‘Maestro In Blue’ Recap Before Watching Season on Netflix

The second season of Netflix’s Maestro in Blue is set to release on Netflix on Friday, the 17th. It’s a pretty lengthy show with long episodes so we thought it would be a perfect time to give you a recap of Season 1 so you can catch up with the next season without any hustle. Maestro in Blue’s story is set in the beautiful town of Paxi, where a musician named Orestis comes to organize the local music festival. Fanis, the mayor of the town, throws the festival to boost the town’s morale and attract more tourists before the upcoming election. However, as you get to know these characters, you will realize they lead a double life. They pretend to be perfect in front of everyone, but deep down, they are dealing with their own secrets and dilemmas. But, during the festival, something terrible happens when Charalambos, a worker for Fanis, gets murdered. Who did it, and why? Let’s find out together in this recap of the first season of Maestro in Blue on Netflix.


Spoilers Ahead

What is the relationship between Orestis and Klelia? 

In the beautiful town of Paxi, Mayor Fanis was planning a music festival in town to attract more visitors to their island after COVID-19. To make it happen, he invited Orestis, a musician from Athens. Right from the start, you can tell that Orestis was quite the catch, a handsome middle-aged man, and here everyone called him “Maestro.” Klelia, Fanis’ daughter, fell head over heels for him, despite their significant age difference—she was only 19. But hey, who says love cares about age, right? The day Orestis arrived on the island and asked Klelia for directions to the guesthouse, she happily offered to show him the way. For her, it was love at first sight. Orestis knew it was a tricky situation, with the age gap and Klelia being the mayor’s daughter. It could make things complicated for them. So, even though he was attracted to her too, he decided not to act on it. But Klelia wasn’t subtle about her feelings. She attended Orestis’ classes, took piano lessons from him, and even got her grandma to write song lyrics that she could perform at the festival—just to impress him. You can imagine just how in love she was with this man.


Why did Haris tell Orestis to act on his feelings? 

Haris was Klelia’s grandmother, a very nice woman and, honestly, a huge support system for Klelia and the family. After her husband’s death, she felt quite alone, but not entirely, as she spent her time with Dionyssis, the love of her life. Well, he wasn’t her husband, though. Her situation was very much like her granddaughter’s, and that’s why she understood how Klelia felt. Back when she was in high school, there was a music teacher, Dionyssis, who was much older than her but in love with her. He promised to take her to Athens, where they would live their lives together and have a future. She truly hoped for that, only to find out that he was married with a daughter. Later in life, after he separated from his family, Dionyssis told Haris that she was the love of his life, the only person he truly loved. Actually, for her, he even left his home, but it was too late. Haris’ father had made her marry a rich man, so she had to sacrifice her love for a secure future. As he grew older, Dionyssis lived in Paxi, suffering from herpes and being bedridden. Haris took care of him and was there for him whenever he needed. He even died in her arms. So, Haris didn’t want the same fate for Orestis and Klelia. She wanted what was best for them and didn’t want them to suffer like she did. She confronted Orestis about this and encouraged him to show courage and take action to tell Klelia that he loved her, and finally, he did.

What kind of man was Fanis? 

We all know those people who seem to have the best intentions, how they connect with others, and post those happy family pictures on social media, but deep down, they are extremely flawed. Well, Fanis was exactly like that, with his not-so-picture-perfect life. Even though Fanis tried hard to do good for the community with his gallery opening, and the music festival, and all, it was all because he was a money launderer. He was hiding plenty of black money, and he had to use it somewhere, right? Hence those festivals. Fanis had a luxury boat business, and with those boats, he dealt in drugs and other illegal businesses trading with the help of Charalambos. But it wasn’t just in his professional life that Fanis was shady; it was also in his personal life. His wife, Sofia, wasn’t in love with him and was secretly having an affair with Michalis, a doctor in town, which Fanis didn’t know about. On top of that, when he found out about Klelia and Orestis’ relationship, he tried to sabotage it because it would bring shame to him. He wanted Klelia to be in a relationship with Thanos, a boy who was the same age as Klelia and who was studying in medical school. But honestly, what was most disappointing about this guy was that he was deeply homophobic. Fanis’ son, Antonis, was in love with Charalambos’ son, Spyros, which both families disapproved of. Fanis thought it was a disgrace to the family, maybe just a phase, and pushed Antonis to go on dates with girls. He even threatened Charalambos so that the boys wouldn’t hang out together. Even though he wasn’t perfect himself, he wanted his son to fit society’s norms. On radio shows, we saw him preach about love and family, but his actions told a different story.


Why did Alexandra come to Paxi? 

