‘Alrawabi School For Girls’ Recap Before Watching Season 2

Tima Shomali’s Jordanian teenage drama, Alrawabi School for Girls, has garnered a lot of attention from audiences all across the world for the topic that it has chosen to explore: bullying. Focusing on one of the most prevalent issues of all time, the plot revolves around a teen, Mariam, who becomes vengeful after being harassed at school by a group of bullies. Will Mariam be able to take her revenge from Layan and her evil friends? Will Dina and Noaf support Mariam throughout her journey? Will Mariam be able to attain satisfaction in the end? Let’s find out!


Spoilers Ahead

In What Way Did Layan Harass Mariam?

Layan and her group, which included Rania and Ruqayya, were feared by all in school. They were the popular girls who everyone wanted to be friends with. They shared the same bus route with Mariam and her friend Dina. One day, while they were trying to bully Mariam by talking about her appearance, she unexpectedly insulted them back. This led to Layan becoming hell-bent on trying to belittle Mariam in front of the entire class. Layan had been trying to get back at Mariam by harassing her while playing basketball. She was constantly hitting Mariam with the ball, and when their teacher noticed it, Layan was punished. This infuriated Layan even further, and she blamed Mariam for groping her inappropriately inside the locker room. Noaf, the new student, had witnessed the entire incident but chose to remain silent even after the fake rumor of Mariam groping Layan went around in the school.


How Did Mariam Plan To Avenge Her Insult?

Mariam was not someone who would sit quietly and bear all the perils that Layan was trying to inflict on her. While on the bus, Dina and Mariam overheard Layan and Rania planning how they could bunk school to go and meet their boyfriends. The very next day, when Layan was missing from the school premises, Mariam told Ms. Faten about Layan’s plans to skip school and meet her boyfriend. Ms. Faten called Layan to her office, and instead of taking any strict actions against her, she told her that she should be more careful about who she was sharing her secrets with. Later, when Ms. Abeer asked Ms. Faten why she had not taken any strict measures against Layan, she said that Layan’s father was a trustee of the school, and complaining against his daughter could hamper her amicable dynamics with him.

The very fact that someone had complained about Layan to the principal made her furious. She managed to find out that it was Mariam who had snitched on her and planned revenge. Layan and her friends called Mariam to the old bus stand, where they beat her up mercilessly. Mariam’s head accidentally hit a rock, and she fell unconscious at that very spot. She was later taken to the hospital, and an investigation took place where everyone was thoroughly questioned. The bullies denied having any connection to the incident. However, Noaf had witnessed the girls beating Mariam up, but she was threatened to keep her mouth shut, which she did, and she did not speak up against them. Later, when Mariam was questioned, she said that she did not recall the names of the girls who had bullied her. Mariam thought that not taking their names would end the feud, but she was wrong, as it was just the beginning of her troubles!


Why Did Layan Lie During The Meeting?

When a meeting was held about the case of harassment that had recently occurred on the school premises, things further went south. When Ms. Faten said that the girls who had beaten up Mariam should own up to their mistakes or the case would lead to a police investigation, Layan said that it was she who had pushed Mariam, causing her to get hurt. She accused Mariam of being bisexual, and said that she had the habit of staring weirdly at other women in the locker room while they were changing. She further said that she had pushed Mariam in self-defense when she grabbed her inappropriately from behind. Layan’s other friends also started supporting her, painting Mariam in the wrong light and tarnishing her reputation.

This incident resulted in Mariam being suspended from school for 2 weeks. Her mother was also furious with her for doing such an act. Mariam tried to explain to her mother that the allegations were not true, but all in vain. Mariam was so dejected by the entire series of events that her mental health was hampered. She started seeing a psychiatrist and taking anti-anxiety pills. When Mariam went back to school, she was planning revenge against Layan and her friends for making her go through such a tough phase.


How Did Mariam Get Back At Layan And Her Friends?

Mariam rang the fire alarm in school, and when all the students and teachers ran out to the playground for safety, she played all the voice notes that Layam had shared with her friends in her girls’ group. She was heard badmouthing teachers and talking ill about them all. Ms. Abeer punished Layan, Rania, and Ruqayya with community service for a few days. Meanwhile, Noaf came to Mariam and apologized for not standing up for her. She told Mariam that she was expelled from her previous school for stealing exam questions and giving them to the students. She said that she couldn’t risk her education or get into any other trouble at her new school. Later, when an anti-bullying program was held in school, Layam and Noaf were asked to volunteer for an act. The roles were reversed on the stage, and Noaf was given the role of the bully. Noaf passed pretty mean comments on Layan in front of the entire school, angering her further. Noaf went up to Mariam and told her that she should be more careful and not risk her life and career by trying to get back at the bullies.

When the bullies thought that they were facing issues after Noaf had joined the school, they assumed that Noaf had a hand in harming them. They turned against Noaf and started bullying her little sister in school. The bullies warned Noaf that they would do worse with her sister if she tried helping Mariam in her pursuit of revenge. This incident infuriated Noaf so much that she approached Mariam and told her that they had to stop the bullies together. Mariam told her about her plan to destroy the lives of the bullies one by one.

Did Ruqayya Get Trapped At The Charity Event?

On the day of the open-day charity event at school, Ruqayya told Layan and Rania that she was talking to a guy on the internet. When they asked her to show his pictures to them, she said that he did not have any pictures of his own. It was evident that it was a fake profile and was part of Mariam’s plan to take Ruqayya down. Meanwhile, when Layan and her friends saw Dina, they bullied her. They put a red stain on her trousers and clicked a picture of her, circulating it throughout the entire school. When Dina learned about what people were saying behind her back, she became depressed and broke down. Mariam told her that she would avenge her friend’s insult and gave Dina insight into her plan to destroy the bullies!

