‘You’ Season 4, Episode 5: Recap & Ending, Explained: Who Was ‘Eat-the-Rich’ Killer? What Is Rhys’ Real Identity?

Previously, in episode 4 of “You” Season 4, Joe, aka Jonathan Moore, was startled by another murder in Phoebe’s country house. Gemma had been killed, and Kate was seen sitting by her side, holding a weapon in her hand. Joe had already begun to suspect Kate was the culprit, but Kate had something to say as well. Let’s find out in the final episode of the first part of “You” Season 4 who the killer is.


Spoilers Ahead

How Did Joe Cover Up Gemma’s body?

Episode 5 of “You” Season 4 opens in Kate’s room at Phoebe’s country house, where Gemma is lying dead on the bloody carpet. Joe was convinced that Kate was the killer, but he needed to play along with her to ultimately catch her. Kate wanted him to trust that she hadn’t killed Gemma. Joe asked her why she didn’t call everybody instead of wanting to hide the murder; Kate responded that she didn’t want to involve her father’s security since doing so would damage her privacy for good. While Joe was trying to cover up the crime, Phoebe intervened. Phoebe had recently caught Adam with a waiter, which concerned her. Joe advised her to approach Adam because he was hiding a kink. After driving Phoebe out of the room, Joe and Kate drew up a plan to hide the body inside a game larder.


Meanwhile, Phoebe approached Adam and took him to her boudoir room to help him express his “Golden Shower” kink, but when Adam became uncomfortable with her, she ended their relationship. She inadvertently mentioned Jonathan, which enraged Adam. He was already high on cocaine, so he lost his mind and decided to murder Joe for ruining their relationship. Adam was only interested in Phoebe’s success and wealth, so he wanted to marry her despite the fact that he was homosexual. Roald took advantage of Adam’s rage and suggested that he handle Jonathan.

Joe was finally able to hide the body in the game larder, but Kate was suspicious of him because of his skillful cover-up of the crime. She attacked him with a knife, forcing Joe to reveal his history of being in a forced marriage to a psychotic wife. He did not, however, reveal the murder part. Kate was convinced and returned to her room, where she saw that Phoebe had already found the bloody carpet that Kate and Joe had both overlooked. Kate explained everything to Phoebe, who understood it all. She was high on drugs and also Kate’s best friend. She was even a little gullible, so she believed Kate and Jonathan as well. Therefore, Phoebe was not an issue. The most hazardous guy for Joe was Roald, a neo-Nazi who seemed to be the type of person who wouldn’t bother to finish Joe off.


Who Was The Eat-the-Rich Killer?

Roald confronted Joe after finding that he was keeping Gemma hidden in the game larder. In front of everyone, he held Joe captive and accused him of all the killings. Roald attempted to incriminate Joe by claiming that he was obsessed with Kate, and that is why he killed everyone in his way, but Joe insisted that he had no motive for killing them. While Adam, Blessing, and Sophie were high on drugs and encouraging Roald to kill Joe, Roald was enjoying Joe’s defenseless state. Roald didn’t want to kill Joe inside the house, so he let him run into the woods and pursued him.

The main villain arrives on the scene just as Joe is about to be killed by Roald. Rhys, who was the only one absent in this group of suspects in the country house, was the actual killer. A rich literary person with an anticapitalistic mindset, Rhys Montrose was hunting down and killing these wealthy people one by one. Rhys abducted Roald and Joe and held them in shackles inside Hampsbridge House’s crypt, where Rhys planned to use Joe as an accomplice in his eat-the-rich murders. Rhys was asking Joe to go along with the murders in the future, and Joe pretended to accept just to escape the situation.


In addition to wanting Joe to murder Roald, Rhys intended to frame Roald for all the murders. Joe agreed to do it, but not until Rhys untied the chains that were fastened to his hands. Rhys ordered him to kill Roald rather than release him. Joe didn’t murder Roald as he left, demonstrating that he had truly changed. He attempted to free himself, but when Rhys returned, he realized Joe had actually been pretending. Rhys lit the entire area on fire and left the house, saying that if Joe could survive this, they would soon meet in London. Roald woke up in the meantime. Joe was able to break both his and Roald’s chains. They found themselves inside an underground chamber while trying to get out of the place. They yelled for help, and Kate noticed them. Kate assisted them in getting out of the house, which had been completely destroyed by the raging fire.

Kate went to Joe’s house after everyone returned to London. She bought him new clothes after his belongings were destroyed in Hampsbridge. Not only did she come to visit him, but she also wanted to go on a date with Joe. Joe had also fallen for her and desired to be with her, but he restrained himself and refused to walk alongside Kate. He didn’t want to ruin her life with his haunting past, which was still prowling him day by day. Heartbroken, Kate walked away. Joe turned on the television to find Rhys Monstrose announcing his candidacy for mayor of London and giving a lecture on changing the city with great humility. Joe realized that killing every rich person in this world was Rhys’s way of changing the world. So he vowed to finish Rhys Monstrose off before he could harm another human being or drag Joe’s past into his mess.


“You” season 4 part one ended with Rhys’ horrifying stare at Joe, revealing that Rhys was actually speaking to Joe through the TV screen and warning him to be cautious because he would return with a much more dangerous plan to change the world. We hope to learn more about Rhys Monstrose’s grand plan to wipe out all the rich people on Earth in Season 4, Part 2 of “You.” Will Joe be able to save these elite people from Rhys’ clutches, or will he become entangled in yet another string of deaths? Let us hope that part two contains all of the answers to our questions.

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