Lady Phoebe In ‘You’ Season 4, Explained: How Did Success And Splendor Deceive Lady Phoebe In Life?

The fourth season of “You” focuses on a few of the supporting characters that temporarily take center stage in the plot. One of them, Lady Phoebe, who belonged to Malcolm’s rich social circle, revealed how her glamorous surroundings had deceived her in every manner. Lady Phoebe Borehall-Blaxworth was a well-known social media personality whose attractiveness and glitz had kept her in the spotlight constantly. Everything in the news had gone viral, from her bikini photos to the number of people she had been dating at once. Because of this, she had not only become popular but also the subject of obsessive curiosity. 


We can see that despite Phoebe’s fame and wealth, intelligence wasn’t her strongest suit. She trusted everyone easily and occasionally shared a lot of information without considering the context or timing. Smitten by Joe Goldberg’s endearing appearance, she invited him to events and even wanted to be intimate with him, which Joe somehow managed to prevent. Yet, there are also some very important reasons why Phoebe suddenly got attracted to Joe despite being in a serious relationship. The first was her gold-digging boyfriend, who cared more about Phoebe’s limitless fortune than about her. For that reason, he also decided to restrain his sexual inclinations toward men. He had a number of kinks that all pointed to him being homosexual, but despite this, he chose to wed Phoebe in order to turn around his faltering business. Despite facing massive bankruptcy, he chose to put a ring on Phoebe’s hand in order for her to cover his losses. However, Phoebe, who was so easily persuaded and stupid enough to fall in love with Adam, surprised us by saying “No” for the first time. 

She had no idea about the wider society where crimes, corruption, and poverty were rampant. Except for the fact that Joe Goldberg bravely saved everyone’s lives, she didn’t even care about the entire drama while she was at her country home in Hampsie. This showed that Phoebe was living in a fantasy world, in contrast to Kate Galvin, who, despite having a wealthy father, desired to stand on her own two feet. Kate preferred to pursue her career without the help of men, whilst damsel Phoebe wanted to spend her entire life worshipping a dream man whom she could call her hero. Thus, we could assume that she had a passing interest in Joe that she didn’t take seriously. In section two, she finally appears to be briefly regaining some contact with reality.


A woman named Dawn, who was a psychotic admirer of hers, kidnapped her. Dawn had the delusion that she and Phoebe had been great friends in the past. Phoebe could see that this woman was insane, but she couldn’t handle it by herself. Even though Joe Goldberg intervened to save her life once again, this incident severely damaged Phoebe’s mental health. She first realized, even with high security; she wasn’t safe. Because of her fame and luxurious lifestyle, she gained not just admirers but also obsessive followers who sought to be like her but failed. This failure infuriated them to the extent that they dared to hurt her. She did, however, benefit a little from this occurrence as well. She learned about Adam’s bankruptcy for the first time from Dawn, who was obviously familiar with every aspect of Phoebe’s life.

At one point, Phoebe found this to be too much of a shock, and this led her to ultimately reject Adam’s proposal. Yet she couldn’t get any further. Her mental equilibrium was broken immediately following her breakup when her very imaginary fairy tale world collapsed. During that time, Kate advised her to get professional assistance to deal with the trauma, but instead of making the decision to move on, she sank into denial. When Adam again wooed her with a marriage proposal, she put on a blindfold and said yes. She thought that marriage was the only thing that might bring her true happiness, but the fact was she was only hard on herself. She knew in her heart that agreeing to marry Adam was the worst decision she could have made, yet she fell for the trap to ensure that her fairy-tale had a happy ending. She knew Adam was gay and greedy, to an unimaginable degree, so paranoia formed in her mind. She ultimately resolved to put an end to her suffering when Joe hinted that what she was going to do would be perilous.


After marrying Adam, she became drugged and intoxicated, wandered the streets bewildered, and even attempted suicide. Thankfully, Kate decided to check her into the hospital and started worrying about whether her one and only best friend would be alright. But mistakenly, Kate divulged about Phoebe and her rapacious husband, Adam, in front of her father, Tom Lockwood, who knew very well how to reduce problems. He actually dispatched his goons to assassinate Adam by luring him to the bed. Even though Adam was such a jerk and it is debatable if he deserved to die this way, Phoebe’s life was saved as a result. After losing her husband, she didn’t break down or think that this was the end; instead, she emerged from her fairy-tale illusion and began to struggle for her existence. We might infer that Lady Phoebe may not have found the right man in the end, but she ultimately stood on her own two feet by beginning her career as an English teacher at a school, and that’s what we call a happy ending. 

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Poulami Nanda
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