‘Wolf Pack’ Episode 3: Recap And Ending, Explained: Why Did The Werewolf Kill Miller?

A wolf howl had previously caused Everett, Blake, Harlan, and Luna to cross paths in the woods in the middle of the night in episode 2 of “Wolf Pack.” The glowing eyes of Blake and Everett convinced Luna that they were similar to them, but Harlan was in denial. Everett’s classmate Connor, who was also bitten, received anonymous calls cautioning him to stay safe. Before Everett could reach the scene to save Connor, the werewolf had already taken the boy. Everett and Blake were accompanied by investigator Kristin Ramsey for additional investigation. Let’s see if Kristin could figure out who had caused the fire in the forest.

Spoilers Ahead

Where Did Kristin Take Everett To?

In the opening scene of episode 3, a group of teenagers climb a building under construction to observe the fire from a higher perspective. However, one of them, named Phoebe, made sure that none of them had started the fire because she believed that Blake must be to blame. A werewolf beneath the floor was about to attack them as Phoebe stood on the edge of the structure searching for a signal on her phone, but a police cruiser intervened, and some of the officers led all of these kids to the station. Four of the teen wolves were also brought into custody by Kristin for several questioning sessions. Even though Kristin was treating them with humility, another inspector, Miller, was aggressive with them. Everett was experiencing anxiety, so Kristin comforted him by sharing her problems with him. However, despite being separated into different rooms for questioning, they were all somehow able to hear one another. Everett was asked by Harlan to respond to Kristin, but while Harlan was talking in his room, officer Miller attacked him without provocation. Fortunately, Garrett intervened to save his son. Garrett chose to take all four of them to their house after Luna whispered in his ears that Blake and Everett were like them.

While Garrett was trapped in the jungle during the fire, he saw the werewolf. He may have also been aware that the giant wolf out there must be looking for its kids, Harlan and Luna, so he was warning all four of them to stay at home during the full moon. Phoebe, who had gotten into her car to head home, found that all of the tires had been punctured. She assumed it was Blake’s handiwork, so she called Harlan to express her anger toward Blake. When Garrett realized Phoebe was in danger, he hurried outside to save her while strictly ordering the four of them not to leave the house. Harlan and Luna started talking to Everett and Blake about their superpowers while Garrett was gone. Everett, Blake, and Luna could hear every little thing at the police station, but now that they were at home, they couldn’t, unlike Harlan. Instead, Everett discussed Blake’s supernatural running speed while Blake talked about Everett’s extraordinary strength. Luna revealed her keen sense of smell and with the help of that she could now detect something sinister outside the house. Even though Blake and Everett could smell it, Luna said it smelled like anger. Actually, it was officer Miller who wasn’t yet done torturing Harlan, so he came to their house to attack them again. He was a homophobic, miserable man who just wanted to assault him because he could. Harlan finally consented to answer the door after several knocks, but before doing so, he ordered Blake and Everett to hide in his father’s study so the officer wouldn’t see them. When Harlan emerged, Miller immediately pushed his head against the wall. However, in the meantime, the werewolf pounced on Miller, saving Harlan’s life.

Miller woke up in the woods to discover the werewolf was going to attack him. It jumped on him and killed him by pushing his head against a tree. Garrett told Harlan and Luna over the phone to go to a stable and get the gun to scare the wolf away. Although it appeared that neither Harlan nor Luna knew about the stable, they eventually found it by following their father’s instructions. In addition to discovering the gun at the stable, Harlan also discovered a bullet made of real silver that is essentially used to kill werewolves. Blake and Everett emerged from the house in the meantime. Though Everett was nervous about getting out of the house, Blake was a little precocious. She had to act smart in this situation despite getting that anonymous call again requesting that they stay inside the house.

Why Did The Werewolf Kill Miller?

As soon as they came out, the werewolf emerged from the woods and came closer to Everett as if it were sniffing him. Everett realized he was about to die, but right at that moment, the wolf was scared away by a gunshot. He found Harlan holding the rifle, which saved his life. But Everett was perplexed as to why the wolf didn’t kill him despite having the opportunity, to which Luna replied that the werewolf didn’t want to kill them because they belonged to its Wolf pack and it had come to this town to find them; therefore the werewolf wasn’t the danger for these four because it actually wanted to protect them. Garrett was relieved to see the four of them alive after coming back home. However, seeing their father didn’t appear to make Harlan and Luna particularly pleased. Harlan asked him why he had the silver bullet close to him. Both Harlan and Luna wanted to know if he wanted to kill the werewolves along with them, to which Garrett replied affirmatively.

It isn’t usual for a human to raise two werewolves with the knowledge that they could shift into vicious wolves at any time; thus, in my opinion, the silver bullet justified Garrett’s fear of being killed. Therefore, he might have kept those bullets near him for protection. Even though he came to love and care for the twins and adopted them as his own children, he was still unsure of how to treat their inner beasts. The emergence of werewolves in mythological tales has always been associated with death and danger, not just because they were wolves but also because they were half-human, meaning that their instincts might be much more lethal than those of animals. However, as the story of these young werewolves develops in “Wolf Pack” season 1, it may become obvious that these four will eventually be able to put their trust in one another and form a pack of their own. However, it is still unknown where Connor was. He either turned into a werewolf or was captured by it. After handling the beast, Everett’s newly formed wolf pack may be able to find and rescue Connor. Let’s see whether upcoming episodes can reveal these mysteries.

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