Bulbul Jauhari in ‘Made In Heaven’ Season 2, Explained: What Happens To Mona Singh’s Character?

The new character on Made In Heaven Season 2, played by Mona Singh, is a standout within the team and also in the show as a whole. An independent, proud woman who works in finance is called upon by her husband to help Made in Heaven as their new auditor. At first, she seems quite high-strung and very nosy because that’s what her job demands, but as the show progresses, we see her layers peel away one by one. While she appears to have it all sorted out and is really good at her job, she’s also got a lot on her mind.


When one of the bride’s broken teeth is paid for by Made in Heaven, at first she’s mad about the company’s money being used for such matters, but when she has a look at the scan, something switches inside of her. Bulbul immediately knows there’s something wrong between this bride and her groom, and she tells Tara and Karan about it. Considering they don’t know how much substance there is to it, Tara says they shouldn’t do anything about it at first. But soon after, Bulbul is sure this woman needs help. Bulbul subtly tells her that her husband is trying to trap her and isolate her in a house far away from the heart of Delhi, so she can’t meet her friends. She just wants to make sure that the bride feels seen by Bulbul.

On the day before the wedding, during one of the ceremonies, the bride is seen dancing with some of her male friends. She’s an actress and has also been offered a role in a new film. Instead of being happy for her, her future husband calls her out for lying to her and kicks her in the face. She pretends it hasn’t happened before, but Bulbul tries to get her to tell her family the truth. The bride’s family is supportive of her, but eventually, she chooses to marry the guy because he says he “needs help,” and she’s blinded by her love for him. After attending the wedding, back at home, Bulbul looks at some terrifying scars on her back. Bulbul had been abused by her first husband, the man who fathered her son Dhruv, and she is desperate to make sure Dhruv doesn’t end up like his father. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to make sure that your child is protected outside of your own presence, and Dhruv ends up in the wrong company at school. Dhruv’s worldview becomes completely misogynistic after hanging out with these boys, and Bulbul is so angry that she’s unable to figure out how to help her son. Dhruv starts saying things like “women can’t drive” and that it’s probably a girl’s fault if something happens to her.


On the other hand, one of his friends has made a video with a girl and is going around showing it to everybody. The boys decide to blackmail the girl with this video for sexual favors. Dhruv doesn’t want his friends in trouble, and when the news comes out and the girl’s parents want to sue the school, Dhruv hides the truth from his mother. He’s so desperate to have those friends that he can’t see the difference between right and wrong. Over time, Bulbul gets more desperate for the truth, and Dhruv gets more distant from her because all she can be is angry. Her husband is the one who explains this to her; strangely enough, he’s extremely calm about it all, and Bulbul finally tries to talk to Dhruv in a calm manner. He tells her that he doesn’t feel the need to tell her anything because she won’t talk about his father. He thinks his mother chose a different man and forgot about everything else. She walks away from him at that moment because it’s too difficult to talk about, but later she tells him the truth.

She tells Dhruv that her father used to get drunk and abuse her; he hit her, and one day he grabbed little Dhruv’s neck. This is when she drew the line and grabbed some kitchen knives. He thought she wouldn’t do anything, but she stabbed him in the lung, and he died before the ambulance arrived. Just telling Dhruv about what happened makes all the difference. He immediately tells the truth about the video without fear of the consequences, because now he understands that it wasn’t the girl who was the problem, but his friend. Bulbul is afraid too, but she can deal with a kid in juvenile prison better than one who makes terrible choices because of his peers.


It takes courage to face the truth, and despite her love for her son, she is able to guide him in the right direction. Sometimes you become blind to such behavior, but Bulbul sets a good example for righteousness both outside and inside the home. She’s a great character to watch, and just like the team gets fond of her slowly through the series, so do we as an audience. Bulbul starts off as a mean-spirited auditor who has to shut down creative ideas to make sure people stick to their budgets. She interferes with client orders and makes mistakes too, but eventually she picks up on all the pointers and makes sure the company is still profitable while making the right financial choices. Bulbul’s maternal instinct kicks in whenever she sees a desperate soul. When she sees Jazz bringing in foreigners to the weddings, she asks her straight up why she’s doing so. Jazz begins to cry and tells her she needs money for her brother’s treatment. Bulbul then tells Jazz she can continue until she’s made the money she needs. That’s how she grows in everybody’s hearts, and by the end of Made In Heaven, she becomes a real part of the team.

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