‘Would You Kill For Me?’ Ending Explained & Movie Summary: What Is Marry Bailey’s Story?

Would You Kill For Me? The Mary Bailey Story is a Lifetime original drama based on a true murder story. Mary Bailey, a teenage girl who was forced to kill her stepfather, is the central focus of the story. Although, from the very beginning to the end, the film had the capacity to make anyone feel like turning it off and running away from it as far as one could, we still did the hard labor for anyone who wanted to have a detailed discussion about Would You Kill For Me?


Spoilers Ahead

Plot Synopsis: What Happens In The Film?

Would You Kill For Me? opens with a massive altercation between Mary Bailey’s mother, Veronica, and Willard. Willard was angry, as he believed Veronica was responsible for wrecking his Jeep. Furious and violent, Willard threatened Veronica with death. Next up, a gunshot was heard from the house, and it was found that Veronica had shot Willard to death. Veronica called 911 and confessed to shooting her husband, Willard. After a while, the police came and brought Veronica, her mother, and Mary Bailey into custody. From the very beginning, Veronica admitted that she was the one who shot her husband, but the police ran their investigation according to the law. Both Veronica’s and her mother’s fingerprints were taken, and even Mary wasn’t spared from the investigation. But the result came as a shock when it was revealed that two of them had handled the rifle that was used to shoot Willard. These two were Veronica and Mary. The police ruled out Veronica’s mother, who had a hearing impairment. But Mary and Veronica were arrested and later presented in court.


Who Was The Killer, According To Veronica?

When Veronica was presented in court, her lawyers asked her to explain all the events that led up to this tragic incident. Veronica started from the beginning. She started out as an underage mother who was raising her child, Mary Bailey, all alone. Being in a toxic household, Veronica had lost her trust in romance, but after she laid her eyes on Willard, she was attracted to him. The attraction was mutual from the very beginning, but Willard didn’t seem like a trustworthy guy. He was possessive, abusive, and controlling toward Veronica. He didn’t even like her daughter, Mary. Veronica’s mother, who knew her daughter was falling for a bad guy, tried to warn her a lot, but she never listened to her mother. In Veronica’s story, she talked about her mother being too strict on her and judging her choices. But from the very start, Veronica was the one who gave off some obvious red flags. In her story, she was the most innocent woman, whose main priority was her daughter. However, Veronica got married to Willard and welcomed further toxicity into her life. Willard used to force her to become intimate with him, so consequently, Veronica gave birth to another child, named Sammy. In her story, Mary, who always felt the negligence of Willard, didn’t back off from pouring her love and attention onto her half-brother Sammy. But one day, things got extremely violent. As Willard’s Jeep got wrecked in an accident, he unleashed his wrath upon Veronica. According to Veronica, Mary grabbed the gun to save her mother and killed Willard.

What Was Veronica’s Mother’s Perspective?

What we heard from Veronica was not entirely true. Veronica’s mother added some layers to it, which proved the point that Veronica couldn’t be trusted. Her mother testified that Veronica was troubled in her life. She was living her life on her terms, but she was desperate. She never took care of her children, leaving every responsibility on her mother’s shoulders. Instead of being there for her kids, Veronica always wandered around, hanging out with Willard and having a three-way relationship with Willard and Susan, her friend. Veronica’s mother even testified that it was Willard who was responsible for her hearing impairment.


One day, when Willard severely beat Veronica and her mother tried to stop him, Willard smacked her, causing her ears to bleed. Veronica’s mother said the same things that Veronica had said earlier. There was the same abusive behavior and Willard’s disdain for Mary, but Mary was never violent towards him. According to Veronica’s mother, Mary was someone who had always raised herself in the midst of such a chaotic household. One day, when Veronica had given Willard’s Jeep to one of her friends, an accident completely wrecked the Jeep. As Willard found out and started shouting at Veronica, threatening her with death, it was Veronica who wanted Willard dead. She asked Mary to hold the rifle, as she believed her daughter was stronger than her. Mary was forced to commit a heinous crime even though she didn’t want to. Veronica’s mother asked her not to listen to her mother, but Mary pulled the trigger at Willard when he was asleep to protect her mother from further danger.

What Was The Actual Truth?

After Veronica and her mother’s testimony, it was time for Mary Bailey to reveal the truth. At the court hearing, Mary recounted the same events that Veronica’s mother had mentioned earlier. But Mary had always yearned for her mother’s affection. She wanted to be with her mother, who was never there for her. She attended church and felt peace in the presence of the Lord. She was a calm and composed young girl who was even more mature than her actual age. She was the one who used to cook, clean, and even take care of her brother Sammy. She used to talk politely with Willard, who not only despised her but also beat her. On that fateful night, when Willard came to know about his Jeep, he had actually told Veronica that he’d kill her. As Veronica felt vulnerable, she asked Mary to take up the gun and finish Willard. According to Mary and Veronica’s mother, it was Veronica who had asked her to commit the crime.


The court reached its conclusion and charged Veronica with manipulating her daughter to kill her husband. She was given a ten-year prison sentence, and Mary was sent to foster parents. After Veronica served out her sentence, Mary had grown up to be a woman who still came to pick her mother up from the penitentiary. On their way, Veronica and Mary both remained awkwardly silent, but after reaching home, Mary tried to reconcile with her mother, trying to forgive her for the past mistakes she had made. At the end of the film, we learned that Mary Bailey got married, and now she is working as a geriatric nurse. The mother and daughter have reconciled with each other, resolving all their past sufferings, which is surely a happy ending in the story of Mary’s life.

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