‘Adamas’ Episode 11 And 12: Recap And Ending – Does Woo Sin Get The Adamas?

Woo Sin has planned to steal the “Adamas” during Haesong’s eightieth-anniversary celebration as it is his last opportunity to get the weapon. Guard Choi, Guard Park, and Dongrim are also involved in the plan, but there’s a wild card entry. Su Hyeon received an invitation to the event, and he chose to go there first before going to see Seo Hee, who has been sent as a suicide bomber to the SIH building.


The Housemaid’s Betrayal

Hye Soo has got a hint about who Woo Sin is working with, and she warns him to finish his task successfully, or she will resort to her ways. She suspects that Woo Sin is not after Chairman Kwon and has a different intention. Chairman Kwon launched his memoir and also announced his retirement with the same. Woo Sin and the Chairman shared words of appreciation for each other, and just when Woo Sin asked him about the Adamas, the fireworks show started. It is just a show for others, but it is a signal for Woo Sin and Dong Rim to start executing their part of the plan. Dong Rim enters the party hall uninvited and crashes into the bookstall, acting drunk. Woo Sin leaves the hall quietly, but Secretary Yoon spots him. However, Hye Soo stops her from following Woo Sin.

Seo Hee has been sitting patiently and cooperating with the bomb disposal squad. She hasn’t let go of the detonator yet and is holding on to it tightly. The squad has been dismantling the suicide jackets one by one, and they hear a sound coming from the jacket. Seo Hee also has a timer bomb on her, and Sun has hacked into the disposal squad’s camera, which helps her decide her next move. The squad diffuses the timer bomb, which leads Seo Hee to think that the detonator in her hand is actually a remote for a bomb somewhere else. The SIH team searches the entire building twice but doesn’t find any bombs inside.


Woo Sin manages to enter Kwon’s study room and bring down Adamas’ showcase, but he finds Lee Chang Woo’s news article from 22 years ago instead. Before Woo Sin could understand what was going on, a bigger drama happened at the party. Su Hyeon enters the party hall and tells chairman Kwon that someone is after Adamas and it is likely to get stolen. Housemaid Kwon takes the stage and reveals the Adamas, but she has more announcements to make. She reveals Adamas not as Haesong’s sign but as a murder weapon. It was unexpected coming from the loyal housemaid, but she called her master, Chairman Kwon, a murderer. Chief Guard Choi had broken the security system and already called in the police for safety backup. The police arrest Housemaid Kwon for stealing Adamas, and they bring Adamas along with her as the evidence.

After the incident, Kwon lets Woo Sin and Dong Rim leave the mansion as his work there is done, and he goes to the police station first thing. Housemaid Kwon is in custody, but Woo Sin is there to see the Adamas. He finds it in the evidence room, but Lee catches him with it and breaks the Adamas in front of him. Kwon’s real face is revealed in front of Woo Sin, and he understands that Kwon is indeed the real culprit. Lee tells Woo Sin that he knows Chang Woo is his father and threatens him to bring the real Adamas to him. Chairman Kwon knew all along that the Adamas were fake, and he kept Woo Sin alive because he needed Adamas from his father.


Su Hyeon has no more business at the mansion as Housemaid Kwon surprised everyone with her confession. Su Hyeon finds out from the guards of SIH that they have found Seo Hee as a suicide bomber. He talks to Seo Hee over a call when she tells him about the possible bombing at a crowded place. The range of the remote to explode a bomb is around five kilometers, and Su Hyeon sees the promotional rally of the presidential candidate, Hwang Byung Cheol, at a market near the SIH building. He thinks the rally is the real target and informs Kang.

Did The Chairman Know Woo Sin’s Plan?

As soon as Su Hyeon informs Kang about the rally, Kang orders all of the police officers to go to Hwang’s rally and leaves Seo Hee alone with a bomb disposal squad member. Hwang Byung Cheol runs away after his secretary gets a call from Kang, without informing anyone about the rumor. Su Hyeon thinks the target is not even mass bombing but just killing Hwang. Haesong has not invited Hwang to the party but has invited another presidential candidate. Su Hyeon meets Hwang and stops him from going near his car. Seo Hee was left alone with the police officer who drugged her, and she fainted, letting go of her hand on the remote. As Su Hyeon suspected, Hwang’s car exploded.


Woo Sin visits Chairman Kwon to ask him questions. Kwon applauds his bravery, which is exactly like his father’s. Lee Chang Woo used to work for Kwon, and he was an ace player. After his wife got pregnant, he requested Kwon to let him go, but leaving Kwon’s side meant dying. Chang Woo was on the good side of Kwon, so he sent him to prison for 15 years instead for high-profile thefts. Right after he was released, Kwon found out that the real Adamas had been stolen. He suspected Chang Woo and tried to kill him, but he ended up killing another person. Kwon only kept Chang Woo alive because the “Adamas” they got from him was still fake, and Kwon needed the original one. He takes pride in Adamas and sees it as Haesong’s pride. He wants Woo Sin to get the Adamas; if not, Kwon threatens to hurt Su Hyeon.

Housemaid Kwon betrayed her master to avenge her son’s death. She finally gives in to Woo Sin’s strategy to bring Kwon down as she knows all of Kwon’s secrets. However, Woo Sin didn’t expect her to do it in such a grand way. The housemaid tells police the conversation she shared with Min Jo when he was younger. Min Jo and Hyun Jo had seen their father talking to Lee about killing someone and blaming it on Lee Chang Woo. The police don’t see it as evidence, but they find her statement credible when Seo Hee mentions the same names with the same story. Seo Hee has been arrested for suicide bombing, and she is ready to bring Haesong down with all the leads that she has.

‘Adamas’ Episode 12: Ending

Hyun Jo has been humiliated by his father for plotting the bombing to kill Hwang Byung Cheol. He takes out his anger on Hye Soo and tells her that he killed Min Jo and not his father. All this time, Hye Soo didn’t know that her marriage to Hyun Jo was a punishment for Hyun Jo to remind him that he had killed his brother. However, it was the only time his father complimented him for erasing his enemy. Hye Soo was fooled by her father, the Chairman, and her husband. She walks up to the Chairman’s room right away and asks him if he made a deal with her father in the past to get her married into his family. The Chairman admits it, and Hye Soo asks her to make a deal with her as well. However, he wants Adamas in exchange for her request.

Hye Soo is determined to find the Adamas now as she wants to avenge Min Jo’s killer, that is her husband. She meets and asks Woo Sin to find the Adamas, and it is not a request but more of an order. Woo Sin is being pressured by both Kwon and his daughter-in-law, and he has to tell Su Hyeon that Chang Woo is their biological father. Su Hyeon seems to have charged up now and will bring in a twist in the story as he resigns as a prosecutor and becomes Chang Woo’s defense attorney.


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