‘Big Mouth’ Episode 11 And 12: Recap And Ending – Who Catches The Real Big Mouse?

The mayor has been revealed as one of the big players in “Big Mouth,” but Chang Ho is not holding back anymore. Chang Ho turned the tables and removed Big Mouse’s right-hand man, Warden Park, from the prison. Chang Ho’s name was kept secret, but Mayor Choi had to pay the price. His wife, Ju Hee, gets into an accident. Chang Ho doesn’t trust the mayor anymore, and he has finally made Big Mouse make a move. Things are working in his favor, and he is determined to make Big Mouse show himself.


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Who Meets Chang Ho As Big Mouse?

Ju Hee’s blood test shows traces of drugs in it, and the mayor wants to cover the issue without anyone finding it out. He assures Ju Hee that he will take care of the police as well. However, Ji Hoon breaks the news first through his own newspaper. When the mayor finds out that Ju Hee was drugged the same way he drugged Chang Ho, he thinks that Big Mouse is still close to Chang Ho. Chang Ho and the new warden, Gan, have started working together to find Big Mouse. They inspect every single inmate and find three inmates with tattoos that represent Big Mouse’s organization. Warden Gan wants those inmates to expose Big Mouse, but Chang Ho believes that they wouldn’t have seen his face and wants the warden to go slow.


Mi Ho and Hye Jin are still in contact with each other and have been trying to find the reason behind the mysterious deaths. Hye Jin informs Mi Ho that the blood samples she gave her have traces of a rare drug and also show an increased number of white blood cells. Hye Jin suspects that the drug is causing cancer, but more blood needs to be examined to be sure. Mi Ho takes the responsibility of testing the blood samples of the inmates who have been showing unusual illnesses.

Ju Hee knew something wrong was happening in her hospital, but she avoided knowing it on purpose. However, she needs to know about it now and asks the head nurse to take her to the underground lab. She is disturbed after coming back from the lab and asks the mayor to take her home. The mayor wants to know the truth, but Ju Hee says that he shouldn’t taint his reputation if he wants to run for office.


Warden Park gets transferred to the Gucheon prison as an inmate and gets bullied by Warden Gan and other inmates as well. Warden Gan holds a grudge against Warden Park and tortures him and other inmates related to Big Mouse to make them reveal the real Big Mouse’s identity. Chang Ho warns Warden Gan to be patient because he is the one who made him warden. Gan feels humiliated and calls the mayor. He requests the mayor for complete control over the situation, and the mayor gives him permission.

Gan announces to all the inmates that Chang Ho is not the real Big Mouse, and emergency protocol will be enforced in the prison until the real Big Mouse is caught. The inmates start reporting anyone they hate as Big Mouse because they want their freedom again. Chang Ho doesn’t care and doesn’t pay attention to Warden Park at all. Park goes to Chang Ho himself, and he tells Park to deliver his message to Big Mouse. He wants to meet Big Mouse face to face if they want to work together.


Mi Ho has been collecting blood samples from the inmates, and Hye Jin has returned to Korea to work with her. Han has a man follow her and find out her location as soon as she returns. They get into a fight, and Han stabs Hye Jin with a knife. The mayor had also tracked Hye Jin’s location, but he found her dead and Han sitting beside her. He covers up the case because he reads Hye Jin and Mi Ho’s chats. Both Hye Jin and Mi Ho know too much about Seo’s paper and are adamant about finding the truth. He calls for warden Gan and orders him to kill both Mi Ho and Chang Ho.

Chang Ho has been waiting for Big Mouse in the church, but he gets a message to meet him in the special ward. Jerry is still in the hospital and somehow getting all the updates about the prison. He asks the doctor to give him a discharge when he hears the news of Chang Ho’s wanting to meet Big Mouse. However, when Chang Ho sees the face of Big Mouse, it is not Jerry but the room leader, No Park. He confirms his identity by reading the tarot cards.

Why Does Big Mouse Surrender?

Chang Ho is not yet completely convinced that No Park is the Big Mouse. He asks him why he chose him to act as Big Mouse, and No Park tells him that he wants to avenge his daughter’s death. His daughter’s death has something to do with Professor Seo’s research, and he wants justice. Chang Ho doesn’t want to get used and thrown again, so he offers No Park a deal. However, their talk is interrupted when No Park gets a call. A huge riot has emerged in prison, and Mi Ho’s life is in danger. Chang Ho runs to the medical room, and No Park follows him for help.

Chang Ho had informed Mi Ho about possible danger, and she locked herself in a room, but an inmate entered through the window and also let other inmates in. Mi Ho runs to avoid them but gets caught eventually. However, the psychopath, who she had been treating, came to her rescue. He beats up the inmates but gets shot in the arm by the police guard. Amidst the chaos, warden Gan shows up to shoot Mi Ho, but Chang Ho jumps on him and starts punching him. Chang Ho reaches on time, thanks to No Park and Warden Park, who helped him reach the medical room through a secret path.


Other guards are still outside and going out means death for all of them. Chang Ho has an idea, but for that, No Park needs to accept the offer made by Chang Ho. He calls Ji Hoon after No Park accepts his offer, and Ji Hoon is on cloud nine. He will finally get chairman Kang’s approval because he has finally found Big Mouse. No Park accepted to surrender as Big Mouse and Chang Ho promised to take down all the people involved in Professor Seo’s murder. To beat people like the mayor and Ji Hoon, Chang Ho needs to reach closer to their social status, and that’s what he gains by exposing Big Mouse and clearing his name.

‘Big Mouth’ Episode 12: Ending

Ji Hoon came with the police and arrested Big Mouse from Chang Ho. Mi Ho submitted fake blood samples to Ji Hoon as the bait used to catch Big Mouse. Chang Ho gets famous overnight as the lawyer who caught the most wanted criminal. From nobody, he becomes one of the country’s most sought-after lawyers. Ji Hoon benefits from this arrest, and he finally gets the ownership of Woojeong Daily from Chairman Kang. Just when the chairman was about to sign the papers, Ju Hee came in and turned on the TV. Chang Ho has announced to represent Big Mouse in court, and he is going to defend him for all of his crimes. In the process, he is going to reveal everyone involved in the crimes, and this is surely going to be the most controversial case in the country. Chang Ho applies for Big Mouse’s bail, and it gets approved with a lot of conditions and after spending a lot of money.


Ji Hoon misses his chance to get ownership of the company as the chairman asks him to finish his task properly and come back. The mayor tells the chairman to not worry and that he will take care of Big Mouse. Chang Ho drops Big Mouse at his home, which is also a restaurant where No Park would work as a chef. He invites Chang Ho and Mi Ho to dinner and promises to tell him the name of the other people involved with him, but, as soon as Chang Ho leaves, the restaurant explodes. The Big Mouse was known to be a powerful man, and his getting caught so easily and then dying so easily looks suspicious and makes us wonder if he was really the Big Mouse. It looks like “Big Mouth” is holding onto the secret for a little longer, and we are going to see a different Big Mouse in the end.

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