Mariam, along with Noaf and Dina, texted Ruqayya from the fake profile named Tariq. While Layan and Rania were busy with their boyfriends, Ruqayya was feeling left out. Layan and Rania were so busy that they completely ignored Ruqayya, which upset her. They sent Ruqayya to get them some snacks, but when she returned with the snacks, she did not find her friends anywhere. Meanwhile, Dina had clicked a picture of Layan and Rania, along with their boyfriends, to blackmail them later.


Ruqayya, on the other hand, was feeling so desolate that she started chatting with Tariq and told him how her friends had abandoned her to be with their boyfriends. Later, Tariq asked her to send him a picture without her headscarf, as she would look more beautiful like that. While she denied it, she received a link from the profile, and just as she clicked on it, Mariam and her friends got access to Ruqayya’s phone. Right after manipulating Ruqayya to send pictures without her headscarf, they posted the pictures on her social media platform. She was severely trolled on the social media platform for disrespecting her religion and removing her headscarf on a public platform. Later, Ruqayya’s mother came in and took her away from school. She was no longer allowed to come back to school, dooming her future.

Why Did Layan Expose Mariam’s Journal?

When Ms. Jumana chose Mariam over Layan for the football team, Layan was furious. She secretly caught Mariam taking anti-depressant pills. When Mariam left her spot, Layan went through her things and found her personal journal. She circulated the journal in the school, making everyone think that she was psychotic in nature. Mariam had vented about her hatred towards everyone in the school and even towards her mother, who did not trust her. When all her emotions were laid bare in front of everyone at the school, they judged her for the things that she had written. This incident had a major impact on Mariam’s mind, and she thought of giving up on her plan for revenge. Later, Dina and Noaf consoled Mariam, saying that they would always stand by her side no matter how adverse the situation was. They again started plotting against Layan and Rania after gathering the information that they were going to meet their boyfriends while on a school trip.


Mariam had again started chatting with Layan from Tariq’s account, sending her the pictures of their boyfriends at the charity party. The profile also sent Layan a link, and just as she clicked on it, they got access to her WhatsApp chats. It was later in the chats that Mariam and her friends were determining the course of Layan and Rania’s futures.

Did Noaf Take Mariam’s Side?

While on the trip, Noaf stayed along with Layan and Rania to keep a check on their activities. While all the students were busy playing, Noaf decided to go to the spa. She also saw Layan going to the same spa as her. While Noaf was soaking herself in the pool, an old man came up to her and tried to molest her. When Noaf was struggling to ask for help, Layan helped her and told the man off. This incident helped Noaf to realize that Layan also had a good side to her.


When Mariam pushed Noaf to give her information on Layan and Rania and when they were going out, she refused to do so. Later, when Layan saw that Noaf was very depressed about the incident earlier that morning, she asked her to go clubbing with them. Layan managed to sneak out of their room, along with Noaf and Rania. They were seen having a gala time at the club, right before Rania’s boyfriend started hitting on Noaf. Rania fell out with Noaf and asked her to leave the spot.

Meanwhile, Mariam, who was ignorant of the fact that Noaf had gone out clubbing with them, complained to Ms. Abeer about them going out to meet their boyfriends at the club. Later, when Dina realized that even Noaf had gone out with them, she tried warning her that Ms. Abeer was going to get them. When Noaf saw the message, she warned Layan about it, and just as they were going to get Rania, they saw that Ms. Abeer had already caught her at the party. Noaf and Layan came back to the room before Ms. Abeer could come to their room, and only Rania got the short end of the stick.


The next day, when Rania came back to school, her face was completely bruised. She had been physically abused by her extremely strict father for not abiding by the laws of the school. Rania told Layan that she should lay low for a while, as their group had been targeted by someone and they were all going down one by one. When Noaf and Dina saw Rania’s condition, they felt pity for her. Noaf approached her and apologized for not being able to save her on time. She also thanked her for not snitching on her for being at that party.

What Plans Did Mariam Have To Destroy Layan’s Life?

While Mariam is intent on destroying Layan’s life next, Noaf and Dina ask her to stop her game of vengeance. They thought that she had taken enough revenge on the bullies, and it was time that she let go of past grudges. Mariam, however, did not listen to them and decided to avenge her humiliation all on her own. Mariam dug out all the information on Layan’s boyfriend. She also found out the date on which they were supposed to meet and planned something deadly!


Layan had again snuck out of school to meet her boyfriend, which bothered Ms. Abeer. She tried talking to Ms. Faten about it, but when she did not pay much heed to it, she called Layan’s home. She told Layan’s father that his daughter had not turned up at school. When her parents and her brother turned up at school, they were furious about how negligent the school was towards their students. Layan’s father told Ms. Faten that if anything were to happen to his daughter, he would make sure to shut down her school and make her pay.

Meanwhile, when Rania got to know that whatever was happening with them was all Mariam’s plan, she requested that she stop her game of revenge. She also told Mariam that Layan’s father and brother were dangerous men and might kill her if they got to know about her affair. Mariam, who was blinded by her hatred for Layan, sent her location to her brother. When Layan’s brother, Hazem, got the location, he immediately left for that spot. On reaching the location, he saw that his sister was being all cozy with her boyfriend. This infuriated him, and he beat up her boyfriend first and then took a shot at Layan. With the end of Layan’s life, Mariam’s vengeance was complete!


What Will Happen In Season 2?

Season 2 of Alrawabi School For Girls will introduce us to a new year. The second season will introduce a new story of the high school girls. The topic that the series ‘Alrawabi School For Girls’ has chosen, against bullying in the first season, is likely to be continued in Season 2. The characters will be new and so will be their motives, but the message against harassment in schools is likely to be the same!

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