‘Adamas’ Season 1: Ending, Explained – Is Su Hyeon Alive?

Woo Sin had guessed the location of the real “Adamas” while others were busy plotting a new plan. Hye Soo got the chairman killed through the housemaid and also got the team leader Lee on her side by promising him to hand over Su Hyeon. Su Hyeon had found the old hideout of Team A with no idea that his life had already been traded. Hye Soo has turned vicious, and Woo Sin has to be careful of her.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Woo Sin Pretend To Be Su Hyeon?

Seo Hee had visited Hwang Byung Chul in the hospital and saw a familiar face among the doctors. She remembered the doctor who had treated her when she was kidnapped and followed him outside the hospital. She sees the doctor entering a familiar building and suspects it to be the Team A’s hideout and reports the location to Su Hyeon. Su Hyeon and the members of SIH found an old document naming the old members of Team A. Woo Sin didn’t find Su Hyeon’s figurine and was left with no choice but to ask him about it. Su Hyeon had blamed himself all along, believing his father died because he needed money to buy the figurine, but the truth broke his heart.


Lee Chang Woo had kept the “Adamas” in the figurine and left it for Su Hyeon. Su Hyeon had been living with regrets, only to find out that not only did their father die because of Chang Woo, but he also risked their lives by hiding the “Adamas” in the figurine. They have no time to discuss it, but Su Hyeon promises himself that he will make Chang Woo pay for everything. Woo Sin started all of this, not because he wanted Lee Chang Woo, his real father, to be proven innocent, but to punish their father’s real murderer so that Su Hyeon would feel at least a little bit at ease. He tries to make a deal with Hye Soo and asks her to bring team leader Lee to him in exchange for “Adamas.” However, Hye Soo is no longer on Woo Sin’s side.

After the news of the chairman’s death becomes public, Hwang Byung Cheol finally believes that Seo Hee had told him the truth. He calls the journalists and starts giving them controversial information about the Haesong group. Lieutenant Choi has come up with a new plan and has decided to go all in. His team has decided to attack Team A openly before they can secure evidence from their hideout. However, his plan fails before it can start. Team A attacks Choi’s team first and puts them in a life-threatening situation. It turns out that there was a spy in their team, and he had betrayed them. One of the injured members called Seo Hee, who brought Kang and his police team for help.


By the time Kang arrived with the police squad, three members of Choi’s team had died, along with Lee Chang Woo, who died while protecting Woo Sin. Woo Sin pretended to be Su Hyeon and joined Choi’s team, while Su Hyeon went after the evidence alone. As smart as the twin brothers are, team leader Lee is no less. He had guessed Su Hyeon’s move and didn’t go with the rest of Team A. Woo Sin noticed it first and took the rest of Choi’s team to save Su Hyeon from Lee.

Does Team Leader A Get Caught?

Su Hyeon was caught off guard when Lee suddenly attacked him. Su Hyeon tried his best to fight and run away, but Lee was a seasoned assassin, and Su Hyeon couldn’t escape his death trap. Woo Sin and Choi followed the GPS signal, but Seo Hee, who had been informing them of the direction, became quiet. She sees the location of Su Hyeon inside the ocean and doesn’t want to believe it. None of them want to believe that Su Hyeon is dead, and that Lee has disposed of his body in the ocean. Woo Sin is too disturbed to think rationally, but Choi still has to find Lee.


Choi and one of his team members had found Lee inside a building near the port, but Lee still managed to escape. Woo Sin stops Lee from running away by pointing the gun at him. Despite his vengeful urge to kill him right there, he shoots him in the leg only and gets him arrested. All of Team A are now arrested, but none of them will speak up. Someone higher up is holding them back, but the police don’t know who it is yet. Woo Sin has been patient, and he easily finds out who is the higher up. Lee talked about Hye Soo even when Woo Sin didn’t mention her, and the answer was very clear.

Hyun Jo believed he would easily take over the Haesong group, but Hye Soo was a mastermind and had everything planned to get herself on the throne of Haesong. She never liked Hyun Jo and turned back his plan on him. Hyun Jo had sent Sun to kill Hye Soo, but she struck a deal with her instead. Hyun Jo’s lover, secretary Yoon, is Sun’s sister, and they share a bitter relationship. Hye Soo gives Sun an idea to ruin her sister’s life, and Sun injects Hyun Jo with a paralyzing drug. Hye Soo mobilizes the situation and puts the entire blame on Chairman Kwon, who cannot be punished anymore. She tries to improve Haesong’s image by sending their people in the prosecutor’s office and orchestrating the result in their favor. Team A gets away without having to make any major confessions.


‘Adamas’ Season 1 Ending: Will There Be Season 2?

Woo Sin returns the “Adamas” to Hye Soo because it means nothing to him, as his brother is no more. He started everything for his brother but ended up losing him, and it hurt him deeply. Hye Soo is no longer his friend as she had set Lee free to kill Su Hyeon. Be it Woo Sin or Seo Hee, they still haven’t accepted that Su Hyeon has passed away. They fought for so long to bring down Haesong, but people still believe that Haesong is not the culprit. Woo Sin cannot sit still and decides to write a book about their experience in this case, but with twisted facts that will confuse people about reality.

Seo Hee was supposed to be interviewed by Woo Sin for the book, but he disappeared. She sees an open letter on his desk and reads about Su Hyeon being alive. The witer of the letter also asks him to find the “Adamas” to get Su Hyeon.  Woo Sin still has the real “Adamas” and has fooled Hye Soo by giving her a fake one. If Su Hyeon is really alive, who could be behind it? Could it be Hye Soo, who considered Woo Sin her friend and, hence, saved her brother?


We will likely get Su Hyeon’s comeback in “Adamas” Season 2, and we might see a new character making an entrance if Hye Soo hasn’t saved Su Hyeon. The first part of the series started with eerie and mysterious vibes, which faded slowly, but it managed to keep us hooked until the end. Hopefully, the second season will bring just as many thrills and excitement.

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