‘Unicorn: Warriors Eternal’ Episodes 1 And 2 Recap & Ending, Explained: Do The Unicorns Defeat Lulu?

From the mind of legendary animator-director Genndy Tartakovsky (Dexter’s Laboratory, Samurai Jack, PowerPuff Girls, Star Wars: Clone Wars, Primal) comes yet another fantasy series 20 years in the making. Unicorn: Warriors Eternal shows three magical beings under the banner of the Unicorn sworn to protect the world from evil. The members of the Unicorn include Seng, a celestial monk; Edred, a warrior elf; and Melinda, a sorceress. Will they be able to perform their duties? Let’s find out.


Spoilers Ahead

The Banner Of The Unicorn

Melinda, Edred, and Seng defeat an evil dragon in ancient Egypt, but in the endeavor, Melinda is badly injured. The elder magician Merlin arrives through a portal and tells them that while their deed is done, they will be summoned again by Copernicus, his voiceless robot assistant from the future, when evil returns. And thus, for centuries, whenever evil has risen, Copernicus has summoned the Unicorn to fight it.


The place is London, and the year is 1890. Three humanoids walk into a graveyard, dig up Copernicus, and try to destroy him. Copernicus awakens, destroys them, and heads towards the city. He knows that the attack of the humanoids is a sign that evil has returned. He needs to gather the Unicorn again. Somewhere else, Winston and Emma are getting married at a church in front of their loved ones when Copernicus enters. Everyone freaks out, and Winston and his friends pounce on him. As expected, Copernicus throws them off in the blink of an eye and casts the Unicorn spell on Emma, who then turns into a dark sorceress. She is no longer the woman Winston or her parents loved. She is Melinda.

The Rise Of Good And Evil

A green-eyed woman finds her dismembered humanoids at the graveyard. She repairs one of them, and it shows her footage of Copernicus. She orders it to gather the others. Meanwhile, she comes across the grave of Lulu, the elephant that was gifted to the prince of England by the Maharaja of India. She decides to use Lulu for her nefarious purposes.


Melinda has no idea what’s going on with her. Copernicus catches her falling after she is unable to fly after a point. Melinda asks Copernicus what he has done to her. Realizing that he needs to show her who she is to make her understand who she is, he takes her underground and shows her a large painting of her alongside two other guys [Edred and Seng]. She harbors doubts about her life, her parents, and Winston, wondering if any of it was real. Maybe if she is able to find the other two guys from the painting, they will tell her who she really is. Unicorn: Warriors Eternal Episode 1 ends with Copernicus taking off and setting out on the journey to find Edred and Seng.

Cosmic Orphan 

Copernicus and Melinda arrive at an abandoned school for orphaned boys that Melinda, aka Emma, finds very familiar. It slowly comes back to her that this place is where Winston grew up. She used to come here to watch him and his team play soccer. Copernicus and Melinda head inside and come across a bunch of thugs who have made the place their home. One of them is Alfie, one of the youngest of the bunch. After a brief struggle, Copernicus casts the Unicorn spell on Alfie, and he becomes Seng. Alfie finds himself flying in another realm, where he meets a bald guy [Seng], who tells him that their souls have thus been linked forever and that the future has been altered. Alfie, aka Seng, returns to the real world and is glad to see Melinda, who has no idea who this guy is. He also recognizes Copernicus. Clearly, he has Seng’s memory, unlike Melinda, who doesn’t know about herself or them yet. The monk that he is, young Seng, tries to make his friends understand that they all have suffered a lot of tragedy and need healing and support. His words don’t register in the minds of the thugs, who decide to beat him up instead. This doesn’t work, as Seng is a cosmic being and manages to get away without a scratch. The boys, however, end up taking a beating from him.


Where Is Edred? Does The Unicorn Defeat Lulu The Elephant?

A father and his little daughter visit the graveyard to see Lulu, the elephant’s grave. But to their utter shock and dismay, the site is empty [the green-eyed woman must have taken Lulu out of the grave]. Melinda, Seng, and Copernicus are in the middle of a market when they spot a magic show. The magician chooses Melinda as the volunteer for his next trick of levitation. The magician tries to hook her up without telling her, and she freaks out, involuntarily casting a spell at him, and he gets thrown away. Meanwhile, Copernicus realizes that the magician is Edred and casts the Unicorn spell to summon Edred’s soul into his body. Edred rushes and kisses Melinda, who pushes him away. Edred reminds her who she is and introduces Copernicus and Seng to her. However, he doesn’t understand why Seng is just a kid. But before they can try to think things through, Lulu the elephant enters the city and starts wreaking havoc [it must have been sent by the green-eyed lady]. Neither Seng nor Edred is able to tackle the elephant’s dark-magic strength, and it ultimately attacks Melinda. Winston comes to her rescue, addressing her as Emma and telling her that he has been looking for her since their wedding. Melinda tells him that she can’t go with him because she isn’t his wife. The trauma of not knowing who she really is and having a monster try to kill her takes a toll on her. She emits a wave of dark energy out of rage, which destroys everything in her vicinity. Lulu the elephant is dead, but many people lose their lives, and others receive injuries. Buildings have turned to dust. As emergency services arrive and begin the rescue, Melinda finds Winston in the rubble. He seems to be dead. As Copernicus, Seng, and Edred try to approach her, she tells them to stay away. Unicorn: Warriors Eternal Episode 2 ends with Melinda flying away from the destruction. Meanwhile, the green-eyed woman has noticed what has happened and knows that the Unicorn isn’t what it was supposed to be. She has to ensure that this resurrection becomes the Unicorn’s last.

Melinda, more than trying to escape from the destruction she has just caused, is trying to escape from the pain she is undergoing. She thinks that her whole life is a lie, and now she has no idea what she has to do. Perhaps Merlin can help her remember who she really is. On the other hand, the mysterious green-eyed woman is planning something big and will return soon with yet another monster, perhaps. Unicorn: Warriors Eternal Episode 3 will probably reveal her identity. 

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