‘Adamas’ Episode 13 & 14: Recap and Ending – Who Kills Chairman Kwon?

In the previous chaotic episode of “Adamas,” all the hidden cards were revealed. Kwon already knew that Woo Sin was Lee Chang Woo’s son and had purposely allowed him to enter the mansion. After Housemaid Kwon betrayed the chairman and the secret of Adamas was out, the chairman gave Woo Sin two days’ time to bring the real Adamas from Lee Chang Woo. Su Hyeon finds out that Chang Woo is his biological father and decides to defend him in court because he wants the real murderer to get punished.

Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Choi Shoot The Chairman?

Chang Woo denies having Su Hyeon to defend him, but Su Hyeon tells him that he doesn’t get a say now because he knows that he is the real father. Su Hyeon makes Chang Woo reiterate what exactly happened on the day he had stolen Adamas. Chang Woo tells him the first time he saw Su Hyeon was when he was being accused of theft by a shop owner. He met their mother as well, who told her to not show up again. Chang Woo noticed that his sons and their mother were happy in their new family and decided to leave them alone. He was upset about having to leave them, and team leader Lee took advantage of it. He convinced Chang Woo to steal the Adamas.

Chang Woo had moved away from the old neighborhood, and Su Hyeon’s father, Song Soon Ho, had helped him to move. Soon Ho knew Chang Woo was the twins’ biological father and visited him at his home one day. Unfortunately, that was the day when Chang Woo stole the Adamas. Lee had come to Chang Woo’s house to kill him and run away with the Adamas. However, he accidentally killed Soon Ho, and that’s when Seo Hee saw him running away, drenched in blood. By the time Chang Woo came back home and found Soon Ho’s body, police had already arrived and arrested Chang Woo. He confessed to the crime because it was the safest response to that situation.

Seo Hee is still being interrogated and the detective refuses to believe anything she says. For the sake of SIH, Kang decides to take a fall, but before he goes, he is going to expose Haesong. He calls for a press conference, but Hyun Jo threatens to charge him with terrorism. Instead of exposing Haesong, Kang resigns from his position. Guard Choi gets this news and thinks it is game over for SIH now. Unexpectedly, Chairman Kwon takes Choi for fishing and offers him a higher position to work as his personal security guard. To get hold of the position, he orders Choi to kill team leader Lee, and he had no choice but to do it, to prove his loyalty to the chairman.

Adamas is the only way to reach the top of Haesong, and both Hyun Jo and Hye Soo are after it. Chang Woo has not opened his mouth for 22 years, but now, they have found something to threaten him with. Hyun Jo gets both Chang Woo and Woo Sin kidnapped and tries to make Chang Woo speak up by hurting Woo Sin. Su Hyeon and Woo Sin knew this would happen and had been geo-tracking each other. Su Hyeon asks Kang to help him one last time, and he sends his remaining team to find Woo Sin. They find Woo Sin and Chang Woo in a shipping container, but Chang Woo has already killed the kidnapper and brings the wounded Woo Sin outside.

Hye Soo wants revenge on Hyun Jo and is determined to sit on the throne of Haesong. She brings out the housemaid from the lockup to get her help in the plan. Hye Soo openly challenges Hyun Jo and announces her intention to take over Haesong and everything that belonged to Min Jo. In the middle of their conversation, Hyun Jo gets a text message from Secretary Yoon that the chairman has been shot. Guard Choi knew SIH was gone for good, but he couldn’t let go of their efforts for years. He entered the Chairman’s study room and shot three bullets at him. He choked him afterwards and ran away from the mansion.

Has Woo Sin Found The Location Of Adamas?

Hye Soo has Mr. Jeong on her side, and he saves team leader Lee from drowning and dying. She needs all of the chairman’s and Hyun Jo’s enemies on her side. She wanted the chairman to die, but he survived. Guard Choi enters the hospital to kill the chairman again, but Kang stops him and gives him a fake ID to flee from the country. Kang doesn’t want any more of his people to die, but Choi doesn’t want all of their sacrifices to go in vain. Kang allows him to fight until the end with the remaining team and sends him to where Su Hyeon and others are.

Choi tells the team that they may need to cross the line and kill people. This includes Woo Sin, Su Hyeon, and Seo Hee as well. Seo Hee opposed violence and got into an argument with Su Hyeon. Woo Sin joins her and announces that team leader Lee is still alive. He had made a deal with Hye Soo to keep his father’s real murderer alive in exchange for the Adamas. All of them think that Woo Sin had made a mistake. Su Hyeon sends Woo Sin and Seo Hee back home as they refuse to participate in any violent activities. Choi has told them about shooting the chairman, and after knowing that Chang Woo is a former Team A member, Seo Hee is disappointed.

Seo Hee tips off Hwang Byung Chul about the chairman getting shot but he doesn’t believe her. She gives him time to think about it because it is a golden opportunity for Hwang to bring down Haesong who had tried to kill him. Su Hyeon gave Woo Sin the recording of his conversation with Chang Woo, and after listening to his past story, he suspects that he has found the location of Adamas. On the day their father died, Su Hyeon had received a toy, but their father had not made it home that day. However, Chang Woo had taken time to go back home after stealing the Adamas from the ceremony. Woo Sin suspects that the Adamas is inside Su Hyeon’s toy.

‘Adamas’ Episode 14: Ending

Hye Soo didn’t like that the chairman was still alive and found the right person to finish the task. The housemaid killed the chairman by stabbing him in the heart, which he had gotten transplanted from the housemaid’s son. She gets her revenge, and Hye Soo takes the blame on herself. She tells her father that she killed the chairman because she wanted Haesong. The remaining members of SIH have been searching for the location of the hideout of Team A with help from Chang Woo. They find a creepy abandoned place, but what’s inside it is creepier. There are dead bodies inside the barrels in the dark basement of the building.

If Woo Sin’s hunch is right, he will find the “Adamas” that Chang Woo has been hiding. However, team leader Lee is back and Hye Soo is about to take control of Haesong. She has finally shown her true colors and she is not the one to play it safe like the chairman. She will not spare anyone if she has to get what she wants. The battle for the ownership of the Adamas is about to get intense as the chairman, Kwon, is dead, leaving the empty chair behind.

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