‘The Legend Of Vox Machina’ Season 2, Episodes 10, 11, & 12: Recap & Ending, Explained – Will There Be A Season 3?

In the finale trilogy of the second season of Amazon Prime’s “The Legend of Vox Machina,” we witness the heroes go up against the acid-spitting dragon Umbrasyl in their toughest battle yet, and it has an unlikely hero. The last we saw of the protectors of Tal’Dorei, they had been separated into two groups and were trying to find the Vestiges of Divergence. While Garmelie showed Vex, Vax, Percy, and Keyleth to their own realms, Grog challenged his tyrant uncle Kevdak, who wielded the gauntlet Vestiges. What happens when the shriveled-up Grog goes up against the behemoth, and will the two parties be able to find each other? Here’s what happens in the season’s finale trilogy.


Spoilers Ahead

The Killbox 

After escaping the Fey Realm, Vax, Vex, Percy, and Keyleth arrive in what’s supposed to be Whitestone, but they find nothing until Vax extends his hand and encounters a cloaking spell. One-half of Vox Machina enters Whitestone, which was hiding under the concealment spell and arrives at the palace, where Keeper Yennen, Cassandra, Gilmore, and every other major sorcerer have arrived. While they try to figure out where the rest of their crew is, Allura casts a spell that shows Grog, Pike, and Scanlan are in Westruun, and Grog’s obvious shrinkage in size is well noticeable.


In Westruun, amidst the ruins left by Umbrasyl, Grog approaches Kevdak and challenges the wielder of the Titanstone gauntlets to single combat to restore the honor of the clan. As Pike and Scanlan are nervously watching the events unfold, they’re joined by Kaylie, the gnome that Scanlan had sent away with the rest of the townsfolk. In the makeshift ring, Grog is being thrashed left and right by his Vestige-wielding uncle, who’s even more of a beast in his old age. While hammering Grog’s face in, Kevdak spots Pike and sends his men to get her, and although the healer and the bard try putting on a fight, they’re quickly captured, much to the terror of Grog. Kevdak impales Grog’s stomach on a palisade and leaves him stuck while manhandling Pike and preparing to crush her under his behemoth foot. Under such dire circumstances, Grog hears the voice of Earthbreaker Groon from Episode 2, and he once again asks the half-giant about the source of his strength. In his mind’s eye, Grog sees Groon and says that he’s weak, while Pike’s pleas reach him again. Grog finally figures out the true source of his strength, gains more than whatever muscles he had lost, equals Kevdak in size, and launches himself on the tyrant. A fair fight finally starts, and Grog starts pushing back his uncle until he claps his gauntlets together and doubles to the size of a titan, reminding one of Thanos from “Avengers: Endgame,” and proceeds to hand a brutal beating down to his nephew. After pinning him down to the ground and priming for the final blow, Kevdak asks Grog the reason he’s still here, and the giant replies that the source of his strength is his friends, as Vax and the others are seen scaling the guardrails. Scanlan spots them as well, and Grog cheers his friends on to attack. Each member powers up their abilities and throws themselves at the advancing marauders, and a bloody battle breaks out, with the bard’s music encouraging them not to give up.

However, the wind of the battle changes, and even though Grog manages to slash Kevdak’s left hand off with an axe, he casually beats his nephew with his severed hand before choking out his son Zanror, who tried fighting back. With the Vox Machina being beaten back, Vex has the crazy idea where she releases Trinket and locks Grog inside the amulet from Zahra before releasing it on top of Kevdak. Grog explodes out of the amulet and charges down at Kevdak, and Pike rushes in to heal his wounds. Grog removes the gauntlets from his uncle’s hands to wear them, and when the dust settles, the Herd of Storms’ leader is seen sliced from the neck to the waist. As the herd starts chanting for him, he announces that the herd is free from Kevdak’s tyranny and releases his cousin Zanror from his shackles before announcing Kevdak’s son as the Thunderlord of the herd.


At night, the entire herd and Vox Machina celebrate together, and as Scanlan sings a party song, Keyleth catches Pike, who has been staring at the group’s bard from afar, up on the recent events. Keyleth then approaches Vax, who seems distracted because he just saw The Matron of Ravens in a vision, and asks him for a dance, but he refuses. Pike seems irritated by how Kaylie is dancing with Scanlan, while Zanror, Grog, and Percy plan on creating a trap for Umbrasyl the next time he arrives. Scanlan heads into Kaylie’s room, where she ties him to the bedposts before pointing a sword at his throat and revealing that she’s his daughter!

