‘Bora! Deborah’ Episodes 7 And 8 Recap And Ending: What Does Su Hyeok Help Deborah With?

Deborah got closure on her breakup with Ju Wan, but it didn’t exactly make her happy. She already had her humiliating moments, and Ju Wan only insulted her more. In Bora! Deborah, just as Deborah prepared herself for a new start, another tragedy befell her. Her sister got scammed and lost Deborah’s hard-earned money. Deborah wanted to take a break from working for a little while, but she needed to sign Jinlee Publishing’s contract somehow in order to not go broke.


Spoilers Ahead

Does Deborah Sign With Su Hyeok’s Agency?

Deborah enters the conference room right when Su Hyeok and Sang Jin are having a conversation about signing the contract with her. Su Hyeok has been trying to tell Sang Jin that Deborah doesn’t want to write, but she surprises both of them by agreeing to sign the contract. Sang Jin is desperate to sign with her, but Deborah is even more desperate than him. She tries to keep herself calm, but when Sang Jin asks her why she reconsidered his offer, Deborah messes up and talks in a very persuasive way. Sang Jin understands her underlying feelings and gets the upper hand. Since Deborah rejected him once, he also rejects her this time, but Deborah doesn’t stop trying. She lies about the concept that she has planned for her book and gets Sang Jin intrigued. She accomplishes her mission of signing the contract with Jinlee Publishing and goes for a team dinner with the staff. At the dinner, she caters to Sang Jin, which is unlike her. Su Hyeok is surprised, and she tells him that she has sold her pride to get this contract. She has even gotten advance money from Sang Jin, which makes it worse for her. That’s when Su Hyeok reveals to her that she should have taken it slow because Sang Jin was just as desperate to sign with her.


Deborah will never run out of ways to embarrass herself in front of Su Hyeok. Even though Su Hyeok asked her to stop drinking, knowing she caused trouble, she didn’t stop. She gets drunk and causes a hilarious scene, which only makes her feel embarrassed the next day when she wakes up. She has to work with Su Hyeok now but is ashamed to face him. She tries to avoid meeting him by giving unreasonable excuses, but Su Hyeok doesn’t doubt her. Meanwhile, Deborah meets Jin Ho at Yu Jeong’s husband’s bar, and he asks her for advice on relationships. Deborah thinks Jin Ho is too innocent to believe in destiny and is clueless that the girl he likes doesn’t like him back. She advises Jin Ho to wait for the girl, as she will come into his life again if they are destined to meet. Deborah doesn’t know that Jin Ho is referring to her sister, Bo Mi. As if it’s destiny, Jin Ho really meets Bo Mi again to buy the second-hand hoodie from her, and his belief in being destined to meet her only gets stronger. He mentions the same thing to Bo Mi and asks her to promise him that they will start dating if they ever meet again.

How Do Bo Mi And Jin Ho Meet Again?

Deborah had been avoiding meeting Su Hyeok, so he made a video call to her to discuss their future plans, and Deborah pretended to be sick to hide her lie. At the same time, Bo Mi came home with Yu Jeong, and they started talking loudly about the housewarming party. Deborah tries to hush them, but Yu Jeong sees Su Hyeok on the call and invites him as well. Deborah gets worried, thinking she has messed up, but forgets about it once Yu Jeong’s husband, Jin Woo, also arrives to help them set up the house. Jin Woo brings Jin Ho with him as well, and both Bo Mi and Jin Ho get surprised by this fateful encounter. However, Bo Mi asks him to pretend not to know her because she doesn’t want Deborah to know that they met at a club. Later, Su Hyeok also surprises Deborah with a visit. Deborah didn’t want to face him, but she has to now. Su Hyeok has been trying to pretend that he doesn’t remember the last night, but Deborah talks about it herself to get the weight off herself. As they proceed with their dinner party, Deborah asks Jin Ho about the girl he likes, and both she and Yu Jeong start badmouthing her, saying that she’s a clubber who won’t understand his feelings. They don’t know they are talking about Bo Mi here, but Jin Ho knows, so he defends her.


Su Hyeok meets Deborah comfortably now to discuss their plan, but Deborah doesn’t have one. She is going to write a book with her intuition and not with a plan, so her agent, Su Hyeok, has to help her get motivation and inspiration. Deborah has gotten over Ju Wan, and it made her realize that they didn’t have a good breakup, and she left a bad impression on him. She wants Ju Wan to know that she is happy without him and wants to become the winner of their relationship. Her plan is to stake out Ju Wan’s favorite restaurant, which he visits every weekend, to make it look like they met coincidentally. If she calls him or goes to his home, she is afraid that he will report her to the police. Su Hyeok becomes a part of her plan, where he is in charge of choosing a mesmerizing dress for her and staking out with her because she doesn’t have a car. Su Hyeok doesn’t see it as a part of his job but complies with her anyway. Ju Wan is dumbstruck when Deborah suddenly appears in front of him, and only listens to what she says. Deborah shows him that she has accepted the breakup gracefully and has let go of him. It puts her heart at ease as she regains her pride.

How Does Jin Ho Confess His Feelings To Bo Mi?

Jin Ho is on cloud nine as Bo Mi agrees to go on a date with him. He doesn’t have experience dating and asks Deborah and Yu Jeong how to confess his feelings to Bo Mi. Both of them don’t want him to date that girl, and hence, they advise him to confess his feelings publicly. No girl likes a public confession, and they think that the girl will never see Jin Ho again. However, things turned out differently. Jin Ho sings a song for her before confessing his feelings, and Bo Mi gets embarrassed. She runs away at first but returns to not make Jin Ho look like a fool. She expresses her displeasure, and Jin Ho promises her he won’t pull such a stunt again. If two people are destined to be together, they will always find a way back to each other. Jin Ho already believes in it, and Bo Mi has started believing in it.


Su Hyeok waits for Deborah until she finishes talking with Ju Wan because he is worried that she might create a scene again. He has gotten used to Deborah’s behavior by now and can’t help but worry about her. He is relieved that Deborah said her final goodbye to Ju Wan peacefully and that her book can proceed now. To celebrate her win, he takes her to karaoke, and Su Hyeok shows a different side of himself to her. He is usually stern but lets himself loose while singing. Bora! Deborah Episode 8 ends with Su Hyeok and Deborah kissing each other after ending their karaoke session. The tension was high between them as they sang together in a small room, and Su Hyeok made the first move. Deborah kissed a new guy on the day of her breakup, and that changed the trajectory of her story.

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