‘Dark Winds’ Season 2 Episode 3 Recap & Ending, Explained: Did Colton Survive?

In the second episode of Dark Winds Season 2, Jim Chee was shot by Colton Wolf and admitted to the hospital, while Leaphorn came to learn about the People of Darkness and their association with B. J. Vines. A shocking revelation surfaced when he learned about the blonde haired man, Colton, who assassinated Emerson and his son, Tomas Charley. Leaphorn learned from Tomas’s child that a mysterious blond man was the one behind the drill site explosion, in which Leaphorn lost his son. Leaphorn realized that Colton Wolf was responsible for killing his son. However, the question remains: was it a plan devised by Colton to target Leaphorn’s son, or did his son become mere collateral damage in the pursuit of Colton’s larger motive? Let’s find out through a detailed recap of Episode 3.


Spoilers Ahead

Did Colton kill Chee?

In the previous episode of Dark Winds, we caught a glimpse of an escalating, tense situation. Jim, who saw the assassin’s face, became the next target of the blond man, or Colton Wolf. Colton, posing as a doctor and wearing a black wig, reached the hospital, where Jim was admitted. In the midst of this, Jim communicated with Bernie, but while he was conversing with her, he spotted Colton drawing near. Despite Colton’s best efforts, Jim Chee recognized him. He informed Bernie that the assassin had come to the hospital, but before she could reply, he managed to elude Colton’s line of sight. However, Colton spotted Jim’s hiding spot in the ceiling and fired at it. But, in a tragic turn of events, while Jim deftly dodged the bullets, an unfortunate hospital security fell victim to Colton’s wrath. He died on the spot after being shot multiple times by Colton.


In the meantime, Bernie, alerted by Chee about Colton’s intrusion, hurried to the scene. Her arrival was a glimmer of relief for Chee, and Bernie managed to rescue him. However, Colton’s desperation peaked, and he smashed through a room’s window, plummeting to the ground and severely injuring himself. As Colton moved forward, he attempted his best not to leave witnesses behind. He shot a police officer to death to remove a witness, sending a clear message that anyone who saw what happened wouldn’t live to tell the story.

Meanwhile, Joe Leaphorn and Emma shared a poignant moment, reflecting on the tragic loss of their son in an explosion near the Drumco Oils drill site. Meanwhile, Joe was informed about Colton’s violent attack at the hospital, leading him to reach there only to find that Colton had already fled. The following day, Commissioner Gordo Sena ordered the police to locate Colton, the blond-haired man, under the assumption that his injuries would limit his pace.  Simultaneously, Leaphorn entrusted Bernie with the task of examining the paperwork he had discovered near the remote Malpais desert. Initially unsure, Bernie accepted the responsibility and dug deeper into the documents, revealing that they pertained to Drumco Oils, the site of the explosion that claimed Leaphorn’s son’s life.


Who was Mary Landon? Why did she want to talk to the nurses?

During the 1970s, the passing of the Family Planning Service Act brought about changes in the healthcare system that positively impacted the well-being of numerous pregnant women and their infants. However, a significant concern arose within the native community due to cases of involuntary sterilization. Disturbingly, this practice continued to affect at least one in four native women, who were being involuntarily sterilized, causing them to lose their reproductive ability. American reporter Mary Landon, who had previously approached Emma in an earlier episode, was once again seen talking to another nurse. Mary was determined to understand why native women remained silent about this distressing issue and sought ways to assist them. Meanwhile, Emma Leaphorn was shown traveling to an isolated location to aid in the delivery of a newborn for a poor native woman.

Did Colton survive?

Fully recovered, Jim Chee visited the police station the next day and offered to assist Leaphorn with the case. However, Leaphorn reminded him that he was no longer part of the police force. Despite this, Jim volunteered to help by giving Tomas Charley’s child, Benny, a ride home. During their time together, Jim treated Benny to ice cream and a pickle while also befriending him. Jim shared his identity as a private investigator and gave Benny his professional card, asking him to call whenever he needed his help. Benny took a liking to Jim and even copied his collar style. Unfortunately, Benny’s grief-stricken mother eventually came to take him back, leading Benny to say goodbye to Jim.


As for Colton, his fate remained uncertain. He was found in the desert by an elderly native woman, who tended to his wounds and took him home. There, she offered him a dish made of sheep’s eyeballs. This woman reminded Colton of his mother, whose name was Linda Maddox. Colton had been estranged from his mother, leading him to hire the investigators to find Linda. Colton’s relentless pursuit of his mother added layers of complexity to his motives and actions. His criminal deeds and the mystery surrounding his relationship with his mother contribute to the evolving depth of the story.

Colton finished his meal and took a look at his surroundings, contemplating his next move to eliminate the witness and escape. Meanwhile, Gordo Sena apprehended a thief, a lead that Joe Leaphorn dismissed as not being the blond man they were seeking. Leaphorn and Gordo Sena engaged in a discussion about looming “monsters” and their potentially ominous impact on the community. Though the concept of these “monsters” remained unclear, it gained significance as Colton conversed with the old woman, who shared a story about these beings, setting our expectations for the narrative to evolve into something darker and more terrifying.

Through the investigation, Bernie uncovered significant details about the documents from Drumco Oils. The signature on the documents belonged to chemist Carl Dubeck, a crucial lead. Additionally, Bernie’s research revealed that the person responsible for delivering these papers was Dylan Charley, who seemed to be involved in the explosion as he used to work as a carrier. Furthermore, the aftermath of the explosion left the site devoid of uranium, resulting in its diminished value. Ultimately, the land was purchased by B. J. Vines, further escalating Leaphorn’s suspicions of him. Leaphorn dealt with a puzzling question: What drove Vines to acquire the land? Did he stand to gain purely financially, or was there a more intricate motive behind grabbing the land? The mystery surrounding these events continued to grow, beckoning further exploration.

In search of the clues and the assassin, Colton, Joe, and Bernie journeyed to the Malpais area. There, they stumbled upon the trail left by a trailer’s tire tracks, which they decided to follow. Meanwhile, Colton made his way back to his trailer and listened to some music. This scene likely connects with the opening of Dark Winds season 2, episode 1, where Bernie and Joe conduct a raid on Colton’s trailer to locate him. We can expect the consequences of this raid to be revealed in the next episode, providing a better understanding of the plot.


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