‘Bora! Deborah’ Episodes 9 And 10 Recap & Ending: Why Shouldn’t Su Hyeok Meet Yu Ri?

The previous episode of Bora! Deborah concluded dramatically with a sudden yet warm kiss between Su Hyeok and Deborah. Deborah has signed a contract with Su Hyeok’s publishing company, and as her agent, Su Hyeok has been accompanying Deborah wherever she asks him to. After Deborah got closure on her relationship with Ju Wan, she celebrated it with Su Hyeok. They made a mistake, and it can either be a running joke between friends or an extremely awkward situation between two young people.

Spoilers Ahead

Why Does Su Hyeok Get Mad At Deborah?

Things are definitely awkward between Su Hyeok and Deborah after the kiss, and more so for Deborah, who finds it difficult to hide her emotions. She has to work with Su Hyeok on her book, but professional behavior is something that she can’t pull off even when she tries. She ends up talking about their kiss at the work meeting and throwing tantrums about Su Hyeok’s small moves, like using a lip balm in front of her and helping her put on her seatbelt. She confirms that he doesn’t have feelings for her, and the same goes for her, but she is still sensitive and asks Su Hyeok to be careful about his actions. Ever since her breakup, Deborah has been feeling insecure, and she has been getting many skin treatments to feel confident again. She also joins the gym but drags Su Hyeok with her as well to get a discount and to give herself motivation. Su Hyeok is patient enough to handle Deborah’s eccentric behavior, but Deborah neither understands nor values it. Meanwhile, her sister has met a man who cares for her a little more than he needs to, but she still understands him. Bo Mi looks immature next to her sister but is more understanding than her.

Now, all three—Yu Jeong, Deborah, and Su Hyeok—go to the same gym. Yu Jeong has known Su Hyeok longer than Deborah and, hence, often knows about what’s going on in his life. When Deborah hears from Yu Jeong that Su Hyeok considers working with her emotional labor, she gets offended. She thinks that Su Hyeok looks down on her and only pretends to like her when he hates her in reality. She makes humiliating remarks about how Su Hyeok is an easy man to seduce, and he gets upset after hearing those offensive comments. He is displeased and mad at Deborah for real this time. He won’t even look at her, let alone talk to her. Her apologies won’t work with him this time. Deborah is facing issues with Su Hyeok, Yu Jeong is having conflicts with her husband, and Su Jin still can’t forget the day of her marriage and divorce from Sang Jin. The three women decide to go clubbing, and Bo Mi gets dragged along with them instead of going on a date with Jin Ho. While the three of them are enjoying their time and trying to feel younger, Bo Mi is busy texting her boyfriend. She is giving him updates about men flirting with her sister and her friends, and Jin Ho starts getting jealous. Meanwhile, Sang Jin and Su Hyeok go to the same club to relax a bit because the day is as haunting for Sang Jin as it is for Su Jin. Sang Jin runs into Deborah unexpectedly, and he invites her friends to join them, not knowing that she is with his ex-wife.

Why Does Yu Ri Contact Su Hyeok Again?

Things get awkward as the ex-couple sit together, but Su Hyeok is even more frustrated to see Deborah. They start bickering, and Su Hyeok has to leave the suffocating atmosphere of the room. As Deborah follows him out, Sang Jin also makes an excuse and follows them out. The women’s party night was already ruined before it began. Deborah cannot handle Su Hyeok ignoring her anymore, and she apologizes to him again, but more sincerely. She reveals what kind of friend he is to her and how much she relies on him. She is glad that they only kissed and didn’t sleep together because she doesn’t want to lose a friend like him. Su Hyeok understands her sincerity and finally forgives her. While this drama was going on, another drama was unfolding at the club. Bo Mi was giving live updates to Jin Ho, and he told Yu Jeong’s husband that a man was flirting with her at the club. Jin Woo storms into the club and creates a scene where the man in question is Sang Jin. Deborah has to calm Jin Woo down, and Sang Jin is confused while Yu Jeong is agitated. Jin Ho is the cause of the chaos, and he gets to enjoy a romantic date night with his girlfriend, Bo Mi, while the others head back home.

Su Hyeok and Deborah are on good terms now and can talk freely about their kiss. It is not embarrassing or awkward anymore. They are friends now, but Deborah still waits for a reply to her text from Su Hyeok, as if he is her crush. Su Hyeok is strangely relieved after clearing things up with Deborah. He finally finds the courage to throw out everything that belonged to his ex-girlfriend, Yu Ri, and is no longer attached to her. He has Deborah now to keep him busy in her ever-dramatic life. She wants Su Hyeok to pretend to be her boyfriend at her friend’s wedding because Ju Wan is also going to be there. She can’t ask him directly, but she talks to him as if she is going to cause trouble at the wedding, so Su Hyeok volunteers to go with her as her boyfriend. Both as a friend and as her agent, he can’t afford for Deborah to embarrass herself anymore. Meanwhile, Su Hyeok’s ex-girlfriend, Yu Ri, is getting married, and she gives an invitation card to Su Hyeok as well. It is not a genuine invitation, though. She only wants Su Hyeok to know that she is happy without him. Su Hyeok has a meeting later with Deborah, and she ends up finding out that Yu Ri is Su Hyeok’s ex-girlfriend. She tries to console him because she understands that it must hurt Su Hyeok to receive a wedding invitation from his ex-girlfriend, whom he hasn’t forgotten yet. Su Hyeok was a great comfort to her when she was going through the messy breakup with Ju Wan, and she hopes to provide comfort to Su Hyeok as well.

Deborah had received Yu Ri’s wedding invitation before Su Hyeok, and Yu Ri had told Deborah that she wanted to get revenge on Su Hyeok. However, unknowingly, she also told Deborah that she was two-timing Su Hyeok. Deborah prepares to go to her friend’s wedding alone because now she doesn’t expect Su Hyeok to tag along with her as he is heartbroken. Surprisingly, Su Hyeok shows up at the decided time, as he can’t break the promise made to Deborah. However, on their way to the wedding, Su Hyeok suddenly gets a call from Yu Ri. Bora! Deborah Episode 10 ends with Su Hyeok bailing on Deborah to meet Yu Ri, but Deborah runs after Su Hyeok to stop him. Deborah knows Yu Ri’s real face and understands that she is emotionally manipulating Su Hyeok. She had mentioned to Deborah that she wanted to see Su Hyeok cry for the rest of his life, and Deborah had to stop her from making it come true.

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