‘You’ Season 4, Episode 6: Recap And Ending, Explained: Is Tom Lockwood The Next Target Of Rhys Montrose?

The second part of “You” season 4 has taken on a more twisted and menacing tone, leading us to doubt everything from the beginning. As shown in the first half of season 4, Joe Goldberg left Madre Linda and made his way to London under the guise of Jonathan Moore. When he pursued Marienne and discovered that she was no longer interested in being with him, Joe made an effort to keep himself from acting violently as he had with his previous obsessions. Yet Joe’s involvement in murder wasn’t quite over; shortly after discovering Malcolm, his neighbor, dead in his living room, he dragged himself into a perilous scheme. One after another, the wealthy socialites from Malcolm’s circle had begun to be slain, and it was discovered that Rhyse Montrose, a well-known author and aspiring mayor of London, who was also a wealthy socialite friend of Malcolm, was behind the murders. Rhys Montrose wanted to use Joe as leverage to threaten him with the knowledge of his prior life as a killer. Joe found that Rhys wanted to use his assistance to take down more people on his path, but Joe refused to help him. Let’s find out what Joe will do to prevent Rhys Montrose from destroying his brand-new life.


Spoilers Ahead

Who Did Joe Frame As The Eat-The-Rich Killer?

In the opening moments of episode 6, Joe is looking for the perfect time to see Rhys alone. Joe hoped that by becoming close to Rhys, he would be able to shatter his gentlemanly façade and show the world his murderous inclinations. Joe followed Rhys wherever he went, including during his meetings with locals during his mayoral campaign. In the meantime, Adam was on the verge of filing for bankruptcy, which would have robbed him of everything and made him homeless. His friend advised him to put a ring on Phoebe’s hand so that Adam might benefit from her illimitable wealth and revive his business. Joe intended to speak with Rhys face-to-face to find out what his next moves were, but he didn’t need to look around since Rhys had already sneaked into his home. Rhys had a terrible plan in mind, one that involved accusing someone else of all the killings he had done. Joe realized he’d have to play along with Rhys, so he agreed to find someone to frame for all the killings, but who would it be? Joe didn’t want any innocent people to suffer as a result of Rhys’s misdeeds, but he was forced to help Rhys out of concern for the sake of his new identity. Joe finally caught up with the wealthy group again in Kate Galvin’s art gallery, where she was hosting an exhibition about Simon Soo’s paintings. Joe noticed that Kate had met a man named Nico during the exhibition, and it appeared that she had developed a taste for him. Joe made an effort to contain his curiosity about Kate’s life and concentrated solely on finding a scapegoat to blame for the murders. In the meantime, he called Connie and learned from him that police believed Connie to be the Eat-the-Rich killer, which made Joe’s job much easier. However, Joe was instructed by Rhys to check his freezer at home, where he discovered Simon Soo’s severed ear. Joe would have to conceal this severed ear in Connie’s possession in some way to give the impression that he had been the murderer the entire time. Despite Joe finding Connie at the art exhibit, he is unable to put the decomposing ear of Simon Soo in Connie’s shirt.


In the first part, we observed a mysterious lady, who seemed to be a press photographer, secretly clicking Joe’s pictures. However, it became clear with the release of season four’s second installment that the woman was actually more fixated on Lady Phoebe than Joe. Her name was Dawn, and she had a history of severe mental instability and delusions. Lady Phoebe was, in her opinion, a close friend about whom she knew everything, but in fact, it was all in her delusional thoughts. She secretly brought Phoebe to a room at the exhibition, locked it, and wanted to speak with her. She indicated that Phoebe was in danger and that she might die at any time as a result of the greedy individuals she had been surrounded with. Nadia, who was also at the exhibit, saw Dawn escorting Phoebe to a room. She alerted Joe, who hurried inside to find Phoebe. He eventually located the space where Dawn kept Phoebe. Dawn wasn’t a threat and was easily persuaded, so Joe forced her to unlock the door, and as he tried to decipher Dawn’s motivation, he sneakily hid the severed ear in her backpack. Since Dawn was a mentally ill patient who was infatuated with Phoebe, it was simple for Joe to frame her for all the murders that Rhys had committed. So when the cops arrived, they discovered Phoebe being captured by Dawn. They looked through Dawn’s bag and discovered Simon’s severed ear, which made them believe that Dawn had been the Eat-the-Rich murderer all along.

Joe thought he would experience some sort of peace after his task was over, but peace of mind was a myth for him. Phoebe learned some important information from Dawn while she was held captive by her. Dawn had told her about Adam’s bankruptcy and his endless debts, which had caused Phoebe grave concern. After she was saved by Joe, the next day, she met Adam. Adam asked her to marry him by presenting her with a ring. For Phoebe, the image became crystal clear when she understood that Adam was just planning to wed her for her money in order to keep his Sundruly house and his roof over his head. She left the relationship after refusing to say yes to his proposal.


Is Tom Lockwood The Next Target Of Rhys Montrose?

Kate sought to continue her budding relationship with Nico, but the reality flashed before her eyes when they were making out. She discovered that Mr. Tom Lockwood, her father, was texting Nico, indicating that the two were connected. After getting pressured by Kate, Nico disclosed that he had lied to her because he had left his father’s company to work for Tom, who wanted him to date Kate so that she would eventually return to her father’s business and assist him. Kate was devastated to learn the truth and kicked Nico out of her home. She wanted to be with Joe so she could mend her shattered heart. This time, she called Joe in and said that she wanted to be with him regardless of what his prior life was like. She intended to give their relationship a jump start by promising never to inquire about his past transgressions.

As we watched Joe fall deeply for Kate, he was unable to hold back his feelings any longer. In the end, he put all the drama aside, embraced Kate, and they had a romantic moment together. Yet, when he came back to his house, Rhys made him another unexpected proposition. Rhys had returned with a suggestion to kill Kate Galvin’s father, Tom Lockwood, this time. When Joe questioned Rhys about his motivations for killing Lockwood, Rhys lied to him, claiming that Lockwood was a wicked industrialist who had always been a greedy and filthily powerful man. Joe, though, was aware that Rhys had other motives for wanting Lockwood dead. So, he would need to know Rhys’s motivation before killing Lockwood. Let’s see if we can learn more about it in upcoming episodes.


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