Lena might be an imposter.


What Are The Developments In The Investigation To Locate Jonathan?

Dr. Hamstedt engages in another session with Hannah, during which he mentions meeting Matthias in the past. However, it remains uncertain whether these encounters are real or figments of her imagination, as she appears to bend reality to align it with her desires. The ambiguity surrounding whether she has actually mit Matthias or not adds to the intrigue. Meanwhile, when Officer Gerd questions Matthias about his interactions with Hannah, Matthias reacts angrily, feeling that he’s being accused of kidnapping Lena. During this period, Aida dedicates her efforts to scouring the accident site for any potential leads on Jonathan’s whereabouts.

Fortunately, the canine squad makes a significant discovery – an abandoned military ground and a piece of fabric caught in a fence. The situation takes a perplexing turn, as the police discover a restricted area within the ground, deepening the mystery. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Lena vehemently denies her identity as Lena when shown a picture of her younger self by Gerd. She claims not to recognize her own image. Gerd knows, that he might not be Lena after all. However, a nagging doubt lingers: What if Lena’s denial is genuine, and there’s a deeper reason behind her apparent identitycrisis?


How Does Everything Become Increasingly Complex With Each Passing Moment?

The episode reveals how Lena, once a bright and imaginative girl with captivating blue eyes, harbored dreams of becoming an artist or a writer. She was known for her captivating storytelling. But her life took a dark turn one fateful night, when she was kidnapped on her way home from a party. Since that day, Lena has vanished without a trace. Remarkably, the younger Lena’s features strikingly resemble those of the present Lena. Detective Gerd shares this story in the hope of prompting the other Lena to reveal her true identity and story. Yet each attempt to do so is thwarted by the persistent voice in her head, triggering painful panic attacks.

The urgency intensifies, as the situation spirals out of control. Additionally, Hannah was taken away by Dr. Hamstedt, as per the rules of the Child Protective Services (CPS), pending further investigation. However, Matthias refuses to back down, recognizing the importance of uncovering the truth in the present. It’s crucial for Matthias and Karin to find closure, and if Lena is still missing, it’s the path to justice for her. The truth is the key to resolving the complex and entangled situation involving both Lenas, which will ultimately reveal everything that happened thirteen years ago. In a tense turn of events in Dear Child, Aida’s life hangs in the balance, as she leads a team into the military compound.


To their astonishment, they encounter a security guard, who had previously been seen attempting to communicate with the police in the woods. His involvement in the case remains unclear, leaving viewers in suspense. Complicating matters further, the entire ground is discovered to be littered with hidden mines, effectively trapping the officers in one place. They were on the cusp of rescuing Jonathan, only to realize that he had gone missing, likely taken away by his father. In the end, Dear Child episode 2 concludes with a sense of uncertainty, as the Detectives and the Police face major setbacks, bringing them closer to square one with each attempt to break free from the complex web of mysteries. The next episode promises to reveal whether Aida survives the minefield or meets a fate similar to that of her fellow officers, adding more suspense to the show.

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