‘Bad Sisters’ Episode 7: Recap & Ending, Explained – Where Are The Sisters Headed?

“Rest in Peace,” the seventh episode of the first season of “Bad Sisters,” shows the Garvey sisters rescuing themselves from the consequences of their actions and evading capture thanks to sheer dumb luck. Rest in Peace, released on September 23rd, 2022, is directed by Rebecca Gatward, and unlike the last episode, it doesn’t stall the narrative.

Spoilers Ahead

Episode 7 ‘Rest In Peace’: Recap

‘Rest in Peace’ starts from where Splash left off, with John Paul struggling to breathe as he is unable to swim back to his boat. Unfortunately for the Garvey sisters, he is rescued by none other than Gabriel, Eva, and John Paul’s colleague, who happens to own a yacht docked at the same marina. John Paul wakes up at the hospital with weird memories stitching up in his head about what led to him landing up in the hospital. Grace is visibly shaken to see the turn of events and convinces him to skip the big interview John Paul and Eva shall appear for.

Eva and the rest of the sisters are worried and wonder if John Paul has any memory of the night he took off under the influence of the drug. John Paul has hazy memories of what had happened but can’t seem to connect them. He is convinced that someone is trying to kill him, putting the Garvey sisters on the back foot. The sisters realize they’ve left a trace by not collecting the contaminated nasal spray at the scene of the crime, and Becka is assigned to retrieve it. Meanwhile, Grace is injured by John Paul when she tries to stop him from making any rash decisions following his incident at the marina. At the hospital, John Paul comes across Ursula’s boyfriend and decides to convey the news of the affair to Ursula’s husband, Donal. Due to his injury, Becka soon goes to help John Paul’s mother but comes across a dark secret none of the Garvey sisters thought they would know.

Ending, Explained: What Does Becka Discover?

As the episode progresses, John Paul finds Becka in his room. Becka quickly leaves his home just in the nick of time. His growing suspicion increases his paranoia. John Paul also manages to sabotage Eva’s character by making up stories about her in the hope John will get the promotion. Grace, though visibly shaken by John Paul’s accident, is convinced he needs a psychologist to get over his suicidal tendencies. She tries her level best to stop John Paul from taking any rash decisions since the incident that led to JP pushing her and Grace getting injured in the process. Her sisters are furious, but they keep mum. Meanwhile, Becka retrieves the nasal spray and hands it over to Eva. John Paul soon discovers Ursula’s affair and conveys the same to her husband. Donal confronts Ursula finally and realizes she must now face the consequences of her actions.

Becka, meanwhile, on instructions from Grace, heads to help John Paul’s mother. During a random conversation, she comes across a basement and decides to explore a space that John Paul frequented, as per his mother’s stories. Soon she finds the key to cold storage, and to her horror, she finds a human hand, followed by the discovery of a dead body, which Becka realizes is the body of John’s father, George. Compared to the last six episodes, “Rest in Peace” was a shorter one. This episode, fortunately, does take the narrative ahead towards the end game. But just like in the last episode, the suspension of disbelief does not land well. It is difficult to understand how John did not suspect Becka when she was randomly searching his room for the nasal spray. “Bad Sisters” is getting a tad bit stretched in terms of screenplay. Audiences at this point are aware of how awful John Paul is and are waiting to know what happens to him next. Though “Rest in Peace” ends on an interesting note, adding another layer to John Paul’s character, the overall episode lacked luster, just like episode 6. I can’t wait to get to the next three episodes in the next three weeks to find out what happened.


The only theory that makes sense so far is that Eva and her sisters, minus Grace, were successful in eliminating John Paul Williams and evading the law thanks to some loophole or simple lack of evidence against them. Another theory that has been consistent in the last few recap articles is Grace taking it upon herself to kill her husband for neglecting her emotionally and sexually for years.


The seventh episode of “Bad Sisters” ended with a lot of questions left unanswered in terms of the story and a shaky screenplay. The screenplay beats around the bush without adding any interesting layers to the storytelling. The whodunnit comedy genre of the show has refused to come to life since the last episode, leaving the audience unable to stay hooked.

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