‘Alrawabi School For Girls’ Ending Explained & Season 2 Recap: What Did Shams’ Documentary Represent?

The second season of Alrawabi School for Girls focuses on the perils of exposing teenagers to social media. Directed by Tima Shomali, the second season of Alrawabi School for Girls is as epic as the first season focusing on elements of greed, lust, and desires altogether. Sarah gets trapped in a mesh of her own dreams, desperate to make herself visible. In a quest to become popular, she engages in fake friendships, eventually leading to her downfall. Will Sarah become popular? What events will lead to Sarah’s downfall eventually? Does Farah commit suicide in the end? Let’s find the answers to these questions! 


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Sarah Want To Be Friends With Tasneem?

Sarah would do anything just to become a part of the popular girl gang at her school. All she wanted was to be noticed by everyone. Sarah asked for over-expensive gadgets from her parents so that she could shoot more influencer videos and post them on TikTok. Her parents were, however, unable to afford it and told her off. Sarah dragged Nadeen along with her to Pins because she came to know that even Tasneem would go there. She desperately wanted to be friends with Tasneem so that people would notice her at school. When she went to Pins, she met the popular group and their other guy friends. She saw Ali there and thought that he was cute, but knew that she couldn’t even get near him if she did not fit in. 


What Happened After Sarah’s Video Went Viral?

Sarah decided to do something out of the box that would make her more visible to others. She shot a video about the different categories of girls in her school. The video went viral just within a few hours, and she attained all the popularity that she wanted. Overnight, Sarah had become the talk of the class, and even Tasneem wanted to befriend her! As Sarah was basking in her newfound popularity, Nadeen constantly tried to warn her of the consequences. Slowly, Sarah started to distance herself from Nadeen and grew closer to Tasneem and her gang. She even decided to perform with Tasneem’s gang on the day of the event, for which they started to practice together. 

What Happened At Tasneem’s Party?

When Sarah got invited to a popular influencer’s party, Tasneem saw it as an opportunity to use her to gain more followers on social media. She tried to get closer to Sarah and asked her to come to a party that she had thrown at her house. Later, when she went to Tasneem’s party, she felt like an alien in Tasneem’s world. Tasneem tried being overly friendly with Sarah and offered her own clothes and makeup. 


The girls decided to play a game where if anyone received a text on their phone, then they would have to read out the contents aloud. They found out how Hiba had sent Coach Fira inappropriate texts. They also got to know how much Farah’s mom hated Tasneem and did not want her to be friends with her. The fact that Tasneem bought fake followers online also got revealed. Later, when Nadeen called Sarah and told her that she cared about her, Tasneem took the phone from Sarah and mocked Nadeen, which caused a rift between Sarah and Nadeen. Later, when Nadeen found out that Shams was spying on Sarah to make a documentary on her, she decided to help her. She came to know how Shams had paid the janitor to set up the camera in the ladies washroom to gather all the gossip that was important for her film. Nadeen fed Shams all the information that she had about Sarah to help her, as she wanted to seek revenge on Sarah for backstabbing her and making her the butt of the joke in her popular group. 

What Happened During The Student Elections?

Marwa had been running against Tasneem and Nadeen in the student elections. All the candidates expressed their opinions during the election campaigns. When Nadeen brought up the topic of the importance of sex education in school, the teachers started getting agitated. Ms. Abeer confronted the head teacher, Farida, for giving the students too much freedom. Later, Tasneem and her gang sneaked into the school at night to destroy her and Marwa’s posters and frame Nadeen for it. They did not realize that Shams had been secretly making a video while they were at it. They also asked Sarah to participate in the plan and decide if she would be on their side. The peer pressure forced Sarah to become a part of it, despite her unwillingness to do so. 


The next day, when everyone saw that all the other posters except for Nadeen’s were all destroyed, they thought Nadeen was at fault. Just as everyone was ganging up on Nadeen, Shams sent the clip to everyone. Everyone got to know who the real culprit was, and Nadeen blamed Sarah for backstabbing her and trying to defame her. The chaos led to the school elections eventually being canceled. Tasneem and the other members of her group were suspended for three days from school. 

What Did Hiba Do To Take Revenge On Sarah?

Hiba hated Sarah because Tasneem had started getting closer to her and was ignoring Hiba. Meanwhile, everyone got an invitation to Omer’s birthday party. Tasneem was extremely jealous when she saw that Nadeen had been invited to the party and thought that something was going on between Omer and Nadeen. 


Tasneem was frustrated, and while she was exploring Omer’s house all by herself, she realized that Shams was his sister after she accidentally found her way into Shams’ room. She saw all the pictures that Shams had clicked of all the girls at the school and realized that she had been stalking them all. Meanwhile, Shams barged into her room and got into an altercation with Tasneem for going through her things. Later, when Shams realized that Hiba was not happy that Sarah and Tasneem had gotten so close, she decided to make matters even worse. She sent Hiba a video where Tasneem and Sarah were seen sneaking out of the school. Hiba immediately sent the clip to Ms. Abeer so that she could take some strict action against them both. However, Ms.Abeer deleted the video as she did not want Sarah and Tasneem to end up like Layan. 

How Did Sarah Get Money To Buy New Clothes?

