Anna In ‘My Daemon,’ Explained: Does Anna Come Back To Kento?

The Thai-produced Japanese animated series My Daemon has taken the world by storm with its heartwarming story and fascinating creatures. Most importantly, it’s the bond between the protagonist Kento, a young boy and his daemon (hence the title) Anna, who make the experience worthwhile. Kento is a child whose innocence is greater than his prejudice, so he chooses to like the daemons, creatures that most other people believe are products of hell. Specifically, he chooses to raise a small daemon named Anna, thanks to the adorable sound she makes (it is almost annoying at parts), but also because he develops a special bond with her. So much so that even with the world hating daemons, Kento doesn’t fear taking the little beast to school to show her off and talk about her as part of a project.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Is Anna So Protective Of Kento?

It’s a fairly simple answer, really. Kento has raised Anna like family. She doesn’t ever feel othered by him, and she treats him like family too. It doesn’t matter if they’re different species or if humans hate daemons. Anna’s love for Kento is a gut feeling and not a forced-on emotion. From the get-go, Kento has been protecting Anna and keeping her safe from any incoming danger, even if it means putting himself in danger, something she has observed very well. So, when she learns of her abilities, she too can return the favor. We don’t see Anna hurt anybody until they try to do Kento dirty. As we learn through the show, it’s just a misconception that the daemons are evil creatures. In fact, they’re just misunderstood by the world and forced into doing things that they do not like; of course, this will lead to them defending themselves. Anna never grows up in this environment, so she doesn’t know what mistreatment is really like.


When Anna and Kento meet other people on their journey, the first thing most people notice is how she doesn’t have a collar that helps Kento control her. In fact, she’s perfectly in sync with Kento and listens to everything he says without Kento having to hurt Anna in any way. Everybody assumes daemons need to be tamed, but in Anna’s case, she understands everything Kento says as if they can actually talk to each other. Of course, some of this is because of the power Kento possesses in communicating with the daemons, thanks to the particles in his head.

What Are Anna’s Powers?

Anna is a “storage daemon,” which means she has the ability to capture and store things within her for prolonged periods without doing any damage to the stored items. For example, in a cute moment in the show, Anna brings out a hot plate of noodles for Kento when he has the urge to eat them, so his mother asks her to store some food items that are about to expire. Size, shape, numbers—none of it matters when it comes to what’s inside Anna’s storage space. Additionally, while at first it’s assumed that she can’t store living organisms, by the end of the show, we know that she can store entire cities, including their ecosystems, within her. But, more importantly, Anna is quick-witted, so when she senses danger, she knows exactly what materials to throw out of her storage system.


Anna’s storage space, as we learn at the end of the show, is a shared one. According to Kaede’s grandfather, the chairman of the Peace Organization, all storage daemons share one big storage space, which is why Seori Island is also within the same space, as Kaede notices at the end of the season.

Anna’s body is small at the beginning of the show; she looks like a bald dog, almost, but with eyes all over her body. These eyes are more significant than just adding to her creepy look. When Kento’s life is in danger, Anna transforms into a massive daemon, her true form, which is leaner and more elegant than her cute little self otherwise. In this form, she’s able to expand her bandage-like muscles and use them to attack people. Additionally, the eyes come out of her and create these black hole-like spots that consume whatever she wants to store.


What Really Affects Anna?

Anna’s powers are linked to her psychological state. She understands everything humans say, and her body reacts to her emotions. When Kaede’s grandfather tells Anna that she is a monster that will only destroy things, Anna truly understands his words. This is why she’s able to transform into her full form, which will eventually allow her to disappear within her storage space herself so that she doesn’t put Kento and his newfound family in danger. By the end of the series, Anna is also able to have things happen within the storage space, like when she releases the missiles onto Pandaemonium in order to save everybody in the outside world.

Why Does Anna Leave Kento Behind?

It’s quite certain that by the end of the series, Kento will become extremely dependent on Anna, just like he was on his mother. With his mother’s death, there was no one else he could rely on, so she helped him as much as possible. By the end of the series, apart from the words of Kaede’s grandfather, Anna notices that there are many people who can now help Kento, protect him, and love him as much as she does. This is why she chooses to stay back in her storage space and leave Kento to deal with the added trauma himself (oops). Of course, right at the end of the series, we hear Anna’s voice just before the screen goes black, and it may appear that she’s returned to Kento’s side. We can imagine that family can’t stay without family for too long, and their unbreakable bond is too precious to separate them for too long. There will probably be a second season of My Daemon, and this time we may get to see the team restoring Seori Island, but at the same time, we are trying to show the world how humans and daemons can live symbiotically, with no violence and only love.

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