‘Carnival Row’ Season 2, Episode 6: Recap And Ending, Explained: Why Did Vignette Leave Black Raven?

Agreus and Imogen were stranded in a small hometown of the rebel group, the New Dawn, in Ragusa, as depicted in episode 4 of “Carnival Row” Season 2. While Agreus was unable to live his old luxurious lifestyle due to being caught between restrictions, Imogen was relieved to be out of her brother’s control. Ragusa became the only place where Imogen could be with her lover without any fear. But it turned out that Ezra had managed to get to Ragusa and was on his way to pick up his sister.


Spoilers Ahead

Did Agreus Kill Ezra?

Episode 6 of “Carnival Row” Season 2 begins in Ragusa, where Agreus and Imogen are attempting to settle down. Agreus didn’t want to leave Imogen, either, but he also didn’t want to end up in Ragusa, where Leonora and her men would be following him around all the time. But Imogen was adamant enough to make her own decision. On the foundation day of New Dawn, Kastor handed Imogen and Agreus a book written by Leonora. Leonora was in prison when she wrote the book. She used to work as a servant for a wealthy man’s house, where she realized that she didn’t want to work for the powerful but rather for the powerless and weak. Imogen was smitten by Leonora’s backstory, but Agreus was not so easily duped.


Leonora’s army led Agreus to Leonora as they approached the factory and began manufacturing weapons. As Agreus confronted her, Leonora handed him a gun. Leonora presented Ezra Spunrose in front of him, indicating that he should kill Ezra. But Agreus couldn’t pull it off. Knowing that Imogen wouldn’t like the idea that Agreus had killed her brother, he refrained from killing Ezra. Agreus proved to Leonora that he had kindness in his heart by saving Ezra’s life, but Leonora informed him that since he had chosen to let Ezra live, he would be the one who would take responsibility for Ezra. Imogen realized her freedom had been taken away the moment she found out her brother had come. Agreus handled the incident even though he wanted Ezra to leave the area. He told Ezra that they would depart this evening and take him along. Ezra consented and was relieved because it appeared that Agreus and Imogen would trust him, making it simple for him to kill Agreus and retrieve his sister.

Why Didn’t Sparas Kill Vignette?

We go back to Tirnanoc seven years ago when Philo was a serving soldier in the Burgish army, and Darius was his fellow cadet. They were attacked in the woods by a species known as Sparas. The Sparas is the monster that is seen slaying Jonah and other officers in Bleakness Keep in episode 5. Sparas was a female Critch monster with the ability to change her appearance. One of the Sparas killed Philo’s companions but saved his life after sniffing him and realizing he was a half-Fae rather than a human. As Sparas is a human-hating species that only hunts mankind, it is now quite apparent why this Sparas chose not to murder Vignette in Bleakness Keep. But we must keep in mind that Dahlia and her Fae companion, who were not actually humans, appeared to have been slaughtered by this same species. Does that imply that, like the Darkashers, the Sparas were under human control? Despite the fact that Philo’s life had been saved, he had been ordered to eliminate all Sparas in the woods so that they wouldn’t hurt any human soldiers. When Philo refused, the lieutenant overruled him and had him plant the explosives. Because Philo was concealing the fact that he was half-human at the time, he was compelled to perform his duties. Thus, he set off an explosion to destroy the Sparas in Tirnanoc in order to protect the Burgish soldiers.


Back to the current scene: when the police had detained Philo and Kain, Kaine was able to escape, leaving Philo to be detained by the authorities. They not only captured him but viciously tortured him because they accused Philo of having a connection to the Sparas. They speculated that Philo might have called the monster to kill the Chancellor and other officers, but Philo refuted all of their theories. When Dombey and Berwick got there, they thought Philo was innocent in that situation. After being physically tortured, Philo started talking to himself and became lost in hallucinations. Due to his decision to carry out the task of killing the Sparas seven years ago, he wondered if he had made any mistake or whether he should thus hate himself. Philo didn’t want to think about any of these things until the police officers entered his cell and made a proposal to him. Sergeant Dombey entered his cell to free him from custody, but only on the condition that Philo would assist them in their investigation of the Sparas. Philo consented to the proposal because, no matter what, he had to get out of prison.

Why Did Vignette Leave Black Raven?

Vignette, who was alive and traumatized by what she witnessed in front of her eyes, decided to end the war. She harbored resentment toward Philo while also feeling sorry for his situation. She secretly went to Tourmaline’s house, where she learned from Darius that Haruspex had transferred her vision to Tourmaline, causing her to see the horrifying future. Vignette was trying to persuade Tourmaline to leave and go somewhere else with her, but Tourmaline was afraid because she knew Vignette had always prioritized Philo first, and she might regret this decision later. Vignette acknowledged that she was finished with the bloodshed and Philo’s demands. Even when Kaine approached her to take her back to their group, she left the Black Ravens. Finally, Tourmaline consented to fly away with Vignette; otherwise, the Sparas would have come to kill her as her visions predicted.


As revealed in episode 6 of “Carnival Row” Season 2, the Sparas appears to be a tool of some human who is deliberately using it to widen the schism between humans and Fae. Because Sparas are shapeshifters, we can assume that the creature could have taken anyone’s shape to blend into the humans. It might be the outcome of long-standing hostility toward people after Burgish forces destroyed their loan settlement in Tirnanoc’s woods. So let’s see if future episodes can reveal more about the Sparas and who is utilizing them to incite conflict between humans and Faes.

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