Sarah realized that even though she was hanging out with the popular girls, she couldn’t afford expensive food and clothes like them. When Tasneems’ other friends asked her why she was even friends with Sarah, she said that she gained more followers just from her story tags. Tasneem also said that she wanted to go to the event to which Sarah was invited just to meet the famous influencers. The way Tasneem talked behind Sarah’s back highlighted the superficiality of her friendship with Sarah. 


Sarah was so desperate for money that when a stranger asked her to send him a picture of her feet, she did so in exchange for some money. Sarah used the money to buy a new dress to wear to the event. Later, the stranger started blackmailing Sarah, asking her to send him a video of her school uniform. She was told that if she did not do as she was told, then he would come to her home and tell her mother all about what she’d been up to. She was so terrified that she did as she was told. Later, when the stranger asked her to meet him, she tried sneaking out of the school again. This time, Ms. Abeer managed to stop her. When Sarah told Ms. Abeer about the entire incident, she decided to seek the help of the cyber police. 

How Did Sarah Get Character Assassinated?

When Sarah’s brother, Jawad, got to know that his sister was being blackmailed, he sent the screenshots of the texts and the video clip to his own phone. He had intended to help Sarah, but when he went to school, some bullies got hold of his phone and uploaded the video on the internet. When he tried to stop them, he was beaten up. Jawad tried seeking revenge on the bullies and ended up stabbing one of them with a compass. Later, when Sarah’s classmates saw the video, they despised her and were of the opinion that since she had disrespected their school uniform, she should be thrown out of school. While she was being mentally harassed by the other girls at school, Ms. Abeer tried comforting her. When Ali saw the video, he told his friends that she was not his girlfriend and that they had just gone out a few times. Later, Jawad came up to Sarah and said that the video had been mistakenly circulated by him at his school. Later, Jawad was arrested on charges of stabbing another boy at school. The ruckus that Sarah had caused was beyond fixing and caused her family a lot of humiliation in the long run. 


Why Did Tasneem Decide To Help Sarah?

Being ignored by Hiba made Tasneem anxious, which caused her to fall back into her eating disorders. It was revealed that Tasneem was bulimic and had a controlling mother who always expected her to be perfect. She was extremely stressed and decided to go to Nadeen to seek forgiveness for the rift that had occurred between them three years ago. She apologized to Nadeen, and they went back to becoming friends. They decided that they would help Sarah in whatever possible way that they could. When Sarah came back to school, Tasneem and Nadeen tried to protect her from all the insults hurled at her by Hiba. Nadeen also tried asking Shams to stop her documentation of Sarah, as the film could further hamper her life. Nadeen and Tasneem later decide to sneak into Shams’ house to delete all the videos from her system. They eventually go to her house, sneak into her room, and delete all the videos that she had made to use in her documentary. 

Why Was Farah Hurt?

When Sarah’s role in the event was offered to Farah by Tasneem, the other members of the group did not approve of it. Hiba told Farah that she was not a good fit to perform along with them, which hurt Farah’s sentiments. Later, when Hiba heard Farah singing, she appreciated her talent, to which Farah asked her as to why she was not a good fit for their group. Hiba told Farah that image was more important to people than their talents in the modern world. Some people were lucky enough to be born with good looks, while others were not, and Farah was not someone who would fit well into their group because she was not up to their standards. The statement that Hiba made left a deep impact on Farah, making her constantly question her existence and feel inferior to others. 


What Did Shams’ Documentary Represent?

The stealing of the videos, however, could not stop Shams from making her documentary, as she most probably had backups. The documentary was based on the fakeness of social media platforms and how people wanted to fit into unrealistic molds just for a few likes. The documentary had a strong message against bullying, bringing to the forefront that even the popular girls at school had some hidden insecurities. 

Tasneem’s eating disorder was brought out in the film. It also revealed the insecurity that Hiba had when she thought that she would lose her friend. Shams tried portraying the fact that no matter how perfect people’s lives seemed, they always had a few secrets that they were trying to hide from the world. She also highlighted how Sarah had become popular all of a sudden, but her overconfidence eventually led to her fall. When the documentary started talking about Sarah’s clip that had gotten circulated on the internet, the school authorities immediately demanded it be shut down. Farida insisted that the film be shown to the other students, as it gave out important information. Sarah later went up to the stage and said that she agreed to her clip being used in the documentary as she did not want any other girl to go through the same things that she had. She said that she would feel better if her story could act as a warning for the other girls. 


Why Did Farah Commit Suicide?

After watching the documentary, Hiba realized that the things that she had told Farah initially could have hurt her. When Hiba did not find her anywhere in the auditorium, she went to search for her. When she came to the washroom, she found out that Farah had committed suicide. The lack of feeling wanted or included made her take her own life. The talent that she had was never appreciated, and only her outer appearances were stressed upon. It is possible that she would have survived if she had been given a chance to show her beautiful talent of singing to others, garnering some attention from her classmates for a while. In a rat race to seek attention, another life was lost! 

Final Thoughts

The second season of Alrawabi School for Girls covers a lot of aspects altogether. It gives out a message against bullying, the perils associated with teenagers being addicted to social media, and the importance of mental health awareness. In a world that seeks visibility and is focused on fake influence, it is very difficult to maintain one’s originality. However, it is completely up to us as to how we can limit the effect of social media on our lives. The importance of inclusivity has been thoroughly stressed in the series, which brings to the forefront the graveness of the topic of bullying, to which many lives are lost on a regular basis. 


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