‘Wednesday’ Trailer Breakdown: Is Nevermore Really A Good Boarding School For Wednesday Addams?

Netflix has come up with a gothic comedy series by Tim Burton based on a character from “The Addams Family,” Wednesday Addams. You’d be satisfied to know it will also be released on a Wednesday of all days! Anyway, “Wednesday” is a coming-of-age Gothic series, and the teaser looks promising. It is also very exciting for the fans of the film “The Addams Family” to watch a character’s life in a fresh aesthetic. The cast includes Jenna Ortega as Wednesday, Luis Guzmán as Gomez Addams, and Catherine Zeta-Jones as Morticia Addams, and it is surprising that Pugsley is mentioned in the teaser but not shown. However, it is obvious we will be seeing the character in the series when it releases on the 23rd of November. 


What Happens In The Trailer?

In the opening scene, we see Nevermore Academy, where Wednesday is being taken to. In the teaser, we see how she gets expelled for putting deadly fish in the swimming pool at her school. It is a very funny scene where she says only she gets to bully her brother, hinting at how fierce she is when it comes to protecting her family. We get to see some background on the character here and how Wednesday reacts to the situation. Wednesday is awkward and weirdly silent, much like the previous adaptations of the same character. However, this time she looks very goth. The mind behind the show, Tim Burton, is known for his gothic movies and aesthetics. In fact, in one of the interviews, the main lead, Jenna Ortega (Wednesday), says that Tim Burton is one of the most detail-oriented directors she’s worked with. The aesthetic of the trailer is rather pleasing, considering how poor Netflix adaptations can be.

Further, into the trailer, we get to know that Nevermore is a school where everyone is accepted, no matter how bad of a student they are. It looks like a very healthy environment for Wednesday, who enjoys her goth side. Nevermore is made for the growth of students, and Wednesday is a character who is incorrigible, so it is going to be fun witnessing how she handles a very positive environment. Nevermore looks like a lively boarding school to me!


Moving on, we see a beautiful room where Wednesday will be living in the series, and we get introduced to her sweet-looking roommate. We also see Wednesday trying to perform magic, but it looks like the people at her new boarding school are already well-versed in her family. We learn that here, Wednesday can’t really be her natural bully self because she has to learn how to “control herself.” She says she acts like she does not care when people despise her; she actually enjoys it! The background score used in the trailer is also wonderful. But I can’t help but notice some similarities with cliche Netflix series like Riverdale because further into the trailer, we see how Wednesday would be solving crimes happening around her. It is a mystery thriller like Riverdale, but hopefully not with the same predictable storyline. We learn in the trailer that the school might not be as bright as it looks and has some dark truths behind it. The trailer leaves us with a question: will “Wednesday” be as promising as the trailer looks, or yet another poor adaptation by Netflix like Riverdale?

One thing that is very notable about the trailer and teaser is that the visuals are top-notch. We are going to witness Wednesday in a world of fantasy, much like Harry Potter, or so it seems from the trailer. Tim Burton said he chose to make a series on Wednesday with a female protagonist because he can relate to her views on the world, and he always wanted to explore the character more. Through his gothic-creative mind, Tim Burton also designed the monster we are going to witness in the series. He used to draw on sets of Wednesday Addams just to get the perfect visual he had in mind. In the trailer, we are also introduced to Wednesday’s parents, Gomez and Morticia Addams, and the actors look stunning! One thing I, personally, am looking forward to is the actors. Each actor looks perfect for the role in the trailer, be it the main lead or the side characters.


Talking about the star of the show, Wednesday is a Latina character, and the actress in the series is also Latina in real life. She was very excited to play the role because, until now, a Latina character had not been represented. The representation is a strong plus point for the Netflix adaptation because the casting looks so authentic. There are a lot of fun scenes in the trailer where you find yourself giggling hard. In one of the scenes in the trailer, Morticia mentions how Wednesday is allergic to colors, and it is one of the funniest scenes I have witnessed in a trailer. The graphics are done very well, and the cinematic aspect of the series looks great too. The trailer ends with Wednesday saying she knows the suspense is killing us!

Some Reasons To Watch ‘Wednesday’

First of all, if you are already a fan of the “Addams Family,” I don’t need to tell you why you should watch “Wednesday.” However, if you are watching it just for the director or the character, I want to point out that Tim has sketched a lot of scenes for the series himself. Tim is an American filmmaker, and he was the first choice of the producers for making the series. The series looks like a very long movie showing us the life of Wednesday Addams. Another reason to watch the series is for the visuals. The visuals look very picturesque and remind you of a dream world with a lot of colors. Even though Wednesday is a goth character, the visuals are very colorful and bright. 


However, at times, the visuals go very dark. So, it would be fun to watch how the director played with the color scheme of the series. According to the actors, the director’s vision is quirky and creative. Because of his being so creative, Tim Burton creates a world that is unreal, yet we see truth and depth in the characters that make us believe everything is real. 

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