Karan Mehra in ‘Made In Heaven,’ Explained: How Does Karan Process His Mother’s Resentment In Season 2?  

Made In Heaven returns four years after becoming a massive hit. The show revolves around two best friends who are also business partners. Tara and Karan are like yin and yang. Whatever they choose to do together turns to gold, but what happens to their company if one of them is not at their best? Season 2 digs deeper into Karan’s relationship with his dying mother and his urge to be self-reliant. In season 1, both Karan and Tara made their own mistakes, but things were resolved when Jauhari came on board as a third partner in the company. Now that they have the capital, all they need are weddings to take care of. Business is slow as they move locations, and Tara is getting divorced. Karan, on the other hand, has to deal with his mother’s disdain for him. Last season, Karan decided to stand up for himself against Section 377, and it became a whole media debacle. While his father supported him wholeheartedly, his mother pretty much disowned him.

Karan is stressed because of all the drama at home and that of the company, which is pretty much running at a loss. While at first Karan tries to convince his mother to get chemotherapy for her cancer, it takes a toll on him when his mother completely abandons him. She tells him not to come to see her at the hospital, and Karan decides he can’t admit how awful that makes him feel. Instead, he goes ahead and starts taking drugs to “ease the pain.” Karan definitely finds his situation hopeless. Of course, you know your mother best, so he accepts that there’s nothing he can do to convince her to understand him. When his mother’s condition deteriorates further, he becomes completely unstable and gets mixed up in gambling. He then owes the platers Rs. 23 lakhs, which of course, he doesn’t have.

After borrowing some money from his then-boyfriend, Karan goes with the team to France for a high-profile Bollywood wedding. Without telling anyone, never mind asking Tara, on the day of the ceremony, he ends up transferring 18 Lakhs from the company’s account. At this point, he’s been found naked on the streets of Nice after getting high and then being mugged. What changes things for him is when Nawab, his childhood love, ends up in France at the same time as him. Unlike everybody else in his life, who starts with “What is wrong with you”? Nawab starts with, “You need to pull your act together.” Somehow, this works on Karan, and he heads back to the wedding with no apologies in sight but more determined to fix things. But of course, this creates a huge barrier between Tara and Karan, and they start to work different weddings from then on.

This season, Karan finds himself in a healthy relationship with a fashion designer named Akshay Jaiswal. While Akshay is what Karan had always dreamed about—he’s got the charm, he’s inviting, he’s openly gay, and he’s got his own thing going—since Karan hasn’t healed from all the trauma from his mother, he doesn’t fully appreciate how great Akshay truly is. As much as Karan likes Akshay, it’s soon clear that he just wants to have fun with him, whereas Akshay becomes serious early on. Karan borrows money from Akshay when he’s in desperate need and then agrees to live with him because of his fight with Tara.

Unfortunately for Akshay, it’s just Karan’s desperation and maybe his need for money, not his love. Akshay realizes pretty late that Karan isn’t speaking up about his feelings, even though they live together. Karan’s habit of pushing people away leaves him with no one, and that’s when his mother dies too. She had told him to get married the last time he visited her, and after he said he wouldn’t, she told him not to see her again because of how much hurt he had caused her. Instead of telling his mother about the pain she caused him, Karan just accepted his fate. Ultimately, when she died, he had not seen her, despite his brother trying to tell him to do so. The guilt wears him down, and he finally breaks down when Nawab comes and visits him just to help him cope with it all.

Karan felt guilty about hating his mother for making him feel horrible. He has always loved her and will continue to do so, but that doesn’t mean he has to deal with her hatred. He never got his closure because he couldn’t talk to her before she died, but Nawab’s words are like a surge of power for him. Tara, of course, returned to Karan’s side when his mother died, and they finally found themselves back in their usual rhythm. In episode 5, when Karan and Tara are fighting at different weddings, he meets a young boy who is mad at his mother, who is getting remarried, for not letting him speak to his father. Karan sees himself in this young boy and tries to mend the sad boy’s relationship with his mother in the hope that it will help him cope with his hatred for his own mother. It’s not that he couldn’t see what the problem was; he just didn’t know how to deal with it. In episode 6, when Shehnaz tries to kill herself as an act against her husband’s second marriage, Karan is the one who finds her and saves her. He reminds her that she is the only one who can fight for herself and her children. He tells her that sometimes even a small number of people can make a large change. Karan doesn’t just save her; he also makes sure she knows that she can get custody of her children, too, because he probably wishes his mother would’ve fought for him instead of fighting him.

Karan immerses himself back into work so that he can distract himself from the uncomfortable feelings he has about his mother. In the end, all is well for Karan and Tara, and they can continue to live together as best friends, pushing their businesses to new places while helping the people they help with weddings. Ultimately, it’s always just the two of them against the world. Is Karan able to forgive his mother? Yes, we can assume he did after acknowledging the fact that she was a horrible person to him.

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Ruchika Bhat
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