Alexandra was Orestis’ wife. Yes, you heard it right. The single, middle-aged, handsome bachelor wasn’t so single after all. On top of that, they were about to have a baby. Actually, Alexandra was an oil broker from a wealthy family, and she and Orestis met in 1995 at a function. They immediately started dating after getting to know each other a little bit. Orestis even tried to work on her farm to earn some easy money because, obviously, being a musician wasn’t paying him enough. Anyway, they tried so hard for a baby, but it wasn’t happening naturally. Later, through IVF, Alexandra got pregnant. But due to cystic fibrosis, Alexandra’s baby was about to have some chronic disease, so she decided to terminate the child without discussing it with him. Later, Orestis found out that Alexandra was having relations with one of her colleagues on the farm. So, he left Athens and came to the town of Paxi to start a new life, and from then on, they were separated. But after that, Alexandra had another IVF procedure without consulting Orestis and later found out she was going to become a mother. So, she came to Paxi to meet Orestis and let him know, but she found out about him and Klelia being in love. The whole town, including Klelia, who didn’t know about this, was shocked by the news. But Orestis came to a decision after all. He had no intention of getting back with Alexandra, but he promised to be there for his child. However, he wanted to move on with his relationship with Klelia. Even though he knew she was young and this might not last, he was willing to give it a shot. Alexandra tried to convince him that it would pass, but Orestis stuck to his decision.

Who murdered Charalambos? 

Throughout the series, the most detestable character to me was Charalambos. He was a very bad husband and father. He used to beat Maria, his wife, who was a lovely woman, and he used to threaten her son Spyros, calling him all sorts of names for being gay and even humiliating him so much that Spyros had to pretend he was in love with a girl named Lianna. But later, Charalambos even molested Lianna when he was drunk. Even when Maria went to the police after so much humiliation for her, her son, and Lianna, the police didn’t do anything about it. He even went around threatening everyone who got in his way. He threatened Orestis too, saying he would expose him and Klelia’s affair to everyone in town so that everyone would disrespect him. He even told Fanis to give him a better cut in business so that he wouldn’t expose his money laundering business, and Fanis did as he told him so that he wouldn’t be exposed before the election. Even Sofia knew how much torture Spyros and Maria were dealing with, so she helped Maria by giving her a key to her mother’s house in Athens so that they could escape from this tortured life because they didn’t deserve it.


Throughout the eight episodes, we got the idea that Charalambos would be murdered, but why and how we didn’t know. In the last nine episodes, we finally saw what happened. Actually, Spyros and Antonis were having their secret rendezvous in the forest together, and Orestis saw that from his guesthouse window and was happy to see them together. But he saw that Charalambos was following them, so he knew that he might harm them as he was deeply homophobic. So, he followed them into the forest and suddenly heard a gunshot. Actually, Charalambos saw them making love there, and he attacked his son Spyros. He was about to throw a rock at him. Antonis, out of fear and desperation, shot Charalambos from behind. Orestis came to the scene and, with Spyros and Antonis’ help, dragged the dead body to his guesthouse, where Alexandra was also present. They even called Fanis to devise a plan about what to do about this. Fanis then set the story straight: Antonis was with him and Spyros was with Orestis helping with the festival, and they didn’t know anything about the incident. Fanis and Orestis, along with Spyros, took Charalambos’ dead body to the middle of the river on their boat and then threw him in the water. But little did they know, there was one more person who heard the gunshot and saw the incident but ran away from there. It’s none other than Doctor Michalis. He even tried to call the police but couldn’t say anything about it because he was scared of what might happen to them.

At the end of Maestro in Blue season 1, we see that the festival on the beautiful island of Paxi is over, and it’s a hit. But Orestis knew he had to move on with his life, leaving the past behind as too much had happened, and he didn’t want to drag Klelia into it. So, he decided to go away with Alexandra to Athens. Here, we see Klelia left behind, and Thanos is holding her hand. Maybe they will give their relationship a chance. But is it so easy to forget about your love? And what about Charalambos? Will it forever be a secret? Won’t anybody know about this? 


Well, from the second season’s trailer, we get the idea that even though Fanis tried hard to keep his son safe and not let anyone know about his murder, the police found his body, and an investigation is going on. Will they find the truth about who did it? Who knows. But one thing is for sure from the trailer: Klelia and Orestis will be back together, as we see she went to visit him in Athens, so there is a chance their relationship will be given a second chance after all. But it’s certain that with Orestis and Alexandra having a new child now, things will be complicated. Also, there is his involvement with the murder. So, what will happen to this maestro? We will find out in the next season. I look forward to it!

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