Belly Of The Beast

Scanlan is shocked to learn that Kaylie is his daughter and says that he does remember her mother, and he narrates a tale about how he fell in love with another gnome, but fate had other plans, and they had to separate, but that he always remembered Lea. However, Kaylie’s mother was someone called Sybil, and now she wants to kill Scanlan, who’s willing to accept it because he admits he’s horrible. Kaylie leaves him with the realization that he’s the one who runs from his responsibilities.


As the other Vox Machina members are getting drunk, a strange golden string-like light calls Vax outside, where all the dead bodies start rising up and pleading with him to shepherd them to the “beyond,” and Vax starts getting pulled towards the Matron of Ravens. He demands to know what the maiden needs him for and realizes all is back to normal. That night he has a talk with Scanlan, who suggests that he take a leap of faith to see where it takes Vax. Elsewhere, Thordak gives Umbrasyl the final warning that if he can’t bring him the riches the leader of the Chroma Conclave demands, the acid-spitting dragon will be burned to crisp. After Thordak is gone, Anna Ripley arrives and suggests that Umbrasyl take the gauntlets of Kevdak, and the green dragon agrees.

In the morning, Percy lays out the plan on how to trap Umbrasyl when Vex spots her brother walking out. Outside the Matron’s temple, Vax tells his sister and Keyleth, who had sneaked in, that the Matron is calling him and he needs to answer. After promising his sister not to go away from her, Vax enters the temple and is confused by its surroundings; while outside, Vex tells Keyleth that she knows Kiki loves her brother. The druid asks for advice, and Vex tells her not to let Vax getaway. Vax finds a pool of red liquid and takes the leap of faith, but there’s no climbing back up, and he begins sinking and soon loses consciousness. He wakes up to find the Matron, who says that he’s been chosen as her champion to shepherd the souls that die to the land of the dead so that they can finally rest. Vax accepts the responsibility, and the Matron promises him that he doesn’t need to be afraid of death anymore. Vax meets the Vox members outside and explains that the Matron is watching them, and they return to the tavern, where Percy is explaining the plan. Grog orders the giants to start digging in a spot, and Zanror gifts him Kevdak’s Bloodaxe as a token of appreciation. Scanlan tries to see off Kaylie, who’s heading to Marquet, and she adds that given all the mistakes he has made, he’ll need to do something massively generous to make her forget all the horrible things he has put her family through. 


The trap is set, and 20 half-giants and Vox Machina lay in wait for Umbrasyl to step onto the pressure plate that will capture the dragon. Umbrasyl arrives but isn’t stepping into the trap, so Vex unleashes the trap on the dragon, and Grog’s men tighten it further with arrows. Scanlan’s magic keeps Umbrasyl’s mouth shut, and Pike’s holy damage makes it screech in pain, while Vax’s daggers leave wounds bleeding from his body. Vex thinks they have him in their grasp, but Umbrasyl breaks free of the contraptions and turns invisible before raining acid on the giants and crushing them to death with his feet. Grog tries attacking with the gauntlets but can’t hit the invisible monster until Vex’s shock arrow exposes him. Scanlan comes up with the plan that he and Vax need to get inside the dragon, but not through its mouth, but the other way around. After Grog’s knuckles leave the dragon stunned, Scanlan uses his magical hand to shove himself and Vax inside Umbrasyl through a giant pink-colored enema. With Scanlan’s sword keeping the dragon from escaping, Vox Machina starts bringing down wreckage on the dragon until he displaces the sword and takes flight. Scanlan is knocked out, and Umbrasyl flies away with Vax and Scanlan in his belly, but Grog throws his Bloodaxe on the dragon and is hurled away as well.

The Hope Devourer 

In an idyllic land, the elderly Scanlan is reading a story to his grandchildren about how he defeated the dragon Umbrasyl and saved the Vox Machina, with Kaylie bringing in snacks for them. However, the faces of his grandchildren change into Vax motioning for him to wake up, and as it turns out, the gnome had been rendered unconscious by Umbrasyl’s jerks. He does wake up, but they find themselves inside the dragon’s stomach, which is flying hundreds of feet in the air, and Grog is literally hanging by a thread (or rope). Vex kicks up her flying broom, and Keyleth transforms herself into a giant hawk for Percy and Pike to climb on and chase after the dragon, but the gunslinger can’t take a shot without damaging Grog. Umbrasyl tries shaking Grog off, but he keeps hacking away at the dragon’s scales while Vax severs the blade wound he had made on Umbrasyl’s body to sneak out. The dragon spits acid at Grog, who loses his balance and falls but manages to double in size to reduce the fall’s impact. The giant’s leg is broken, and he’s severely hurt as Pike arrives and begins healing him. Vax and Scanlan escape out of the dragon’s belly thanks to the bard’s magical hand, but Umbrasyl destroys the hand, knocking Scanlan out. While falling to their deaths, Vax asks Matron for help and says that he’s not afraid of death anymore, and the deity blesses him with two raven wings that he uses to save Scanlan and fly away.


