‘Welcome To Eden’ Season 2, Episode 1: Recap & Ending, Explained: Is Brenda Dead?

Season 2 of “Welcome to Eden” is an intriguing continuation of the plot that delves deeper into the unresolved mysteries from season one, with a focus on exposing Astrid’s true motivations for leading this cult. We might learn who threatened her with murder on her anniversary from this season. By the end of the previous season, we saw Zoa attempt to leave the island with Bel’s guidance, but when she saw her sister Gabi arrive as a newcomer, she had to change her mind and swim back to the island. Let’s see if she can protect her sister from these sinister people of Eden and eventually return to her usual life after leaving the island.


Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Zoa Choose To Stay In Eden? Is Charlie Still Alive?

The first episode picked up where the season one of “Welcome to Eden” ended. On the water, Zoa is seen contemplating whether she should leave the island or turn around and go back. Since her sister Gabi was a new passenger on the ship, she stayed on the island. Otherwise, in her absence, her sister’s life would be in grave danger. As Zoa struggled to swim across the sea, Nico rescued her and brought her back to the beach. He knew Zoa was running away; therefore, he brought her back to shore and asked her why she was returning if she wanted to flee. Nico didn’t believe Zoa when she said she came back for him. He was aware that Zoa and Bel were developing feelings for each other; therefore, Zoa couldn’t have returned for Nico. Nico gave her the cold shoulder, but in the meantime, he showed his true concern for Zoa by refraining from complaining to Astrid about her. Bel embraced Zoa as she arrived back in Eden. Nico began to feel uneasy, so Zoa and Bel decided to keep their distance from him.


. Meanwhile, Ibon had murdered Ulises, and Eloy had assisted him in drowning the body, causing them to stress over the consequences. Ibon could only imagine his doom approaching him now that Ulises had been found dead, and Astrid would soon be taking action against his killer. Charly, on the other hand, managed to flee, but in the middle of the water, he discovered a rescue boat. Though he was relieved to see a rescue boat, which could be his only hope of returning to the city, it turned out that the boat was also from Eden, and the people aboard it were all level 2 employees working for Astrid. When they found Charly fleeing the island, they notified Astrid and returned to Eden’s shore.

Meanwhile, Zoa learned via Eva that just two newcomers had been chosen to stay in Eden, one of whom was her sister Gabi. Gabi, on the other hand, made a fake online profile and went by the name “Molly.” Zoa found her to be safe, but she visited her in private so that no one in Eden would suspect they were siblings. Zoa recounted every wicked deed that had been going on in Eden for a few days, including Judith’s death, which perplexed Gabi. She became terrified and understood that by traveling to Eden to save her sister, she had actually made everything worse for both of them.


What Was In The Secret Room That Africa Discovered?

In the previous season, Africa discovered a secret door that led to a room filled with high-technology devices. As soon as she uncovered this unique arrangement at Astrid’s home, she was detained and locked up. Astrid informed her that she had come across something she should not have seen. Africa tried to persuade her that she would remain silent for the rest of her life and not say anything to anyone, but Astrid refused to release her. Finally, Erick recovered from his injury and said goodbye to his son, Isaac. Astrid informed him about Africa as he returned home. Erick was devastated to learn that Africa had dug her own grave by finding that room, and now Astrid would have to murder her, something he would be powerless to stop even if he tried. He met with Africa, and in a fit of impatience, he told her the mystery of that room. They mostly employed the equipment maintained in that room to form a connection with outer space, where they searched for a “New Eden” in several galaxies. The reason Erick and Astrid were gathering members of their cult was that they intended to move to the New Eden and take their followers with them. We have seen Erick and Astrid express concern for the environment in prior seasons, so it is possible that they were looking to migrate to a New Eden where the ecosystem would be unharmed and free of pollution and damage. Cults are frequently founded on this kind of irrational belief that, upon the end of the world, they would be able to transform into a higher species than humans and continue to exist in a heightened state of existence. Whether it was true or not, Astrid and Erick’s ideology was somewhat akin to that.

Africa, understandably, didn’t want to accept what Erick had told her, but she was confident that after learning so many insider details about Astrid’s cult, she wouldn’t be permitted to live any longer. She wouldn’t be able to escape Astrid’s wrath, even with Erick’s help. But as she rotted in the prison by herself, she discovered Charly had been sent to her cell. The level-two guardians of Eden had captured him for violating Eden’s rules. He was locked up with Africa. Astrid’s right hand, Mayka, could only confirm that her beloved Charly was still alive, which made her feel better.


What Happened To Ibon And Eloy? Why Was Brenda killed?

Astrid gave the level-two guards the task of locating Ulises’s killer. The level-two guards, Joel and Danae, began questioning the occupants, while Ibon wanted to take the blame. Bel warned him against taking such harsh action for the sake of their rebellion. Danae, a ferocious level two guard, detained some of the occupants, including Ibon and Eloy, and threatened to kill them unless they confessed to the murder. Both Ibon and Eloy knew they were going to die shortly, but Ibon didn’t want Eloy to be executed for the murder he had committed. Ibon was rotting from shame and anguish, but he couldn’t confess that he was the killer.

Meanwhile, Bel and Eva discussed how to stop the level-two guards from killing Ibon; while Bel didn’t want anyone dead, Eva realized someone had to suffer the consequences. She decided Eloy should be punished, so she approached Danae and told her Eloy was to blame for Ulises’ death. Ibon was saved, but he couldn’t accept the fact that Eloy would be slaughtered for no reason. He returned to Alma, who had been ordered to execute Eloy the next morning. While the two of them were making out, Ibon disclosed to her that he, not Eloy, was the one who killed Ulises. Alma realized she had no control over Astrid’s decision, so she had no choice but to kill Eloy. She also didn’t want Ibon to suffer, so she wouldn’t turn him in. However, it was tough for her to kill an innocent guy.

Joel and Astrid were practicing with weapons when Astrid took advantage of the opportunity. She had recently become furious about Brenda, who had constantly failed to fulfill every task assigned to her. She couldn’t figure out who had sent Astrid the death threat or who had slain Ulises. As a result, Brenda was no longer useful to Astrid. She called Brenda and asked her to run as an excuse for practicing with the weapons. As Brenda began to run, Astrid shot her three times, putting her to rest. The upcoming “Welcome to Eden” episode will bring a lot of suspense since Alma will have to kill an innocent man. Let us see if she is capable of killing Eloy or if the call of humanity prevents her from doing it.

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