‘Wolf Pack’ Episode 2: Recap And Ending, Explained: What Happened To Garrett? Where Did Connor Go?

In the previous episode of “Wolf Pack,” we saw a huge wildfire break out, and the wild animals came out of the jungle and entered the town. Numerous people had been injured, and many had been killed. Two school kids, Everett and Blake, were also bitten by a wild wolf in the meanwhile. Following the bite, both of them saw strange physical changes that terrified them. Everett was aware that they were changing into werewolves, but Blake refused to admit it. Arson investigator Kristin revealed to Everett that the wildfire was caused by arson, and she suspected that the arsonist might be one of his schoolmates. Why did she feel that way? Did the wolves only bite Everett and Blake, or did they injure many others? Let’s find all of that out in episode 2.


Spoilers Ahead

What Happened To Everett And Blake?

“Wolf Pack” Episode 2 picks up where Episode 1 left off. We notice that a wolf howling in the jungle called out to Blake, Everett, Harlan, and Luna. As they got to know one another, issues of trust started to arise. Since they attended the same school, they were acquainted, but Harlan and Luna were senior to them. Luna saw that Everett and Blake also had wolf-like eyes, but yet Harlan refused to accept it. Prisha, a park ranger and Garrett’s colleague noticed all four of them in the forest and ordered them to leave for their own safety.


On their journey home, Luna questioned Everett about whether something had bitten him. Everett answered affirmatively and wanted to show her his wound to prove his point, but his wound had healed over, and the skin appeared flawless as if there had never been a scar before. However, to emphasize his point, Everett discussed the phone call that had warned him of his impending danger until the full moon. Luna accepted that Everett and Blake had been bitten then were healed, but Harlan objected because he had never experienced such healing. After dropping Everett and Blake off at their houses, Harlan and Luna came back home. Prisha promised the twins that their father would be found as quickly as possible, so they need not be concerned for his safety because he has always been a fighter who wouldn’t give up on life, no matter how dangerous the circumstances were.

We previously saw Garrett tape a message for his children as if he didn’t think he would survive, yet now he was seen trying his best to make it out alive. He is shown becoming dizzy in the burning forest while imagining a gigantic animal descending a tree. Blake and Everett returned to their homes, but none of them could forget what had happened to them. We see Everett’s mother try to remain calm, but after finding out her son fled the hospital and returned home late at night, she slapped him. Everett couldn’t sleep through the night. He was worried that his mother would find out about what had happened to him. Blake, on the other hand, was tormented by the developing wolf-like features in her body. The two of them began having dreams about each other. When Blake awoke the next morning, she discovered her father was in crisis because he had missed all of his payments and thus had lost his insurance. The changes in Blake’s skin were visible to her father, but Blake explained that she was undergoing treatment.


Meanwhile, Everett was able to speak with Kristin and another officer who had come to his home to interrogate him about the fire. Kristin was suspicious of the students on that bus, so she asked Everett to gather some information for her. According to Kristin, the person who set the forest on fire may have had a mental health issue, which is why she believed the arsonist was present in that bus while seeing the forest catch fire, as it gave him mental pleasure. Everett had mental health issues himself, as evidenced by his encounter with a therapist over the phone. So, did Kristin mean she had doubts about Everett? I’m hoping that the upcoming episodes will elaborate on this.

Was Connor Bitten By A Wolf?

Everett ran into Connor, a classmate who had come to group study. Connor had a leg fracture, and he was also bitten by a coyote, but the bite looked exactly like Everett’s wound was before getting healed. Everett inquired about any ominous phone calls, but Connor responded that he hadn’t got any. Everett advised him to see a doctor about the wound. He suspected that Connor had also been bitten by a wolf and that his transformation into a werewolf was imminent, but he waited to see what the doctor had to say about it.


Everett recalled that there was going to be a full moon this night, which increased the likelihood that the evil entity—who was supposedly coming to kill him—might attack him tonight. Blake was now persuaded that they were both in danger from the wolf bite; hence, when Everett arrived to speak with her, she agreed to have a conversation about it. Harlan went to the gym to divert himself, but as the full moon rose, the sounds of the equipment started tormenting him, and it might have been a sign that he was going to turn into a wolf. He had a brief fantasy about a man he had met at the gym, but his trance was interrupted when he noticed that his wolf teeth were emerging.

What Happened To Garrett? Where Did Connor Go?

Luna and Harlan learned that their father had been found by the rescue team. Garrett had almost given up on life when he discovered two burning red wolf eyes staring at him. Soon after, those eyes vanished in the air, and it was revealed that helicopters had arrived to rescue him. He was taken to the hospital, where Harlan and Luna accompanied him. However, the arson officer arrived at the hospital to question Harlan and Luna. Not just the bite, but Connor had a fracture in his leg. He went to the hospital, where a doctor applied a bandage and administered a tetanus shot. However, shortly after the shot, Connor noticed physical changes in his body. He experienced intense stinging from tetanus, and his legs developed wolf-like hair.


After being admitted to critical care, he was resting when a creepy phone call startled him. The anonymous caller cautioned Connor the same way he had warned Everett over the phone. He implored Connor to leave because that evil entity or werewolf was going to kill him tonight. Connor called Everett to inform him of that creepy call. As a result, Everett dashed to save Connor from the danger. Fearful of the situation, Connor fled the hospital, only to discover that an ominous creature was pursuing him. Unfortunately, Connor’s bandaged leg became entangled in a railing, and he had to break his bandage to free himself. However, when Everett arrived to save Connor, he was nowhere to be found. Meanwhile, the police jeep came to a stop right in front of Everett. He noticed Blake inside the car. It was Kristin again who came out of the car to speak with him. She still had a lot of questions for Everett. Let’s see what else she asks Everett in the next episode.

Since Everett, Blake, Harlan, and Luna were in the forest in the middle of the night, it appeared that Kristin, the arson officer, had her suspicions about them. Another possibility is that Kristin was aware of the werewolves and wanted to warn the teenagers so they could take precautions to protect themselves. What transpired with Connor, though? He might have been captured by the wicked beast that had come to seek him, or he might have developed superhuman power to fend it off. We might witness Harlan and Luna becoming wolves, as well as Everett and Blake, as the full moon has just risen. Will Harlan be able to accept that Everett and Blake turned into werewolves after all? Let’s wait for the following episodes to see how all the questions are resolved.


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