‘Wolf Pack’ Episode 6: Recap And Ending, Explained: Who Was The Werewolf?

We previously saw in “Wolf Pack” episode 5 that Harlan, Luna, Everett, and Blake received the anonymous call again, and this time the caller reported that the werewolf kills every night. Everett was given the location of the intended victim, who was someone from the party that their classmate Tia was throwing that night. They arrived at Tia’s house to stop the death for the night. However, after they were at the party, the four of them did mushrooms and all but forgot about the assignment until the wolf showed up there, intimidating everyone. The plot abruptly takes a drastic turn when Ramsey’s true evil side comes to light, causing us to witness her murdering a security man and dumping his body in the chamber where the werewolf had gathered all the corpses. Ramsey may have been trying to protect the monster, or she may have been a werewolf herself. Let’s watch episode 6 to learn what it says about Ramsey’s motivation behind the murder.


Spoilers Ahead

Did Garrett Kill The Werewolf?

Episode 6 opens at the scene of the party, where everyone is confined to the room while trying to figure out what kind of animal is outside. Many of them have referred to it as a bear, possum, or both. Everett attempted to tell them everything, but he was unable to. He unintentionally lied about the beast being a bear in order to protect the pack’s secret. Yet Austin was aware of Everett’s fabrication, and he found it intolerable that no one was speaking the truth in any meaningful way. Everett noticed an unknown guy among them who appeared to be deeply terrified of the circumstances and was unable to recall his own name.


Everett reassured him that he would be able to remember his name after the effects of the mushrooms subsided. Yet after a while, Everett was unable to even find the guy, who seemed to have abruptly vanished. Cyrus Nix volunteered to leave the house, and Harlan was willing to accompany him. Ramsey and Garrett were on their way to the party house to detain Cyrus for allegedly setting a fire. While Ramsey was carrying the necessary weapons, Garrett was carrying a pistol with a silver bullet in it. Harlan and Cysrus spotted the enormous werewolf growling at them as they approached the woods. Before Harlan could react, however, Ramsey stepped in and pointed the revolver at the beast. Although Harlan and Cyrus were told to run, something persisted in Harlan’s mind throughout. He was suspicious of Cyrus since he discovered that his name wasn’t on the call; instead, it said No Caller ID like that creepy caller.

As Harlan and Cyrus got to Garrett’s stable, Harlan questioned Cyrus about why his name wasn’t showing up, and Cyrus responded that he had blocked his own number since he frequently received strange, anonymous calls. Harlan wanted to believe that Cyrus wasn’t the arsonist, but cops aren’t so easily persuaded. We observe the officers sprinting into the woods in search of Cyrus while Ramsey tries to subdue the animal. She was talking to the werewolf and offering to assist in his transformation back into a human, to which the werewolf responded that he really needed help. When Garrett got close to the woods, a werewolf tried to attack him, but Garrett was able to fend it off. As he shot the wolf, it turned back into his human shape, but right at that moment, something that Garrett saw led to the story’s abrupt turn. Yet Garrett chose to keep his silence regarding the issue.


How Did Cyrus Nix’s Father Die?

Harlan, Luna, Blake, and Everett eventually went back to their homes. While Luna stayed at her house, Harlan kept Cyrus in their stable. Phoebe chose to go swimming at the party house, where nobody had yet been killed, but the wolf outside was waiting for Phoebe and killed her as soon as she emerged from the water. Austin discovered Phoebe’s lifeless body being carried down by the beast on the roof. The following morning, Ramsey’s team began looking for Cyrus, but they also discovered Harlan and Phoebe were missing. Garrett was aware of where to locate Harlan and Cyrus. The four of them then approached Cyrus in the stable, where Cyrus spoke about how his father perished in a wildfire twenty years ago. He had never met his father, but following his death, he began to get calls from different anonymous numbers that were trying to tell him various kinds of stories about how his father had died. But a hotshot crewman, Malcolm, who was a colleague of his father, told Cyrus that a wolf, not a fire, had murdered his father.

Four of them located Malcolm’s address and went to visit him at the hospital where he was now employed. Malcolm first resisted telling them the truth, but once Blake made it apparent that they had specifically come to ask about the werewolf, the man started talking. He recalled how, twenty years prior, he and his other hotshot crewmen, including Nix’s father, were trying to enter the jungle during the wildfire when they discovered a wolf crossing their route. When Nyx’s father started throwing rocks at the wolf, it became enraged and attempted to attack him. However, Nyx’s father was able to shoot it in the eye to defend himself, but as soon as the wolf was shot, it transformed into a huge werewolf. He hypothesized that the wolf had changed into a monster and died because of the flames. Nevertheless, that wasn’t the only wolf they had spotted that night. The wolf that was killed that night was the female, while the male was still alive. The male wolf transformed into a werewolf and attacked the rest of the crewmen, killing them all except for Malcolm, who managed to escape the jungle.


Who Was The Werewolf?

While talking to Prisha, Garrett refrained from disclosing much of what he had seen in the woods that night. When he got to the stable, he discovered Cyrus hiding there. He questioned him about whether he had started the fire, which Cyrus denied, and Garrett appeared to accept his denial. But Garrett took him to the police station with Ramsey because he thought a thorough interrogation was necessary to eliminate Cyrus as a suspect. At Garrett’s house, Harlan, Luna, Blake, and Everett come to the conclusion that the unknown caller may have intentionally set the forest on fire in order to provoke the wolf into becoming the monster. Harlan discovered that Garrett had a hand in Cyrus getting arrested. Harlan was furious and unable to contain his emotions. He lost it when Garrett told him that he had taken Cyrus into custody. Harlan slapped Garrett and turned into a vicious monster.

Garrett found him and the other three were bare-toothed and growling like wolves at him. Garrett kindly called Harlan by his name, which enabled Harlan to regain his composure. According to Garrett, addressing a wild wolf by its name helped them recall who they were, which helped them temporarily calm down. Garrett, at last, shared what he had seen the previous night, claiming that the werewolf killing people while wandering through the woods wasn’t the father of Harlan and Luna but rather a young lad. Everett recognized the boy whom Garrett was describing. Everett recalled from last night that he saw the guy who forgot his name at the party house. Everett, however, had an unexplainable certainty that his name was Baron.


What Garrett witnessed last night changed every aspect of their situation. We’d like to know Baron’s past and what brought him here if he was a werewolf the entire time. He must be a member of their pack, and because it is likely that Harlan’s parents perished in the wildfire and are presumed to have been slain, Baron may be their sibling who came looking for Harlan and Luna. The mystery behind Ramsey, meanwhile, is not quite transparent. Why did she kill the security guard, exactly? She must have a reason for wanting to assist the werewolf in becoming human if she is doing so. She might have once been a werewolf herself. Let’s therefore wait and see what the upcoming episodes reveal about Ramsey and the newly discovered werewolf, Baron.

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