‘Welcome To Eden’ Season 2 Episode 2: Recap And Ending, Explained: What Happened To Gabi?

Previously in Episode 1 of “Welcome To Eden” Season 2, we saw Africa being captured by Astrid after discovering the transmission room. Though Astrid planned to kill her later, Erick, who had recently recovered from his injury, wanted to protect Africa. He informed Africa of their interplanetary endeavor to discover a new Eden and relocate there. Africa didn’t buy it, but Erick appeared to be telling the truth. It could have been a fervent belief or the final truth that Astrid’s cult was working towards. However, Zoa and Gabi met in Eden and chose to keep their relationship a secret. Following Ulises’ death, level-two guards were instructed to identify the murderer, and Eva assisted them by claiming that Eloy had killed Ulises. Danae, one of the level-two security personnel, mercilessly tortured Eloy. Astrid gave the order to kill Eloy the next morning, and Alma was given the duty.


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Was Eloy Dead Or Alive? What Happened To Alma?

Danae captured Eloy and mercilessly tortured him. Alma and Orson arrived at the location the next morning. Following Alma, Ibon arrived in an attempt to prevent Alma from killing Eloy, but Danae ordered him to leave. Despite his best efforts, Ibon refused to admit that he was the true murderer. He was filled with guilt, but he was also terrified of death. Alma and Orson led Eloy to a cliff and prepared to pierce his skull, but just as she placed the machine over Eloys forehead, she declared she wouldn’t be able to murder him. Orson, who didn’t want to kill Eloy either, told him to leave. Eloy escaped, but he was well aware that he wouldn’t be able to flee Eden since Astrid’s men would soon find him. Alma and Orson returned to Astrid, admitting their inability to assassinate Eloy. Alma, a two-star employee, made up the story that she tried to assassinate Eloy, but he escaped. When Astrid learned they were making things up, she gave the order to remove one star from Alma’s wrist, which was indeed a painful procedure.


Who Had Threatened Astrid With Death? Who Killed Nico?

While Joel, a level-two guard, was having a casual affair with Eva, he spotted his longtime nemesis, Saul, at the beach. Joel wanted to start a battle with Saul, so he inflamed him by mentioning his late mentor. Joel and Saul got into a fight, which Saul won, severely hurting Joel’s face. Joel would have been killed if Eva hadn’t come to save him. But Nico was curious about what Saul and Joel had been talking about earlier. As a result, he accompanied Zoa to Saul’s chamber in search of any hints concerning his late mentor. He discovered a framed portrait of Graciela, an elderly woman who had once served as Saul’s mentor. When he cracked the frame, he discovered a message hidden underneath the picture that bore a symbol resembling one he had noticed in Astrid’s death threat. Nico came to the conclusion that Saul was the assailant who had stabbed Erick and threatened to kill Astrid.

Saul and his mentor may have been striving to destroy Astrid’s cult and set all the innocent people free, or they may have been dealing with some other unrecognized political crisis. However, Nico wanted to complain about it to Astrid, which would earn him two stars. Nevertheless, Zoa stopped him because she was sick of all the death she had been witnessing since she had arrived in Eden. Saul had arrived in the meantime, only to discover Nico was going to ruin his life. He got into a fight with Nico and stabbed him in the neck. As Saul fled the scene, Zoa remained by Nico’s side. Realizing that Nico wouldn’t be able to make it, she tried to comfort him. Nico told Zoa that he loved her and that all he ever wanted in life was to grasp onto someone he could call his own, but that didn’t happen. Before he breathed his last, Zoa sat by his side and attempted to give him a serene moment. Zoa held Nico as he passed away in her arms.


What Happened To Gabi?

Gabi was worried about her sister and tried her hardest not to reveal anything about her family, but she messed up during the “evaluation” session. When she came forward to talk about her family, she inadvertently hinted that she had a sibling. Astrid expressed her reservations, but Gabi persuaded her that she didn’t have a sister but rather a close friend that she called a sister. Astrid didn’t believe Gabi, so she tried to put her to the test. Based on Gabi’s profile, she was a deep-sea diver. Astrid took Gabi on her yacht and requested that she dive into the deep water to retrieve her star locket. Zoa grew anxious as her sister leaped into the sea, but Gabi managed to make it back with the star locket. Astrid was impressed, and she began to like Gabi. She planned dinner with her husband, Erick, in the evening.

Astrid was furious when Erick disclosed to her that he had already notified Africa about New Eden. She resolved to kill Africa the next morning, but Erick warned her that if she did, he would leave the island. He went on to say that she would no longer be the one to decide who would live and die. Astrid recognized she now faced a greater challenge, which was none other than her beloved husband. She sent Danae to fetch Gabi and bring her to them. At first, Gabi was a little concerned about being invited by Astrid, but after talking with Astrid and Erick, she started to open up about her upbringing and how dysfunctional her parents were. She appeared to feel lightheaded after drinking the wine, which was concerning since, if she became intoxicated, she might expose all the details of her family, including the fact that Zoa was her sister.


Isaac made a suspicious disclosure, which changed the tone of the show. He admitted that Nuria had given birth to him, but Nuria informed him that Astrid was his true biological mother. Nuria may have assisted Astrid and Erick as a surrogate, which is how Isaac was born. However, Isaac, being a free spirit, did not want to spend all of his time at home. Despite Nuria’s warning, he left the house and traveled to the mountains, where he came across a man lying down in a deserted spot. Eloy was the man who took refuge there after getting tired of running. Therefore, now that Isaac has seen him, it is unclear whether he will take him to his parents or allow him to flee the island. Let’s find out in the following episodes.

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