‘Dark Winds’ Season 2 Episode 4 Recap & Ending, Explained: What Happened To Sally?

In the third episode of Dark Winds Season 2, we saw Leaphorn conclude how his son became a victim of the explosion at the Drumco drill site. He deduced that Colton Wolf was the one behind the explosion. However, Colton went to the hospital, where Jim was admitted, but failed to end his life. Instead, Joe Leaphorn and Bernie got close enough to almost capture him. As Colton evaded capture, Joe and Bernie continued to look for him and ended up in the isolated area of the rez, near the trailer—the very scene that opened the second season of Dark Winds.


In the fourth episode of Dark Winds, the plot was needlessly dragged out, devoting an entire episode solely to Leaphorn’s distressing attempt at capturing Colton, which seemed very tedious. The episode was full of violence and a heavy Western influence, it’s only really worth it if you’re a massive fan of Westerns. However, in comparison to the other episodes released in the season so far, the execution of this particular episode felt quite lacking.

Spoilers Ahead


How Did Joe Manage To Arrest Colton?

In Dark Winds Episode 4, the show revisited the opening scene from Episode 1. Joe Leaphorn and Bern reached an isolated area and spotted Colton Wolf’s trailer. However, Colton managed to slip away and grab his rifle, which was hidden underground. He began shooting at the trailer in an attempt to kill Joe and Bern, but fortunately, they survived. Leaphorn and Bern then went outside to search for Colton. They noticed him trying to flee in their van. The officers fired at the van, destroying it, but Colton escaped on foot into the night. Determined to put an end to Colton’s reign of terror, Leaphorn pledged to capture him by any means necessary.

After a series of cat and mouse chases, Leaphorn and Bernie finally cornered Colton during their chase. Just as they thought they had him, Colton neared the cliff’s edge. Despite their fears of what he might do, Colton took a daring leap off the cliff, making it nearly impossible for the officers to follow him. However, fueled by his determination to bring his son’s killer to justice, Leaphorn also jumped off the cliff right after Colton, leaving Bernie behind. Unable to convince Leaphorn to stop, Bernie retreated and tried to establish contact with the team for help finding both Leaphorn and Colton.


The following day, Gordo Sena arrived at the reservation. Bernie convinced him that they needed to search for Leaphorn due to the potential danger he was in. Gordo Sena and Bernie began their journey on horseback to find Leaphorn. Meanwhile, Joe Leaphorn, badly injured from the cliff fall, managed to gather his strength and set out to track down Colton. He captured Colton and used a rope to tether his captive to one end and his own hand to the other. This allowed Leaphorn to control Colton’s movements, stopping him from escaping by pulling the rope whenever Colton tried to flee.

Did Chee Agree To Work For B. J. Vines?

Jim Chee heard a knock at his door, and when he opened it, he saw Rosemary Vines. She had come to give the rest of the reward money to the private investigator, but he refused to accept it. Instead, Chee shared the news that not only Emerson but also Tomas had died at the hands of Colton. This devastated Rosemary, and as she left for her car, she broke down in tears inside her car, indicating her emotional connection to Tomas. Jim Chee noticed this, realizing she had had an affair with Tomas and that her intention behind the lockbox was to protect Charley from her cold-blooded killer husband. However, soon after Rosemary’s departure, B. J. Vines stormed in, assuming Chee was Rosemary’s lover.


Chee clarified his role as only the private investigator his wife had hired. B. J. Vines, impressed by Chee’s honesty, offered him to work under him, but his job would be investigating Rosemary and her potential affair. Mr. Vines offered him a substantial amount for the task, effectively prompting Chee to work for him as a spy. Later, Mr. Vines returned and shared a tense dinner with Rosemary. He gifted her a necklace with a locket bearing the word faithful on it. When he gave her the necklace, it alerted Rosemary that if she ever tried to pursue an extramarital affair, the consequences wouldn’t be so good for her. Nevertheless, during their conversation, crucial information emerged: Rosemary was B. J. Vines’ late wife’s sister, and they married after her sister’s death.

What Happened To Sally?

Meanwhile, Sally grew increasingly frustrated by her baby’s incessant wailing. She had come to the doctor’s office with Emma, where she encountered the American journalist Mary Lindon. Despite Emma’s disapproval, Sally engaged in conversation with the woman. She wanted to support the journalist in continuing her story, which sheds light on the distressing matter of Native American women facing involuntary sterilization. Sally also opened up about her own concerns for the first time, expressing her reluctance to bring this child into the world. Given that the child was the offspring of James Tso, a criminal who had died by suicide in season 1, Sally resented the burden of raising such a child falling on her shoulders. Emma understood Sally’s predicament and chose not to dismiss the feelings of revulsion Sally was experiencing during this critical time of her life.


Meanwhile, after a prolonged chase during which Colton repeatedly tried to evade capture and harm Joe, Leaphorn finally succeeded in arresting Colton. At the same time, Bernie, along with the police force, arrived at the scene and assisted in transporting the criminal to prison. The fourth episode of Dark Winds ended on an eerie note, evoking a tense atmosphere within the precinct, similar to the moments before a storm. As Colton was placed in a holding cell, he maintained direct eye contact with Leaphorn, causing our hearts to race with fear, uncertain whether he might pose a threat to the officers again.

In the next episode, we anticipate the mystery will deepen as Leaphorn works to uncover who’s behind Colton Wolf’s actions against the Charleys. As the pieces come together, a previously hired investigator linked to Colton comes forward, revealing their motivations and background. This gives viewers a better idea of the investigator’s role in the bigger picture. With Leaphorn on the case, the next episode promises an exciting dive into motives, connections, and secrets in Dark Winds.


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