Ava Winters And Chad McKnight In ‘Obliterated,’ Explained: Did Ava And Chad End Up Together?

Obliterated, the eight-part Netflix comedy series, has an entertaining plot but some really problematic characters who try too hard to be funny yet fall flat on their faces. It revolved around an elite group of CIA agents who were on the hunt for a Russian arms dealer who had created a lethal nuclear device with the intention of blowing up the entire city of Las Vegas. The group, led by CIA officer Ava Winters, embarked on their journey to find the nuke, but in the midst of all of this, she also contemplated her feelings for her coworker, Chad McKnight.

Spoilers Ahead

Who were Ava Winters and Chad McKnight?

Being the leader of the elite force, Ava Winters could be seen as a strong and determined CIA operative who had always been focused on her work. Even though Obliterated Season 1 never mentioned it explicitly, Ava had recently been going through a difficult time after she lost her fiancé, which had left her with a deep emotional scar. The series refuses to share the details about what exactly happened to her partner and how he died. Nevertheless, after his demise, Ava chose not to dwell in the past and tried to move on by focusing on her work. As the series began, we saw her going undercover at a terrace party to catch a Russian arms dealer, Ivan Koslov, seducing him with her looks. After successfully discovering Ivan’s plan, she finally infiltrated his building with her team of elite soldiers and not only captured the man in question but also managed to disarm the nuke before it could do any collateral. After successfully carrying out the mission, Ava’s team members, especially Chad McKnight, believed they deserved a night off to celebrate their success. On the party night, Ava reluctantly joined her team, even though she was not much of a social butterfly. But this time, she also wanted to have some fun in her life, which motivated her to party with her team. Initially, she wasn’t drunk enough, and while talking to Maya, the tech person on their team, it was revealed that Ava wasn’t quite into Chad. She believed Chad was all about his looks and biceps, and there was no intelligence in him. She was definitely not impressed by Chad’s personality, but Chad was already in love with her.

Chad McKnight was a handsome guy with a charming appearance. He was one of the operatives selected for this elite force, which suggests that he was competent enough to carry out such dangerous missions. However, since the first day Chad was selected for this team and was introduced to their attractive team leader, Ava Winters, he fell head over heels for her at first sight. But being realistic, Chad knew from the beginning that these feelings weren’t mutual, which is why he never dared to express them or try to approach Ava. However, on that party night, when Ava went to talk to Chad and found him talking to his mother and checking on her, even in the midst of a crowded party, her heart melted for him. Ava thought of giving Chad some company, as they would probably be off the mission, and chances were slim that they would meet again. After Ava and Chad discussed the success of their mission, they got closer to each other and eventually ended up making out. The barriers between these two field agents went down for a bit, and in the heat of the moment, Chad accidentally confessed his love for his senior; however, Ava made it clear that she didn’t share his feelings and wasn’t in love with him. Ava was confused and startled by the revelation, but she didn’t totally brush Chad off. However, Maya’s sudden interference in their conversation made the situation worse, making Ava realize that she had just been intimate with a guy whom she had claimed to dislike just a few moments before. This caused a huge misunderstanding between Maya, Chad, and Ava. Maya, who used to look up to Ava’s work, began to despise her, as she believed Ava had snatched the only chance she could use to be with her crush, Chad.

Did Ava and Chad end up together?

After realizing that the nuclear device Ava’s team had disarmed was just a fake one, as the real nuke was hidden somewhere in the city, the team had to leave the party in the middle and hop on a chopper. They were all heavily tripping on psychedelics, and some of them were even still hungover. In the midst of it all, Ava managed to lead her team, though it was difficult for her to even walk properly. After Ava’s team, forgetting all personal issues, managed to get a hold of the nuke and capture the real culprit, Ivan, and his sister, Anastasia, the true celebration began. Maya gradually realized that she couldn’t just hate Ava for having some fun on a party night. She used to like Chad, but that didn’t mean that Chad would have to like her back. So, she gave up on the hope of being with Chad and reconciled with Ava.

Ava and Chad had been intimate quite a few times during the mission, so it was apparent that the two of them couldn’t be apart from each other. Despite denying her feelings for him, Ava went back to Chad again and again. Her feelings for Chad grew stronger, especially after she was rescued by him several times during the mission. Chad had always made sure to check on Ava, which was such a green flag Ava couldn’t unsee. Ava and Chad’s mutual desire to take care of each other finally brought them closer together. In the concluding moments of the show Obliterated, we saw a celebration party begin, where Ava, who had finally moved on from the loss of her loved one and tried to embrace her life in a new way, gave Chad a chance to bring color to her life. Chad more than agreed to do this. We saw the two of them get physically intimate with each other, hinting that they would probably pursue a romantic relationship.

Obliterated ended with Ava and Chad’s relationship getting a happy ending. But if the Netflix action series comes back for another season, we’d hope to see more of their chemistry in the upcoming season. Probably, in the next season, we will get to see the ups and downs of their relationship and their eventual decision to be together despite all the obstacles or to drift apart. Overall, we can only assume until the new season arrives with a brand new story and this problematic yet hilarious CIA team who would do everything possible to save the day.

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