‘A Girl And An Astronaut’ Episode 2: Recap And Ending, Explained: Who Is Nadia? Are Bogdan And Marta Okay? 

“Top Gun”: step aside; we’ve got some new fighter jet action in the house. In episode 1 of “A Girl and an Astronaut,” we learned that our protagonist Marta is in a love triangle with pilots and friends Niko and Bogdan. She’s an eccentric young woman who everyone finds mysterious. She may be hiding some bigger secrets that we will uncover in part in episode 2. Bogdan is the quiet and more disciplined match, whereas Niko is the wild child. Who did Marta choose first? Episode 2 definitely has more science going for it than Episode 1, and there are some breathtaking scenes (the one in the field, if you know what I mean).


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In Episode 2 Of ‘A Girl And An Astronaut’?

The episode begins with an introduction to Nadia’s past. She talked about knowing Niko and the mission when she was young. She was with her grandfather in mission control when Niko-1 disappeared from the radar back in the day. After that, she was told to forget about it. In the present day (2052), Niko is waking up, but he isn’t responding to any stimuli. Niko’s body hasn’t aged a day since he left for the mission (how everyone would love that!). Marta’s home situation isn’t looking great. She and Bogdan have not talked much since the announcement of the return of the capsule. Her daughter notices this and confronts her about it. Marta tries to make things alright by telling her that she “loves” her father. Bogdan eerily tells Marta that Niko wasn’t completely honest with her regarding the mission either. In the flashbacks, Bogdan is Niko’s wingman during the simulation for practice. Niko tells him to hang back, but Bogdan pushes ahead to “help him.” They could’ve died, but they managed to survive in the end. Niko and Bogdan are not just fighting to be on the mission to space but also for Marta’s affection. The colonel is Bogdan’s father, but also, he’s the man that’s been choking Karolina during ‘sexy time’ (not so sexy as we’ll come to see). Niko and Bogdan get into a fistfight and finish off with a laugh.


In 2052, Nadia finds a package titled Niko-1, left for her by her grandfather. It includes a photo of them and a bunch of papers that seem to be early-stage research on some sort of experiment done on rats (Niko was probably the first human test). Way back when Bogdan meets his mother, we know that Karolina isn’t the only one being physically abused by Bogdan’s (pathetic excuse of a) father. Karolina has bruises on her neck, but she won’t tell Marta what’s happened. Marta has “daddy issues” because she told him he didn’t love her a long time ago. Now, when she goes looking for him, he’s in jail “again.”

Nadia realizes that the best way to wake up Niko is by bringing in his fiancée from 30 years ago, Marta (how exciting!). At present, Marta teaches what looks like an improv dance class. She’s lost in thoughts of the young Niko wooing her. Bogdan tells Niko not to hurt young Marta. After a wild party at Niko and Karolina’s house, everyone heads to an amusement park that is shut. They bribe the owner and turn on all the rides, and Niko and Marta get close.


‘A Girl And An Astronaut’ Episode 2: Ending Explained – Who Is Karolina Taking Care Of In 2052? What’s Next For Niko?

The Russians (Nadia and her team) and the Poles are fighting over Niko’s body. Nadia will not hand over Niko because he signed a contract 30 years ago, meaning he belongs to the Russians. She also obviously wants to figure out everything that’s going on with him and test her theory of bringing Marta into the picture. Her grandfather’s experiment is on the line, after all. According to the news, Polish astronaut Niko has undergone a sub-hibernation experiment by the Russians that will help expand a person’s lifespan up to 20 years (hmm, but Niko was out for 30 years?).

On the other hand, an old man lies in a bed similar to Niko’s but in a house, and a young woman who looks oddly familiar doses him with his medicates. The young woman is Karolina. The old man looks sickly, and if our intuitions are right (of course they are), it is Bogdan’s father. He may have hibernated himself, considering he’s alive so many years later, but this is just a theory, so we would take it with a pinch of salt. Karolina is still trapped in this toxic relationship so many years later; we hope that at least now that Niko is alive, she can get out of it! Many years earlier, Karolina tells Marta that she is in love with the mystery man she’s seeing, but he’s asked her to leave him alone. She then asks Marta to leave her alone. She can’t live without this man (why!? Please save her).


In 2052, an important person wants full access to the data on the little project. It looks like some information is going to get out, either into the wrong hands or because something huge is going to happen to Niko. According to Nadia (basically, her scientist grandfather’s papers), it is the stem cells that adapt and gain amazing features after sub-hibernation. But half of her grandfather’s notes are missing, so she doesn’t know the full extent of the experiment.

Marta finally finds out that Niko’s alive after a verbal dog and cat fight over Homie telling her news about Niko. Bogdan clearly has some “tea” to spill, and the episode ends with Marta taking a breather. She’s just found out her ex-fiancé is alive, 30 years after being considered dead. What if Niko returns to normal? Will Marta and him rekindle their romance? What about poor Bogdan, then? We think they both deserve her at this point, considering it was Bogdan who she danced with first but later switched to Niko after he jumped off the bridge with her.

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