‘Wolf Pack’ Episode 5: Recap And Ending, Explained: Was Ramsey A Werewolf?

We previously learned why Garrett hoarded the silver bullets in “Wolf Pack” Episode 4: he was terrified of Harlan and Luna’s inner beasts. Even worse, Luna had a history of mistreating one of her favorite horses. Meanwhile, Austin, who had seen the werewolf but was unable to talk about it, had a conversation with Ramsey, who was still seeking the arsonist. In order to show Ramsey the beast, he finally sought Luna’s assistance in drawing it. Blake’s brother was assaulted by the werewolf, but he was saved by Everett, who located him. So, without wasting more time, let’s explore what happens in “Wolf Pack” Episode 5.


Spoilers Ahead

How Did Harlan Enter Tia’s Party And Why?

Beginning with Harlan’s childhood memory, “Wolf Pack” Episode 5 shows a little Harlan standing in front of the woods and hearing Garrett tell him to go inside and take a look around. He influenced Harlan to venture further into the woods by telling him to pay close attention to even the faintest sound. Harlan could hear the beast snarling as he moved forward, so he took cover inside a hole, where he finally saw a regular wolf charging toward him. Back in the present, we find Harlan struggling to hear something while remembering the memories. He disregarded it and headed to Everett’s residence. At Everett’s place, they discussed the werewolf and why he wanted to attack Danny, to which Blake replied that Danny had previously hit her playfully, so maybe the wolf was after Danny to defend Blake.


Meanwhile, the same anonymous caller called, and Harlan answered despite Garrett’s prohibitions. The caller, who went unidentified, quoted a few passages from Ovid’s work about the first werewolf, Lycaon. Lycaon was the ruler of Arcadia, where he built a temple to Zeus and attempted to feed the god human flesh. Zeus wasn’t amused and instead transformed Lycaon into a werewolf. The caller mentioned the werewolf in the woods and how he killed humans every night. Everett came to the conclusion that someone would be killed tonight, and the anonymous ID sent him the location of the murder scene. The four of them sped there and discovered the doctor and nurse from the hospital where Everett was admitted inside a car that had been involved in an accident. While the nurse was still attempting to survive, the doctor was captured by the wolf. As Everett and Harlan struggled to free her, the beast carried her into the bushes. The four of them bolted from the location. Everett made the decision to stop the further killing the following night as they were on their way.

The following day, Everett was given a different location that was close to a party that their classmate Tia and her friends had planned. Ramsey and Garrett arrived at Everett’s school in the meantime, from where the arsonist had grabbed a component from a 3D printer to make the incendiary device. Ramsey began to suspect Cyrus, whom Harlan had previously had a passionate encounter with in the club. Ramsey thought Cyrus was involved in the arson since Cyrus’s father was a firefighter who perished in the fire. It was revealed during Ramsey’s interaction with Cyrus that Cyrus’s father had perished in the fire twenty years ago when Garrett had discovered two wolf cubs, Harlan and Luna. It was also clear from Ramsey’s conversation with Cyrus that she was actually aware of Harlan and Luna.


Everett, Blake, Harlan, and Luna came to the conclusion that they had to enter the party because someone there could become the next victim of the werewolf’s attack. To get Tia to let him into the party, Harlan came up with the idea of buying mushrooms from a guy he met in the gym. In the gym, Everett and Harlan engaged in a friendly competition in which Everett came out on top while also winning over Harlan’s friendship. Harlan told him about his previous encounter with the wolf, which he had positively identified as his father.

The four of them arrived at the party late at night, and Tia allowed them in after seeing a packet of mushrooms. The four of them also took one of the mushrooms as everyone else grew stoned. As Luna found time to spend with Austin, Everett and Blake shared a sweet moment. Harlan, meanwhile, asked Cyrus out on a date. Austin and Luna were playing the piano together when they noticed something happening outside. Phoebe was behaving inappropriately with Blake and shooing her away from the party, but Harlan played a voice tape of Phoebe berating Blake the night her car’s tires were punctured. Austin pulled her legs hard while the clip played on the sound boxes, but Blake got angry and threw his phone into the river. As the werewolf approached to attack him, Austin dove into the water to look for his phone. He hurriedly got out of the water, while the wolf also came out to attack everyone.


Was Ramsey A Werewolf?

Ramsey and Garrett went inside the construction site to investigate, and as Garrett mentioned Harlan and Luna, Ramsey mentioned her child, who died in the fire. She wanted to go inside the elevator, so she asked Garrett and the other officers to check the area while she accompanied the security guard inside. We got a big surprise just as they got close to the location where the werewolf was previously seen gathering dead bodies. Ramsey discovered the pile of dead bodies, which surprised the security guard.

Ramsey mentioned the werewolf for the first time before beating the guard to death and tossing him onto the pile. Ramsey had executed the kill that was scheduled for that night, which pretty well meant that she was either a member of the pack or a werewolf herself. Now, it would be difficult for Harlan, Luna, Blake, and Everett to confront the evil werewolf if she were the enemy hidden in plain sight. Let’s wait and see what events take place in the next episodes of “Wolf Pack.”


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