‘Welcome To Eden’ Season 2, Episode 4: Recap And Ending, Explained: How Did Astrid And Erick Find Eloy?

Previously, in “Welcome to Eden,” Episode 3, Nico learned that Saul had threatened Astrid with death. Saul was the one who’d even attacked Erick and stabbed him. Saul, however, had to kill Nico by stabbing a knife into his neck while he was on his way to hand himself in. After Nico vanished, Eden implemented a voting system, and it was agreed that senior staff would determine who would survive and who would die. Saul, meanwhile, was planning a follow-up assault on Astrid while revealing his identity as the assailant who stabbed Erick. Furthermore, Mayka assisted Charly and Africa in escaping the cell, yet, Africa struck Saul in the head to protect Astrid. Though Africa had a chance to survive as she saved Astrid’s life, Charly was able to get out of the cell in the interim. Let’s see what decision Astrid would take against Charly.


Spoilers Ahead

How Did Charly Become A ‘Link’? Was Saul Alive?

While Africa saved Astrid’s life by beating Saul over the head, Charly was fleeing for his life. He was finally captured by the level two guards once more and returned to Eden. Meanwhile, Saul had been severely injured and was unable to run for an extended period of time. He eventually took his last breath.


Astrid knew Mayka was involved in Charly’s escape, so she started interrogating her. Mayka begged for mercy and asked that Charly’s life be spared. She even suggested to Astrid that instead of killing Charly, they should utilize him as a ‘link,’ similar to Nico. Since Charly had an attractive appearance, Astrid thought that idea had some merit. Astrid summoned Charly, and instead of executing him, she said that Charly would now be utilized as a link. Charly was tasked with establishing contact with Som, a newbie from Thailand. Perhaps Som’s father had a feud with Erick and Astrid; therefore, they wanted Som to suffer the consequences. Charly went to Som’s module and introduced himself to her and Gabi. As Gabi recalled, Zoa had told her that Charly had fled the island and was returning with a rescue squad; she notified her of this, making her concerned about their escape mission. Zoa comprehends that Charly had no choice but to work as a servant for Astrid to survive on the island.

Did Africa Survive?

The voting results indicated that Africa should have been put to death, but because of her different decision to save Astrid’s life, Astrid decided to hire her on as her maid. Africa agreed to the job only to escape death. However, Erick was content to have Africa stay close by. He was free to reach out to Africa whenever he pleased, but Astrid was not at all pleased about the situation.


Brisa, in the meantime, followed the spy Astrid had sent to snoop on all the families of the residents of Eden. Brisa followed the spy to Charly’s brother’s house, where Charly’s brother asked Brisa whether she knew where Charly was. Brisa gave him her business card so he could contact her. Brisa was coming closer to finding out what had happened to Zoa and Charly. Thus, we can hope that she will soon be able to locate Eden and return all the captives to their normal lives.

How Did Astrid And Erick Find Eloy?

After Eloy fled, the level two guards conducted an inquiry to find him. However, Orson and Ibon attempted to find Eloy on their own before the level two guards discovered him and killed him. Orson had an unspoken crush on Eloy, but he never pursued it. Meanwhile, while Ibon and Orson traveled to find Eloy, Ibon became closer to Orson, and they shared intimate moments with each other.


Meanwhile, Eloy was with Isaac, despite the fact that he knew Isaac was Astrid’s son. Isaac, however, had had a good upbringing. He was not like his terrible mother; rather, he was more calm and reasonable. He showed Eloy his module within an inactive volcano, as well as the antenna that was used to form a connection with outer space. Eloy couldn’t believe what Isaac said, and Isaac couldn’t believe Eloy, being a member of Astrid’s group, didn’t know what their group’s true mission was. Isaac thought the group members had come to work on these interplanetary connections, but Astrid had kept her true motivation from her group. Rather than revealing to her followers her real objectives, she was more willing to forcefully subjugate everyone. This is because Astrid is not only embarking on an intergalactic expedition to improve the world’s environment or to find a better world, but she also has ulterior motives behind it, which she has not revealed even to her husband, Erick.

Ibon and Orson discovered all of the level two guards were laying explosives along the shore the next morning, which piqued Ibon’s interest. As Ibon and Orson returned to their modules and entered the evaluation session, they noticed Alma had come forward to express her regret for failing to murder Eloy. She admitted her error and vowed not to repeat it. Eloy, on the other hand, showed up during the evaluation. Every level two guard pointed their rifles at him, but they couldn’t shoot him since Isaac had arrived with Eloy. In front of everyone, Erick and Astrid introduced Isaac as their son. Isaac may persuade her parents not to kill Eloy, but will this deter Astrid? Eloy is now aware of Astrid’s cult’s cosmic mission, so he may have a slim chance of survival. Or maybe Astrid and Erick are going to give Eloy a second chance, which might save Eloy on this journey, but like Africa and Charly, he would just end up being a rule-abiding servant. Let’s wait and watch what happens to Eloy in the following episodes.


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