‘What If?’ Season 2 Episode 6 Recap And Ending Explained: How Did Kahhori Defeat The Spanish Queen?

What If? Season 2, episode 6, introduced us to the brand new character of the MCU, Kahhori, a Native American woman who attained the miraculous power of the Space Stone. Kahhori’s journey follows her voyage to save her little brother as well as her entire community from the evil Spanish rulers, but eventually, her journey will lead her to achieve great power and unique responsibility to aid the Avengers in a multiverse war. Let’s discuss Kahhori’s story and how she became one of the most ancient Avengers.


Spoilers Ahead

What Was Inside The Forbidden Lake?

Episode 6 began with the Watcher narrating the story of Ragnarok taking over Asgard and defeating Odin. We saw that Asgard was entirely burnt down, and the tesseract was lost. The tesseract, leaving Asgard, was thrown into a lake on planet Earth. This lake was somewhere inside a cave in a native American land. Years later, in a community of indigenous people, this lake was recognized as a forbidden lake because nobody who jumped into the lake had ever come back. However, there was also a myth surrounding the lake regarding its ability to make people young forever. This myth had drawn many people to this village to look for the lakeā€”even the Spanish warriors, led by Conquistador Rodrigo Alphonso Gonzolo, who was also after the lake.


The community’s people were forbidden to go near the lake, but among them, a young woman named Kahhori and her brother Wahta decided to explore to see if there was really a magical lake in their village. In their pursuit, the siblings caught the attention of the Spanish warriors, who began to chase them. Running for their lives, Kahhori and Wahta eventually ended up at the cave, where they finally found the forbidden lake with its glowing blue water. However, two of the warriors managed to capture Wahta, while Kahhori tried to intervene to save her brother but got shot in the arm in the process. Getting shot, she fell into the lake, while the warriors held Wahta as their prisoner.

Inside the forbidden lake, Kahhori woke up in a different world, where the ancestors of their community were living a peaceful life in the Sky World. The power of the Space Stone was controlling the entire Sky World, giving its settlers supernatural strength and magical powers. One of them, Atahraks, befriended Kahhori and learned that she had accidentally come into the world, and her entire community outside was getting tormented by the Spanish rulers. Atahraks explained how the Sky World worked to Kahhori, saying that all of them had been living in this world for centuries without getting old or dying because of their supernatural power. So Atahraks asked Kahhori to remain in the world and harness the power of magic. Kahhori easily and quickly learned to harness the power of the Space Stone, and with the help of that, she decided to return to her own world to save her brother, but every time she tried to leave the Sky World, she failed.


Did Kahhori Get Out Of The Water?

While Kahhori was practicing her power, Atahraks urged her to participate in the hunt, which required her to hunt a diamond-shaped fruit from a gigantic bull. When all these bulls started running, the villagers would have to mount them and grab the fruit from their backs. Atahraks alerted Kahhori, saying that she should never run in front of the bull, otherwise it would crush her. However, when all the villagers collected only a few fruits, Kahhori managed to get a lot of fruits. She even came in front of a bull and overturned it with her immense power. Kahhori won the game with a great many fruits, which even enhanced her power. In honor of Kahhori, the villagers began to celebrate, while on the other hand, the Spanish warriors couldn’t resist themselves and got into the water, which sucked them in. The warriors all woke up in the Sky World and found Kahhori celebrating the night. But as the warriors aimed to shoot her, Kahhori managed to stop the bullets with the help of her power. Not only that, but she also defeated those warriors by severely beating them. Knocking them down, Kahhori told Atahraks and the rest of the villagers that these Spanish warriors were snatching their land and inflicting torture upon her community, so she demanded all the settlers of the Sky World reunite and fight against these warriors. However, Atahraks explained that they wanted a peaceful life rather than getting involved in a war. Kahhori didn’t want to compel them, so she summoned a portal through her power and finally managed to get out of the water to fight against the evil warriors all by herself.

How Did Kahhori Defeat The Spanish Queen?

Kahhori found that the Conquistador, Rodrigo, and his men were holding the indigenous people as captives and taking them to the Queen of Spain to make all of them her slaves. Kahhori confronted Rodrigo and waged a battle against him. No matter how many bullets came her way, she began to stop them all until a canonball was shot at her, which hit her, throwing her to the ground. As Rodrigo pulled his sword out and went to finish her off, he was shocked to find all the settlers of the Sky World had come to Kahhori’s rescue. All of those villagers, led by Atahraks, attacked the Spanish warriors, including Rodrigo, and defeated them with their powers. Kahhori managed to find Wahta on one of the ships and freed her brother as well as all the captives.


In the concluding scene of this episode, we saw that the Queen of Spain was furious to know that their army had failed to conquer the land of those indigenous people. Meanwhile, Kahhori and her tribe invaded the royal court of the Queen and asked the Queen to restore peace between their community and Spain, but the Queen was too stubborn and egotistical to accept the deal. Therefore, Kahhori, having no other option left, tried to punish the Queen by dethroning her. However, in the meantime, another portal opened, and a familiar voice was heard. It was Dr. Strange Supreme, previously introduced in What If? Season 1, who emerged from the portal and asked Kahhori to join him because he had been looking for her for so long. Seemingly, Dr. Strange Supreme was going to use Kahhori in the upcoming war of the Multiverse, so he traveled back in time to get her. Let’s see if the upcoming episodes of What If? shed light on that matter.

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