‘A Girl And An Astronaut’ Episode 1: Recap And Ending, Explained: How Did Marta Meet Niko And Bogdan?

Poland’s new sci-fi romance drama, “A Girl and an Astronaut” is here, and we’re excited to see what heights it will take us to. We love a time-jump show, and this one is just up our alley. Or at least that’s how we feel from the first episode. The eerie atmosphere, the characters that seem out of this world (quite literally for one of them), and some great CGI make this show super fun to watch. We’re excited to see what this 6-part show has to offer. Keeping the bubbly feelings and the fiery passion in mind, let’s dive into episode 1 of “A Girl and an Astronaut.”


Spoilers Ahead

What Happens In Episode 1 Of ‘A Girl And An Astronaut’?

The year is 2052, and an astronaut has been in “sub-hibernation” for 30 years in space. Marta is woken up by “Homie,” or basically “Alexa,” a virtual assistant far beyond our years. Homie reminds Marta of what she did on the same day 30 years ago through a collage of images with a handsome man dressed to fly amongst old pictures of herself. Marta lives with her daughter, who’s working on a project involving a baby video (so cute!), and Marta is reminded of the good old days, saying she’d go back any day.


Marta’s husband, Bogdan, has been working the night shift with massive flying machines that help pick up construction trucks. Bogdan and Marta are suddenly informed about the “SkyCOMM” capsule returning to Earth after 30 long years. Why does this have anything to do with them? And why is Marta angry with Bogdan for telling her that there was an explosion 30 years ago that killed the astronaut in the SkyCOMM capsule?

‘A Girl And An Astronaut’ Episode 1: Ending Explained – How Did Marta Meet Niko And Bogdan?

In 2022, Niko and Bogdan were fellow pilots who flew fighter jets for Poland. They’re friends but have a massive ego conflict going on in the way that lead men do in these kinds of shows. The Russian company SkyCOMM has teamed up with Poland because they want a Polish pilot for their highly anticipated ship. Niko, Bogdan, and their entire team are set to be tested for this role through two months of rigorous training and checking (conflict no. 1). Marta and Karolina have just returned from the UK and are living in Karolina’s isolated house. Karolina is Niko’s sister. He’s not supposed to be home but has returned for a little bit. Niko invites Karolina and her new friend Marta (who he clearly has eyes for) to the club that evening.


At the club, we found out that Marta is a famous DJ called Stardust, and she plays some sick beats. Niko is nowhere to be found, but Karolina introduces Marta to Bogdan as her gift from London. They seem to hit it off immediately, and the usually uptight Bogdan actually has fun dancing with Marta. Karolina, on the other hand, says she has been invited by a friend to meet and leaves. Niko sees Bogdan having a blast with Marta and barges in on them. He obviously thinks he has dibs on her, but Marta seems to be enticed by Bogdan. Bogdan offers Marta a ride home, and Niko joins in because, well, it’s his home too. Elsewhere, Karolina is having intercourse with a significantly older man; something about them seems a bit strange, almost abusive in nature.

On the way home, Marta stopped the car on a bridge and asked the pilots who would jump off with her. The two of them just stare at her rather calmly, and she jumps off. In the water, it is easy to see Niko and Marta swimming around each other. We’re taken back to 2052, where a woman with a spinal injury is in a bathtub of white water. She is a “board member” at what we can assume is SkyCOMM and has been summoned immediately with the news of the returning astronaut.


At the meeting, it was explained that Niko-One (the capsule) was headed toward the sun and that a second experiment was taking place secretly. This secret experiment was supposed to last only 24 hours, but it lasted 30 whole years. We can’t help but think this is some experiment done to weaponize humans by sending them into space in a vegetative state, then returning them to their normal state through their “sub-hibernation” process. Or it could have been a way to keep humans alive for the future. Hopefully, we’ll find out in the next five episodes.

The lady with the spinal injury is named Nadia, and it looks like her grandfather was someone important back in the day. She’s presented with a letter from him that is finally being given to her “at the right time,” implying it was written many years ago (probably in 2022). Nadia looks physically shocked by the letter, and we are shifted to the view of a malnourished body on a science-y-looking bed (more like a table). It’s Niko’s young self, being rejuvenated with some metallic things stuck to his face, making him look like a steampunk cosplayer. He wakes up with a gasp, and we’re hit with the end credits.


A great first episode that is just setting up the characters in a playful manner Marta has mentioned that she loves both men, and now that Niko is back, we want to know who she’ll pick in the end—or if she won’t have to. It’s the year 2052; anything is possible. What were your thoughts on “A Girl and an Astronaut,” Episode 1?

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