‘Bad Sisters’ Episode 6: Recap & Ending, Explained: What happens to John Paul William this time?

The sixth episode of “Bad Sisters” is aptly titled “Splash.” For this episode, just like a splash of water is just everywhere. For the first time, an Apple TV Original based on the Belgian series felt all over the place which did not take narrative forward. “Splash,” released on the 16th of September 2022, directed by Josephine Bornebusch, surprisingly stalls the narrative. 

Spoilers Ahead

‘Bad Sisters’ Episode 6: Recap

“Splash” begins with the aftermath of Bibi accidentally blinding the instructor at the paintball arena; the shot was originally meant for John Paul and not the instructor. Grace and the other sisters try hard to speak to Bibi, but she has gone all incommunicado since the incident out of guilt. Grace visibly starts snapping back at John Paul and starts fantasizing about making love to him even though their actual intimate life is dwindling.

In the present scenario, Matt and Becka discreetly meet one another and enjoy each other’s company.  Thomas Claffin on the other hand is trying hard to find a lead so that he wouldn’t have to pay off the insurance money to Grace. Through Grace’s neighbor Roger, he comes to know of an incident involving John Paul that might help him get to the loophole he was looking for.  The rest of the episode is played in the flashback, wherein we get to see the so-called suicide attempt by John Paul Williams as told by Grace and Roger to Thomas Claffin. 

Bibi eventually comes back to her sisters and commences her earlier planning. Ursula, a nurse by profession, makes them aware of a drug that won’t be detected during the postmortem. They decide to execute the plan when Grace and her daughter will be heading out of town. On that very day, John Paul comes across Grace’s adult toy. John Paul confronts her, but Grace decides to head out for the event with her daughter, making him livid. The sisters get into their home when John Paul is out and contaminate the inhaler he uses regularly. When he ingests it, he starts acting weirdly. The sisters follow him as he sleepwalks and drives to the pier, where he accidentally falls into the water. The sisters look on, thinking John Paul will finally drown.

Spoilers Ahead

‘Bad Sisters’ Episode 6: Ending Explained: Does Bibi Hit The Bull’s Eye?

Thomas is finally on track on finding the loophole that will make sure he won’t have to pay the insurance money to Grace. Meanwhile, Matt is still not keen on speaking to his brother. Matt is hanging out with Becka, and they love being in each other’s company, with Becka fully aware of how much it can jeopardize her and her sister’s lives.

Halfway through this season, Grace has visibly started revolting against John Paul’s remarks and is upset about how he blames her for everything wrong with their intimate life, but he never took the initiative to make it better. Partly aware of the scenario Grace is going through with John Paul, Eva gifts her sister an adult toy as a temporary relief. Unfortunately, John Paul finds it and confronts Grace about why she is befitting herself as a wife. Grace finally resists and leaves for the outing she had planned with their daughter.

Meanwhile, John Paul is visibly jealous of Grace having a good time with their neighbor, Roger Muldoon. He does the unimaginable by calling the cops on Roger by branding him a pedophile. The sisters finally come together to hatch yet another plan to kill John Paul, this time hoping they will target him without any collateral damage. They are successful in injecting the poison into his body, but his reaction to the poison perplexes them, which eventually leads to John Paul falling off the pier into the water in that state.

For the first time in six weeks, “Bad Sisters” is coming across as a show with visible cracks in the screenplay. Overall, “Splash” as an episode is underwhelming, especially the ending. The suspension of disbelief factor also couldn’t save this episode. In the climatic scene of the episode, wherein the sisters are at Grace and John Paul’s home, the entire sequence of John Paul being completely unaware of intruders in his home is certainly not a believable plotline. The entire episode ends with a bitter taste, making the audience wonder where this is heading. I am hoping the next four episodes would have something that would redeem the screenplay in some way.


In “Splash,” the attempt on John Paul’s life was on a holy crap level because it is completely unbelievable. As the show progresses, Grace finally resists John Paul’s toxic behavior. A strong theory, in this case, could be that Grace is the culprit, who played the evil without involving any of her sisters. Roger Muldoon now has a strong reason to kill John Paul, for he ruined his life by branding him as a pedophile and calling the cops on him without any solid proof.


“Bad Sisters” Episode 6 had a lot of inconsistencies, but I keep hoping the writers don’t lose plot from here on, as the writers derailed the story and screenplay of “Splash”, making it an underwhelming watch. The writers failed to keep the audience hooked and retain the thriller/dark comedy genre of the show.

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