‘My Daemon’ Recap & Ending Explained: What Happens To Pandaemonium?

My Daemon is Netflix’s latest addition to its plethora of animated content. This one is actually really good. Read our full review to learn more. The series is set in post-apocalyptic Japan, after the daemonium particles from Hell have been dispersed into the earth’s atmosphere, causing the birth of mixed-breed creatures called daemons (very smart). Kento is a kindhearted young boy who has an affinity for daemons and raises one who goes by Anna. She’s an adorable dog-like creature who loves Kento like a master and doesn’t harm anyone. At the same time, the daemons are considered ungodly creatures, only meant to hurt people, and so there are organizations trying to eradicate them from the earth for human survival.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Does Kento Like Daemons?

According to science, the human race has an innate distaste for the daemons, but Kento seems to like them all. Kento has some daemonium particles inside his brain, which will grow and birth a daemon. Kento’s mother learns that there’s no way of saving him and seeing him grow to become an adult, but at the same time, these particles are what show Kento the good sides of the daemons, allowing him to communicate with them too, as we learn later. Kento and Anna’s bond is special and unique. Every time someone sees them together, they’re surprised that Anna listens to the boy without a collar (these things electrocute the poor creatures) on her.


Who Are Daemon Users?

Immediately, right from episode 1 of My Daemon, there are hunters looking for Anna because she is a special storage daemon. A group called the “Peace Organization” captures daemons, runs tests on them, uses them for the betterment of human life (nasty), and at the same time kills and discards them when they’re unnecessary and a supposed threat to society. The chairman of the organization is an old man whose daughter was lost many years ago because of a daemon. He intends to eradicate all the demons because of this trauma. When he learns about the storage daemon Anna, he immediately puts up a big reward for anyone who catches the daemon and brings it to him, dead or alive. “Daemon Users” are humans who tame daemons with collars and exploit them for their own benefit.

What Is Anna’s Power?

Anna is a storage daemon, which means she has the ability to store anything within her body. At first, it appears that she can store only inanimate objects, but by the end of My Daemon, we learn that she can store entire islands with the living too. Anna’s power begins with the ability to take in and throw out objects when necessary. When she notices Kento in danger, she’s on high alert and uses the objects she’s stored to help him. She can also keep meals hot and ice cold until she throws them out. Everything within her gets suspended in time. Later, Anna transforms into a magnificent creature, much bigger than her dog form, almost like a horse-dragon. Her muscles can expand, and the multiple eyes on her body are able to create these black hole-like regions that suck in anything within her vicinity. Her final form is so strong that she’s able to capture entire cities within herself if need be.


How Does Anna Die?

During the fight against one of the bounty hunters, the man throws a knife at Anna. Kento tries to cover Anna to save her, but his mother shields him, leading to her death. Kento persuades Anna to store his mother inside her until he can find a rumored daemon that can turn back time. Kento wants to bring his mother back to life because she’s the only family he has (he’ll learn otherwise later).

Who Do Kento And Anna Meet On The Way?

Kento and Anna meet a lot of desperate people on the way to Kyushu, where the time-reversal daemon is rumored to live. First, they meet a man named Uraga who wants to stop being a daemon user and start a shop like he promised to his younger brother. At first, this man and his colleagues are wonderful to Kento and Anna. They let them ride with them on their massive food delivery truck and even provide food. Uraga has a balloon daemon named Baron, who looks like a jellyfish and resembles Mojo Jojo. When Uraga learns about the money that is being offered to capture Anna, he flips and decides to take her away. He gets Baron to hurt his companions. Anna and Kento get on a bridge, which begins to collapse, and by the end, even though Baron tries desperately to save his master, the car crashes and goes up in flames. Kento releases Baron from the collar, making him a free daemon.


Next, they meet Ms. Kaede. She’s the granddaughter of the chairman of the Peace Organization, but she is intrigued by Kento and Anna’s bond. She is also keen on seeing an idealistic world where daemons and humans can live side by side. She decides to help Kento and Anna, and she protects them as much as she can until they get separated. A daemon named Spider-O captures the daughter of a doctor. Kento and Anna get trapped with the girl, while the father and Ms. Kaede make it out. The girl hates daemons because her mother died when a daemon was born out of her in a similar manner that a daemon will be born out of Kento in the future. Kento and Anna show the little girl that daemons aren’t all that bad. Kento and Anna also meet some thieving kids and a daemon that grows more arms (they’re more like tree branches) based on how many times it’s hurt, named Sanju. The kids get attacked because Sanju notices them “exterminating” some harmless small daemons.

It is while fighting Spider-O that Anna first transforms into her larger form and completely annihilates the creature for hurting Kento. She can’t remember any of it after, and Kento is unaware of the damage she is capable of. Throughout the show, whatever “dangerous” daemons the duo meets are all hurting because of the pain humans have inflicted on them, so this is why they’re fighting back. Kento understands it’s their defense mechanism and tries to talk them out of using their powers on innocent humans.

What Is The Seori Island Disappearance?

