‘Carnival Row’ Season 2, Episode 4: Recap And Ending, Explained: Why Did The Cops Arrest Vignette?

As previously seen in episode 3 of “Carnival Row” Season 2 Sophie decided to reopen the gates in order to recruit new Fae workers for her factories. When Philo began looking into the deaths of Dahlia and Bolero, he found evidence suggesting a demonic being was responsible for the crimes. Tourmaline used her visions to describe the beast. Ezra learned that Agreus and Imogen were now residing in Ragusa in the meantime. He was prepared to go there and retrieve his sister.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Imogen Want To Stay At Ragusa?

Imogen and Agreus are shown cohabitating in Ragusa in Episode 4 of “Carnival Row” Season 2. Nevertheless, ever since Agreus had previously seen the soldiers shooting the guys from the ship, he began to have nightmares, given his fear of the rebels. He feared that the same thing might transpire with him and Imogen as well. In the meantime, Imogen was embracing the location because she could now live peacefully with her lover, which she always wanted. Even yet, the peace was short-lived because as they left the room, Agreus found a woman complaining that it was only for Agreus and Imogen that the guards had driven her away from her room and kept her from her husband, who had been seized by the companions. Agreus was interrupted by comrade Kastor, who introduced himself to them.


Agreus and Imogen met with one of the survivors from the ship. When Imogen was taken prisoner and separated from Agreus, she was unaware that other people on the ship had been fatally shot. After eating breakfast, Kastor told Agreus and Imogen to follow him to the factory, where they would have to work like other laborers. Agreus consented, but he forbade Imogen from working. Agreus discovered those factories producing weapons against the Pact armies. Kastor is a very rude individual who mocks Imogen’s high-class lifestyle and the relationship between her and Agreus, which infuriates Agreus. Imogen, though, maintained restraint and requested some work from Kastor. Leonora asked Kastor to lead Imogen to her after the shift ended. Agreus returned to his home, and Leonora spoke to Imogen, telling her that while they might not have a luxurious existence here, they could still love one another fearlessly. Imogen was happy to hear that because, at the moment, all she wanted was to be with Agreus and she would do everything to make that happen.

Later that night, when she got home, she told Agreus about Leonora and how she didn’t appear scary; rather, she appeared to be more like a regular woman who had once fallen in love with a human. Agreus clarified her misunderstanding of the location by informing her that Leonora wasn’t just any regular woman—she was a murderer. He showed the peril of this place by describing how her guards executed those men from the ship. Imogen, meanwhile, was still living in denial because she only cared about sharing a home with her lover. While this was going on, Ezra approached Leonora and informed her of the Pact ambassador’s affiliation with the Burgue and their desire for Burgish guns to fight the New Dawn. Ezra’s sole purpose in being there was to win Leonora’s trust and obtain access to Agreus and Imogen.


Why Did The Cops Arrest Vignette?

In the Burgue, Philo approached Dombey to warn him of the approaching Ravens’ attack while accompanied by his Marrock companion Darius. Dombey initially paid no heed to his warnings, but Darius became aware of them because he could smell the Faes. The Black Raven made an attempt to assault Sergeant Dombey, but Philo made every effort to defend him. He stopped the Ravens from killing Dombey, but in the meantime, as Kaine attacked Darius with a sharp arrow, Darius changed into the beast and fled. Although he was saved, Dombey was such an insensitive person that he insulted Philo once again in front of everyone and requested that Berwick take him to the Row. Philo’s plan was to make Dombey aware of the demonic creature that had slain the ravens. Therefore, Dombey will now investigate the situation as a result. Vignette, on the other hand, got angry at Philo for assisting the cops. She still loved him and wanted him to hide because the other ravens would lose their cool and kill him.

Meanwhile, the cops attacked a tavern in the Row and began attacking every ruin in their path, so Vignette surrendered herself to the cops, who arrested her and took her into custody for her attempt to kill Dombey. Tourmaline met with Mima, who was aware that Tourmaline was using her dark powers. Tourmaline explained to her that this time, she had seen her own death as if the beast was on its way to kill her. Tourmaline wanted to be released from the grip of the Haruspex’s dark visions, so Mima gave her a book containing the ritual for releasing the dark energy. Despite Mima’s warning that the procedure would be painful, Tourmaline went ahead with the hope that she would be free of the unwanted visions.


If Philo had been helping the police right now, he might have come up with a grander scheme to truly discover the demon, but would he risk losing Vignette’s faith in the process? Could there ever be trust between them again, or will there always be suspicion because of Philo’s half-blood status? On the other hand, Ezra’s motives seemed to be very devious, as if he might take revenge on Agreus. Let’s find that out in the upcoming episodes.

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