‘Who Killed Robert Wone?’ Episode 1: Recap And Ending, Explained: Who Were The Suspects Of Robert’s Murder?

On August 2, 2006, Robert Eric Wone, a well-known attorney in Washington, D.C., was found dead before midnight at his friends’ home. Since then, the case has grown incredibly perplexing, and no one has been convicted for the murder. Inevitably, the companions at whose place Robert Wone had spent his final night drew the greatest amount of suspicion, yet none of them were ever charged with the murder. Instead, a number of conspiracy theories had surfaced, and both the legal team and the investigation team had offered their personal opinions on the situation. While these opinions were occasionally tainted by a small amount of prejudice and stereotypical beliefs, we cannot dismiss the intriguing and bizarre discoveries that had also been made during the investigation. Peacock recently released one of the most suspenseful documentaries, as tense as any other whodunit mystery series. It reveals the remorse of Robert Wone’s closest friends while also revealing the small differences in viewpoints between the defense attorney and the investigation team. This miniseries takes you through the investigative results and forensic evidence in an attempt to pinpoint the motives for murder and possible theories. Let’s, therefore, discuss all the information that the series has given us to see if we can uncover any clues as to who killed Robert Wone.


The first episode opens with bloggers Craig Brownstein and David Greer starting the dreadful account of Robert Wone’s murder investigation; at 11:49 p.m. on August 2, 2006, one of the three friends whom Robert Wone was staying with contacted 911 to report that Wone had been stabbed in the chest in their guestroom. Robert Wone, a charming 32-year-old Asian-American lawyer with a bright career in Washington, D.C., was stabbed in the chest. Following the 911 call, the EMT crew arrived on the scene and discovered the whole murder scene to be extremely strange. The dead body had three stab wounds to the chest, although there wasn’t much blood on the bedding. Robert Wone was admitted to the hospital and later declared deceased at 12:25 a.m.

In the immediate aftermath of the crime, suspicion fell on the friends who hosted Robert when he was killed. Joe Price, Victor Zaborsky, Joe’s spouse, and their roommate Dylan Ward were three of Robert Wone’s friends who became the three primary suspects following the murder. All three of these men were brought into the police station for questioning early in the morning. According to Glenn Kirschner, the prosecution counsel, these three suspects didn’t appear particularly upset about their friend’s death, but they kept claiming that they didn’t commit murder throughout the entire inquiry. Joe Price loudly and frantically concocted the hypothesis of an intruder in their home while Victor and Dylan were quiet the majority of the time. The lead detective, Bryan Waid, thought it was strange that he kept referring to the intruder.


The investigation revealed that Dylan was more than just the couple’s buddy and roommate; they were all involved in a polyamorous relationship. However, each of the three made it obvious that Robert was a totally straight person and had nothing to do with their relationship. Nevertheless, as the cops learned about their sexual orientation and started making derogatory remarks, the interview became brutal. All three of them were questioned about why they hadn’t heard the sound of someone climbing the stairs during the 79 minutes between Robert arriving at their residence and Victor dialing 911. They should have heard the sound since the stairs were noisy and creaking, but they denied hearing anything like that. They just heard a scream, and when Joe went upstairs, he saw Robert dead on the bed. Joe continued by stating that the knife used by the culprit was their kitchen knife, which, shockingly, Joe had taken off Robert’s body and placed on the side table.

Joe even had doubts about how Robert’s wife, Kathy, would respond to the inquiries. He even got in touch with Kathy later that morning and met her in the basement for a private conversation. Detective Waid considered it strange that a grieving friend would question the bereaved wife of his friend immediately after her husband was slain. Nonetheless, we may argue that different human minds may respond to shock in different ways. In any case, the investigation was underway, and the team responsible for it sent Robert’s body to a forensic facility for an autopsy. There, the medical examiner, Dr. Lois Goslinoski, discovered three torso defects that resembled slits and appeared to be quite uniform. Moreover, Robert’s hands showed no traces of any defensive actions and no injuries. However, numerous puncture wounds were also discovered on Robert’s limbs, none of which appeared to have been caused by the EMT crew. Instead, it came out premortem. There was no trace of any movement in Robert’s body, and the stab wounds were precise. It was as though someone deliberately shot his limbs with a paralyzing drug dose before stabbing his chest.


Meanwhile, Joe Price hired a defense attorney, Mr. Bernie Grimm, who stated that the suspects, Joe Price, Victor Zaborsky, and Dylan Ward, were all three truthful about their whereabouts and uptight after a big shock. Victor had failed the polygraph exam, which suggested deceit. When the investigative team finally went to Joe’s residence, the scene of the crime, they made a startling discovery that showed their history of using bizarre and inventive adult toys and equipment, some of which were used for physical torture and pleasure. The discovery prompted the police to search Robert’s body for any indications of a sexual assault.

When the results were revealed, they caused a lot of confusion because Robert’s own semen had been discovered on his private parts. The autopsy’s overall findings became more bizarre, and at that time, no real solutions were emerging. The three suspects appeared to have been trying to cover up someone because they were extremely frightened of further queries. Yet, it’s also likely that the homophobic authorities and their comments on them traumatized these three homosexual males. The fact that homosexuality was illegal at the time and gay marriages were prohibited may have contributed to the great fear those three felt throughout the entire interrogation process. In the upcoming and final episode, let’s see if we can get the slightest clue as to who could be the actual murderer of Robert Wone.


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Poulami Nanda
Poulami Nanda
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