It turns out that Kaede’s grandfather wants to kill Anna because his daughter disappeared because of a daemon like her. The world believes storage daemons are the most dangerous because they can wipe out entire cities with ease. 18 years ago, his daughter was on Seori Island, a place where she was discovering new daemons and learning about their abilities. It was a daemon like Anna that swallowed the whole island and disappeared one day, never to be found again.

Why Do Kokonoe And Kento Get Along?

There’s a lot of back and forth through the middle of My Daemon when Anna and Kento get separated and come back together. When Anna is finally taken to the Peace Organization, the chairman throws pictures of Kento in her face to agitate her and show her that she is a monster. He makes her believe that daemons are only good for destruction. Kento ends up in danger trying to rescue her from the organization when a man named Kokonoe uses his koi fish-looking daemon, whose scales can make anyone unconscious, to get Kento away from Anna. Ultimately, Anna goes into full form, seeing Kento in danger, and saves him, but by the end, she chooses to run away herself because the words the chairman said really affected her. She realizes Kento is better off without her and spends time with local rodent daemons who befriend her.


Kento doesn’t give up easily, though, and he is determined to get Anna back. He is forced to stay with Kokonoe, who uses a daemon to collar him and keep him in check. Kento and Kokonoe start to get along when Kento learns that Kokonoe is not a bad guy, but it’s just the circumstances that have led them to oppose each other. They get so close that Kento even draws a picture of them together, like a family. But Kento manages to escape because of his ability to talk to daemons and finds Anna; after all, Anna has been in his family much longer.

Who Is Kiriko, And What Does He Want To Do?

The main quest comes to an end when Kento and Anna reach Kyushu by train, with too many obstacles on the way. There’s no time lost, though, and Kiriko finds an unconscious Kento and Anna, bringing them home to supposed safety. Kiriko is the daemon Kento has been looking for all this time. He can’t turn back time, but he is a daemon that can restore things to their original form. For example, if there are the remains of a weapon, he can transform them into the actual weapon. At first, Kento is obviously thrilled to meet Kiriko, who is in human disguise because he entered the body of a boy who died in a hit-and-run accident. He connected with the boy’s brain and started living within him to disguise himself as a human and learn about them.


The restoration daemon’s big plan is to take revenge for all the daemons who have been slaughtered by humans. He is anti-human and wants Kento and Anna to take his side. He pretends to restore Kento’s mother, but in fact, he just does what he did with the boy and lives inside her corpse. At first, Kento tries his hardest to pretend she’s really his mother in the hope that she will become like her old self in time. When Kaede comes to his rescue, he realizes Kiriko never wanted to help him but only wanted to take him to his side—the daemon side. Kaede gets injured in the fight against Kiriko, but Kento agrees to join him in order to save Kaede.

Are Kento And Anna Able To Save The World From Pandaemonium?

In episode 13 of My Daemon, Kiriko has restored Pandaemonium, the largest and most deadly daemon of them all. Before that, he almost kills Kento by electrocuting him multiple times to get Anna to join forces with him. This ultimately leads to the hatching of the daemon inside Kento’s brain, making his head explode. Fortunately, Kiriko restores Kento to life in order to make Anna fold, but when Kaede and the squad arrive to save him, Anna sides with the humans anyway. This is when Kirkio unleashes Pandaemonium, wreaking havoc in the city and targeting Tokyo for its first attack. There’s only one way the world can defeat Pandaemonium, and that’s through nuclear power. The government decides to launch nuclear missiles at Pandemonium despite the damage it’s caused earlier.


Chumimin, the daemon that came out of Kento, has the ability to get other daemons to listen to it, similar to how Kento was able to persuade daemons to understand the human side of things. They’re able to get multiple daemons to help humans, but they’re not able to convince Kiriko, who believes his purpose is to destroy humanity for all the damage they caused to daemons. Ultimately, Anna takes full form, with the help of their new friend, and Kento thinks it’s time for goodbyes because Pandemonium will strike at any time and the missiles are on their way. But Anna has a better plan. She rises to the sky, captures Pandaemonium, the nukes, and herself, and disappears. Kento wakes up inside of Anna and sees his mother. He has a conversation with her and apologizes for trying to bring her back to life. His mother tells him that death is inevitable and everyone must look forward to the future. Kento walks out of the dream-like situation and sees his friends around too. The nuclear explosion within Anna’s storage space destroys Pandaemonium and leaves just Kiriko. Kento talks to Kiriko, promising to make the world a better place for daemons and humans alike. Everybody gets out until it’s Kento’s turn. He’s waiting to be joined by Anna, but she refuses to go with him, still believing in the chairman’s words. Kaede notices Seori island in Anna’s storage space, realizing that all the storage daemons probably share the same storage space.

At the end of season 1 of My Daemon, Kento has found a new family with everyone who helped him along the way. They hold a funeral for his mother, and Kento is the voice of reason, showing people that humans and daemons can live in harmony. He reminds everyone that it is the darkness in our hearts that can destroy all beauty. Although it seems Anna never planned on coming back, right at the end, when Kento stands at his mother’s grave, talking about how he misses both her and Anna, we hear Anna’s voice in the background before the screen goes black on Kento’s joyous face. This means Anna will come back to Kento, and they will fight many more battles in unison.


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