‘Wolf Pack’ Episode 7: Recap And Ending, Explained: How Did The Werewolf Come Back To Human Form?

Previously, in “Wolf Pack” episode 6, the werewolf killed Phoebe and dragged her body onto the roof of the party house. Unfortunately, Austin noticed this, which made him the wolf’s next victim. The werewolf, however, changed into a man after Garrett shot him in the hand, revealing himself to be the stranger we spotted at Tia’s party who was unable to recall his identity. Cyrus Nix was taken into custody since his father, a fireman, had died in a wildfire twenty years prior; thus, he became a potential suspect for the arson that started the recent wildfire. Malcolm, a friend of Nix’s father, gave the group some startling information. Malcolm was one of them who saw a wolf transform into a human and survive. He did, however, see the female wolf, who was exacting revenge for the death of her partner. Let’s see if we can find out who that female werewolf was in “Wolf Pack” episode 7.


Spoilers Ahead

Where Did The Police Find Phoebe’s Body?

In the opening scene of episode 8, we see Everett having hallucinations about the stranger whose name he could remember as Baron. Baron, who had been taken over by his monstrous werewolf self, began to beg for Everett’s help. He didn’t mean to harm or kill anyone, but it appeared as though something was pressuring him to act in a way that was evil against his will. Like Baron, Phoebe appeared in front of Everett with a lot of blood pouring from her neck and warned him the monster would hurt everyone around him before coming for him. Even though Everett was a member of his pack, if he broke the rules, the monster werewolf would eventually claim Everett as his victim. Austin could most likely be the next victim of the wolf because he was the one who’d yelled at Blake at the party. Everett, therefore, developed a strategy based on fiction. Following the success of Garrett’s plan for dealing with a werewolf by its given name, Everett started to employ other creative techniques in an effort to aid the werewolf’s transformation back into a human. He proposed keeping the werewolf in a freezer, where his heart rate would be reduced, and he would revert to being a human. Therefore, bringing the wolf back to humanity was essentially like killing him. But for the bait, they required Austin’s cooperation. Austin demanded to know the truth as Luna tried to persuade him to go along with the procedure. Once Luna told him everything, he eventually chose to help them. But when Blake went back to the motel where her family was staying, she discovered that the police cars had been waiting there. When she discovered that Phoebe had been murdered and carried to her room, she was shocked. Ramsey was keen on speaking with her about the incident, but Blake’s father insisted that without a lawyer, Blake would not respond to anything.


As a result, Ramsey could not accuse Blake of the murder. Bringing Garrett along with her, she then made her way to the construction site, where we had previously seen her killing a security guard. She seemed to be preparing to kill Garrett as she led him along, but as she observed how he had reared his children, Harlan and Luna, with so much love and care, she started to fall for Garrett. Here, Ramsey is having flashbacks that uncover a more significant reality. She thought back to the wildfire that had occurred twenty years prior. Just as Malcolm had described it, she began to recall the same: how a wolf had been killed by the firefighters, and its mate pursued them in retaliation. The female wolf changed into a human and started to prowl. After Malcolm ran away from the woods and left his friend behind, we noticed the female werewolf killed the rest of them, sprawled on the forest’s burnt remains, and began to immerse her body in the rainwater. The female werewolf in Ramsey’s flashback was none other than Ramsey herself, as was abundantly clear. This flashback could imply a lot of things, including the possibility that Kristin Ramsey, the arson investigator, is, in fact, the mother of Harlan and Luna. She had originally intended to kill Garrett, but she changed her mind after realizing he was the ideal father for her children. Maybe she wasn’t malicious, or maybe she just wanted to protect her kids, so she tried to surround them by assuming a human form.

How Did The Werewolf Come Back To Human Form?

Finally, Austin and Luna reached a location where a werewolf started to approach them, but it couldn’t hurt Austin upon seeing Luna with him. Luna pushed Austin to strike her, but instead of doing so, the two of them ended up kissing. This enraged the werewolf, who then chased after Austin. Blake, by dressing identically to Austin, enticed the werewolf into a chamber. The four of them started to develop wolf-like characteristics as they fought the werewolf. Yet, only Everett was able to glimpse Baron behind the monster as it attacked him. He started addressing him by name, which startled Baron and made him howl louder and fiercer. As the four of them eventually managed to contain the werewolf in a refrigerated area, it all soon went quiet. They exerted all of their strength to close the door against the wolf. But locking the wolf in a freezer caused his heartbeat to grow slower. They hurriedly opened the gate to discover Baron lying unclothed on the ground. Austin brought the brought the knife and stabbed Baron’s chest. When the episode ended, it was unclear whether Baron would survive. We expect to get all of our unresolved questions clarified in the “Wolf Pack” season finale. From Ramsey’s origins to Baron’s motivation for killing everyone, episode 8 would come with a surprise the following week.


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