‘Bad Sisters’ Episode 8: Recap & Ending, Explained: Is Becka Successful In Executing Her Plan?

The eighth episode of “Bad Sisters” was released on the 30th of September, and the show is now just a few more episodes away from revealing what happened to John Paul Williams and who was responsible for his death. The episode titled “The Cold Truth” is all about the chills, freeze, and everything cold, as the title suggests.


Spoilers ahead

Episode 8 ‘The Cold Truth’ Recap

“The Cold Truth” begins from the point where “Rest in Peace” ended, a quick recap of how John Paul Williams was partially responsible for his father George’s death. John Paul walks into his father, meddling with dead animals, and requests some money as a loan. George refuses to lend him any money as he complains about how John Paul has neglected them for years. In a matter of seconds, George chokes on a tiny object, and John Paul doesn’t help him or call the ambulance to get rid of what was choking him and lets him die out of spite. Becka returns to her sisters and reveals what she had discovered in the cold storage. They initially think of making an anonymous call to the police and telling them the truth, but soon realize he won’t be charged for it as there was no concrete proof, or John Paul would just get out of jail in no time.


The story moves to the present day, and it’s been weeks since Thomas Claffin was behind the local police to exhume John Paul’s body for a postmortem. The postmortem finally takes place, and an over-excited Thomas is hoping for some good news. Unfortunately, the postmortem report doesn’t come out in favor of the Claffin brother. Meanwhile, Matt Claffin is conflicted about continuing his relationship with Becka. He tries to make up with her, but Becka discovers his brother’s text informing him of the postmortem. Becka soon informs her sister of this big news, and they soon come to know that Becka is in a relationship with Matt.

Going a few months back, when John Paul was alive, he gets the promotion, crushing Eva and realizing John bad-mouthed her to gain the promotion and his behavior leads to Gabriel not talking to Eva. Becka soon comes up with a plan to eliminate John Paul, and that is by throwing him into the cold storage, letting him freeze to death, and making it look like an accident. Eva disagrees with this plan. Meanwhile, Roger, their neighbor, comes back from police interrogation and a short break with his sisters after the painful week he went through. Roger is picking up pieces from whatever is left of his life, and Grace sympathizes with him and is kind to him. She conveys John Paul’s freak accident at the marina, and Roger is sympathetic toward her feelings. Ursula is avoiding Ben as much as she can, but Ben doesn’t want to let her go and is willing to introduce her kids into his life by moving to a bigger home. Ursula reveals what John Paul has put her through, and he takes it upon himself to threaten John Paul if he doesn’t stop harassing Ursula.


‘Bad Sisters’ Episode 8: Ending, Explained: Is Becka Successful In Executing Her Plan? 

As “Bad Sisters” is heading towards its conclusion, the sisters are getting desperate. Also, Eva now has a stronger motive to go after John Paul and finish him off. John Paul purposely tries to get Eva to obey him since he is now her boss, and this makes Gabriel angry, and she confronts John Paul. John Paul relates that it was Eva who had informed him of Gabriel’s sexuality. Gabriel is now confused about who to trust and walks out on Eva. Becka comes to Bibi and explains her plan to throw John Paul into the freezer, which Eva disagrees with. Becka eventually goes ahead with the plan without Eva’s consent. On the day John Paul decides to deliver groceries to his mother’s home, Becka hides in the basement and pushes the person into the cold storage. She does the deed. The next morning, Becka conveys to Eva that she has done the deed, and all they must do is wait for the news.

By the looks of it, “The Cold Truth” is finally taking the audience towards the much-deserved answer of who killed John Paul, or rather how he was killed. With a few more episodes to go, audiences are desperate to know who did it. This episode showed how the patience of the Garvey sisters had reached a boiling point. Even though they fear carrying out another plan, they know they must get rid of him in a way that the law doesn’t catch up with them, and for the last time, Becka comes up with a foolproof idea. It is only in the 9th episode that it will be revealed who died in that cold storage. Was it John Paul, or was it his mother?


Grace, so far, is unaware of the plot her sisters are hatching and is consumed by John Paul’s antics, is unable to get out of the toxic marriage she is in and is not able to recognize the amount of manipulation he is putting her through. It is a clear sign of emotional abuse, which, surprisingly, their daughter can understand, but Grace is so attached to John Paul at this time she is unable to look beyond him. ‘The Cold Truth’ also turns out to be one of the shorter episodes, delivering just enough and creating enough suspense. The whodunit genre combined with black comedy is amplified in this episode, as the last three episodes had lacked good writing. Thankfully, there is no shortage of ridiculous situations but realistic ones that the sisters can overcome easily. “Bad Sisters” Episode 8 ends at a point that hypes up the audience about John Paul’s death. The writing of this episode has improved from the last few episodes. In this episode, the writing was pacy, and they made it crisp and quirky.


As the show is reaching its conclusion, Eva, Bibi, Ursual, and Becka might be successful in killing their brother–in–law by throwing him into cold storage, which seems like a plausible scenario. Another theory would be that Roger, Grace and John Paul’s neighbor, figures out that it was John Paul who had called the police and filed a wrong complaint against him just out of spite.



The eighth episode of “Bad Sisters” finally moved the narrative toward the climax, and audiences were eagerly waiting to see how the show would conclude. The screenplay in this episode did not falter and gets interesting in how this whodunnit comedy will take shape from hereon.

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