Pike can’t complete the healing because her healing powers have run out, and Grog’s broken leg isn’t fixed yet when Vax descends like an angel with Scanlan in his arms. Percy spots Umbrasyl entering a mountain and wants to chase after him, but the Vox Machina members are broken and exhausted. The wounded Umbrasyl is approached by Ripley, who suggests retreating because he’s injured, but he has learned how to heal his wounds, and he promises that the Vox is heading towards them with the Vestiges, ripe for the picking. Outside the entrance, Vax says that he’ll sneak in for a quick peek but remembers to insult Scanlan beforehand for being a coward. As Vax darts inside, Pike approaches the brooding Scanlan, who’s upset with himself because his own daughter had also called him a coward, and Scanlan confesses to Pike about Kaylie’s true identity.

Meanwhile, Vax is making his way through the acid-covered lair of Umbrasyl until he’s forced to stop in his tracks upon spotting the dismembered head of Kamaljori, the Sphinx from Episode 5. The elf is surprised by the dragon, who sneaks up behind him, and his acid attacks bring down Vax. Leaving Pike to look after Grog, the rest of the crew heads in and arrives just in time to stop Umbrasyl from killing Vax. The dragon’s acid proves too much for the Vox, who struggle to hold their own. Vex saves Percy from being melted to bones, and he in turn shoots the dragon in the face when he tries gobbling her. They manage to escape out of the lair and into a different area as the dragon is stopped because of his immense size. As the members are arguing about the best way to proceed from there, with Vax strongly inclined to keep fighting, the myth-carver shows Umbrasyl exactly where they are. Just as Scanlan is coming to terms with Vax, Umbrasyl explodes into the cavern and starts decimating all the members. He ends up capturing Vex’s Fenthras. Just then, Pike arrives to help, and Grog jumps in to keep Umbrasyl’s mouth sealed, but the wretched dragon chooses to turn invisible. Every member is brutally beaten and bleeding, and Scanlan finally understands that he can no longer run from his responsibility.


Umbrasyl takes Grog’s gauntlets, and the battered and broken Vox Machina close their eyes and accept their fate when Scanlan arrives and takes Mythcarver. Despite his attempts to shake the bard off, Scanlan jumps high in the air and brings down the sword into the dragon’s green reptilian eye, killing it for good. Watching everything from afar, Ripley grunts in frustration and flees. Pike tries to heal Scanlan, but it seems that he is dead, and as the healer starts weeping, the gnome shakes it off as just another of his jokes. As if killing a second dragon wasn’t enough, they discover an immense amount of gold and riches, making sure each member can retire early if they want. As they excitedly talk amongst themselves, Vax nods at the Matron, affirming that he’ll always help her. While walking out, Percy suggests heading to Whitestone and telling the councilwomen that the Chroma Conclave can be defeated. At the Whitestone palace, while the Vox and the others are drinking to the death of one dragon, Keeper Yennen starts talking about the Conclave, and her countenance starts changing. The others realize that she’s morphing into a dragon that Keyleth calls Raishan, but before they can continue, everyone other than the Vox Machina members passes out.

Yennen is a secret member of the Conclave and says that she hates Thordak equally, but to beat him, Vestiges won’t be enough. She continues that Thordak’s irrationality stems from his desire to strip Tal’Dorei of all its gold, but it’s not his greed that makes him do this; he has another purpose. In Thordak’s lair, the ice dragon Vorugal arrives with the news that the Vestige-wielding Vox Machina has killed Umbrasyl, and they’ll target the remaining dragons soon. Thordak chuckles and awaits their arrival because he has another army lying in wait, and we meet several huge eggs on lava with golden shells, which might house ‘a whole new wave of mini dragons for the heroes to confront.


What To Expect From Season 3?

In Season 3, Vox Machina may have to encounter whatever springs out of these eggs, and it’s possible that they’ll be some kind of golden fire-breathing beasts like the ones Keyleth had defeated in the Fire Realm. This might be the reason Thordak was collecting the gold because if it’s used to create this new army, Vox Machina probably won’t have it that easy to beat them back. Will the heroes be able to take on the new threat, or will the Chroma Conclave prove to be the superior force? Now that the crew members have Vestiges to power up their unique abilities, they’re going to be aided by Raishan, the shape-shifting dragon who has guaranteed to offer help. While it’s unclear what help this turncoat dragon will bring for the crew, she might be the only chance Vox has of beating Thordak because his massive golden army doesn’t look like it can be taken lightly. With Amazon Prime having renewed “The Legend of Vox Machina” for a third season, we shall be finding out the fate of our heroes soon.

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