‘Welcome To Eden’ Season 2, Episode 5: Recap & Ending, Explained: Was Eloy Dead Or Alive?

Previously in “Welcome to Eden” Season 2, a lot of deaths took place. Astrid’s most dependable employee, Brenda, was assassinated. Additionally, Zoa’s link, Nico, and Saul got into a fight, which resulted in Nico’s passing. Joel killed Saul, but we later learned that Saul was the one who threatened Astrid with death and even attacked Erick. In the meantime, we learned what Astrid’s true motivation was for establishing the cult. Astrid and Erick were both interacting with alternative universes, and they discovered a “New Eden” in a separate galaxy where environmental issues like pollution and global warming hadn’t yet taken hold. Astrid’s ambition is to relocate to “New Eden” and bring her followers with her. She didn’t care whether or not her cult members, who were essentially captives unable to leave the island, wanted to settle somewhere else in the cosmos. Let’s see if the held captives can ultimately rise up in rebellion and leave Eden.


Spoilers Ahead

Who Was Som’s Father? What Made Astrid A Ferocious Killer?

The fifth episode of “Welcome to Eden” Season 2 begins with a flashback to 2014 when Astrid’s father was still alive. It was when Isaac was a tiny kid. After years of searching, Astrid’s father discovered the New Eden, which he informed his daughter, Astrid, about. Astrid was elated at the revelation. The thrill, though, was fleeting. Shortly after, Isaac and Astrid’s father took an afternoon drive to view the stars, two biker assassins assaulted their vehicle and killed Astrid’s father. Isaac was fortunate to survive, even though his car was completely damaged in the collision. Isaac sustained a serious head injury, which is why he has a scar on his forehead. Astrid rushed to the car after spotting the smoke and discovered Isaac was alive. The fact that she was unable to deal with her father’s passing severely damaged her mental stability. Perhaps the experience stoked her rage, which made her turn vicious.


Astrid became a cult leader in order to influence others to support her goal. Even so, she constructed her own army solely to exact revenge on the killers of her father. Unfortunately, those killers were hired by Som’s father, a rich businessman and owner of an oil extraction company. But Som’s father was now confined to bed due to an incurable illness. In order to get revenge for her father, Astrid solely selected Som to come to the island. During the evaluation session, Astrid asked Som to speak up and share her life story. Som admitted that she was obliged to work for her father’s business even though she had never wanted to. She also lamented the fact that her father had been ill for a while and that his condition had gotten worse. Astrid responded that her father’s death might be an option for her to become independent, but Som wasn’t quite impressed with the remark. Along with her, everyone in the group began to debate among themselves how Astrid could possibly have said such an offensive thing. It appears like Astrid’s game of manipulation will soon be over. They concluded they needed to act quickly to protect their necks from the surging rebellion.

Astrid instructed Charly to have an intimate relationship with Som. Even though Charly found it extremely difficult to do so since he was in love with Mayka, he had to obey Astrid’s orders in order to stay alive on the island. Mayka’s heart was broken seeing Charly and Som in the video footage, but she tried to cope with it. Astrid also forwarded the video to Som’s father in an effort to torture him and terrify him with the prospect of losing his daughter. Even though Som’s father admitted that his need to kill Astrid’s father was motivated by business, Astrid would not extend forgiveness to him. She had managed to abduct his daughter, and by taking her along, she would soon be moving to New Eden, ensuring that Som’s father would never again have the opportunity to meet his daughter.


Was Eloy Dead Or Alive?

During the evaluation session, we saw Eloy arrive, bringing Isaac with him. Therefore, Astrid and Erick couldn’t command their forces to shoot Eloy. The level two guards managed to catch Eloy, but Isaac begged his parents to leave him alone. Erick pardoned Eloy and spared his life when Isaac started bugging him. Erick returned to his friends, but he doubted that Bel had ratted him out. Bel, though, affirmed that it was actually Eva and not her. However, Eloy revealed the New Eden idea that Astrid and Erick were seeking. Even though Zoa and the others found it extremely difficult to believe it, they decided they should carry out their mutiny before Astrid could transport them elsewhere.

Astrid’s house apparently had a huge painting by Patinir depicting “Charon crossing the river Styx.” Charon, who was traveling on the Styx River, taking humanity, distinguishing Heaven and Hell, represented Isaac, who was chosen to be a guide to lead humanity to paradise. However, we do not yet know whether the New Eden will be a paradise or a type of torment. That’s why Patinir’s artwork was essential in the situation because, like Charon, Isaac had no idea where he was going. The New Eden could be a higher stage of human existence or simply another form of hell for humanity.


Did Astrid Find The Way To New Eden?

Astrid invited Gabi to supper once more. Gabi was quite enthusiastic about it, but Zoa didn’t like it at all. She came to realize that Astrid’s manipulative game was distancing her from her sister. Therefore, to prolong the rebellion, Zoa and Bel flung a rock into Astrid’s house, breaking their glass doors while they were eating. When Astrid went outside, she noticed someone had scribbled “Scammers and Killers” on the wall about them. Astrid had had enough of being afraid that she or her husband would be murdered at any moment. She did not hesitate to disclose her intergalactic endeavor to every member of her group. She told everyone in Eden about the New Eden and how she’d discovered it after a long period of research. Perhaps in future episodes, we’ll get to see what the New Eden is all about. But at the same time, it all hinges on Bel and Zoa’s rebellion and whether they can save everyone from Astrid’s psychotic pursuit and set them free.

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