‘Big Mouth’ Episode 9 And 10: Recap And Ending – Does Mayor Choi Have Hidden Intentions?

Chang Ho was kidnapped by Gong Ji Hoon to make him speak up about his stolen money. Jerry had to betray Chang Ho because of a deal Ji Hoon made with Jerry’s sister, but at the end of “Big Mouth” Episode 8, it was Jerry, who helped Chang Ho escape. Chang Ho has gone live on a broadcast to expose the truth behind Seo’s murder. In the latest episode of “Big Mouth,” Chang Ho is all set to expose the VIPs while challenging the real Big Mouse to bring his true identity to light.

Why Does Chang Ho Surrender Himself?

The VIPs are at the court, and Chang Ho is predicting their every move beforehand on the Livestream. The turning point in Chang Ho’s life was when he was assigned to represent the VIPs in court, and hence, he knew all of their strategies. Mi Ho is present in the courtroom and has been updating the viewers on the case through her comments on Livestream. Others in court also tune into the Livestream, and Ji Hoon gets worried as things get out of hand. He orders his associates to trace Chang Ho’s location and signals Prosecutor Choi to request a recess. He already has Chang Ho pulling a stunt when Hye Jin calls him to get her signed divorce papers from her husband.

Ji Hoon brings the divorce papers to Hye Jin but asks her for Chang Ho’s location first. He gives her the signed paper, and she gives him Seo’s research paper that he had been looking for. The trial resumed in the court, and as Chang Ho predicted, the judge announced the VIPs were not guilty due to a lack of evidence. Ji Hoon’s men reach the location mentioned by Hye Jin, but Chang Ho has disappeared. The VIPs walk out of the court in victory and answer the reporters’ questions. A truck parks in front of the court and plays the video of Chang Ho talking about Seo’s research paper. The video shifts to the live broadcast of Ji Hoon talking to Hye Jin. He complains to Hye Jin that this is not the paper Seo was murdered for and asks her for the real paper.

Chang Ho steps down from the truck and surrenders himself in front of the media. He claims in front of everyone that he will prove that he is not Big Mouse. He traps Ji Hoon, Prosecutor Choi, and the VIPs in their trap as Choi has to declare that he will re-appeal the case in court. Before going to the prison, Sun Tae informs Chang Ho that Jerry is alive, and he sends a handwritten message to him. Chang Ho returns to the prison and contacts Big Mouse through the Bible. He asks Big Mouse to meet him if he wants to know confirmed intel on Seo’s research paper. Ji Hoon visits Chang Ho and tells him that he is not an accomplice in Seo’s murder and that he should find it out himself if he doesn’t want to walk down the wrong path. It turns out that Mayor Choi is the fourth accomplice, and it all makes sense that he assigned Chang Ho to the case and drugged him when he was going to submit the dashcam video to the prosecutor.

Mayor Choi’s real face is revealed, and he has many secrets he has been hiding from everyone. He is not a petty person who has gained a higher social status because of his wife. He has a secret vault where he hides many documents and gold bars. He gives the impression of being the real Big Mouse, but Chang Ho believes that the Big Mouse is in prison. Chang Ho checks the Bible and gets a justice card. Big Mouse has replied to him, and Chang Ho has been waiting for him at the church. Mi Ho goes to the hospital to meet Jerry, but he has disappeared. Meanwhile, Big Mouse shows his face to Chang Ho and surprises him.

Why Doesn’t Chang Ho Believe The Warden?

At their agreed time, Chang Ho sees Warden Park meeting him as Big Mouse. There’s no way Chang Ho is going to believe him, so he asks for proof. The warden shows him the tattoo, but he doesn’t recognize the meaning behind the tarot card that Chang Ho showed him. He tells the warden that he is just Big Mouse’s puppet and he will only give the information to the real Big Mouse. Chang Ho has recorded their conversation, and he requests Mayor Choi to act as a witness when Prosecutor Choi interrogates him. Prosecutor Choi feels bad for Chang Ho because of how much he trusts the Mayor without knowing his true face.

The prisoners have been getting sick with an unusual disease that makes them puke blood and also makes them aggressive. After the medical camp, the prisoners have been fighting over the medicinal pills, and one of the prisoners-the psychopath-goes crazy and beats another prisoner until he bleeds and faints. All the doctors and nurses have left the prison because of violent prisoners attacking them, and the warden has called in new nurses for the job. Mi Ho has also applied for the job, along with two other nurses from Gucheon hospital. Mi Ho ends up getting the job after she saves the psychopath from cardiac arrest. However, the warden has hired her for different reasons.

The warden puts Chang Ho in solitary confinement after he returns from the prosecutor’s office, as a warning for going against him. His room leader is on duty and informs Chang Ho that Mi Ho has joined as a new nurse. The room leader has Mi Ho’s back just like he always has Chang Ho’s. He tells her to beware of even the officers since the prison is dangerous and no one can be trusted. The warden tries to fool Mi Ho into answering about Seo’s papers, but she declares nonchalantly that she is there to protect her husband and will do it with all her might. As soon as Chang Ho comes out of solitary confinement, he meets and tells Mi Ho to leave the prison. He tells her that something big is going to happen in prison and she shouldn’t be here.

‘Big Mouth’ Episode 10: Ending

Chang Ho wants to diss Big Mouse by taking out one of his main players from prison. During his interrogation, Chang Ho had proposed arresting the warden for bribery since he could not be arrested over illegal recordings. Mayor Choi gave his approval, and the prosecutor arrested the prison warden. This happens while Chang Ho tries to convince Mi Ho to leave. They try to spot a person in distress to get a hint at finding the real Big Mouse. Mi Ho refuses to leave the prison because only she can find out what experiment is going on with the prisoners and why they are going crazy. They are sure that it is related to Seo’s research paper.

Mayor Choi covered Chang Ho’s name from the warden’s bribery case by using another guard’s name who tipped off the prosecutor. The guard is now the acting warden and has given Chang Ho complete freedom. Chang Ho thanks the Mayor for helping him, but he has already figured out that the Mayor is the imposter. The Mayor’s wife, Ju Hee, gets into an accident after her drink gets drugged, just like Chang Ho. “Big Mouth” has more than one or two players now. The real Big Mouse has been playing his cards from the beginning, and Ji Hoon has been a player all along, but he is a much smaller player compared to what the Mayor has been pulling off until now. Chang Ho has joined them, and now it has turned into a battle where everyone is seeking justice for themselves.

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