‘Tracker’ Episode 4 Recap And Ending Explained: What Happened To Noah?

Previously in Tracker, we saw Colter Shaw investigating a missing person case involving a young woman named Mia. Colter was unable to find Mia alive, as she had been killed by corrupt businessman Eric Winslow’s wife, Charlotte. Colter and Reenie became close friends who would help each other out in difficult situations. Colter confided in Reenie about a tragic story from his life, saying how his brother had killed his father. Reenie agreed to help him whenever he needed her assistance. In this latest episode of the series, Colter is in search of a kid named Noah, who went missing, causing his mother to seek help from Reenie. Let’s see if Colter will be able to find Noah safe and alive.


Spoilers Ahead

Who Was Lisa?

Tracker Episode 4 opened in Mt. Shasta, California, in the woods, where a boy was seen running for his life from someone who had been chasing him. In the next scene, we saw Erica, a good friend of Reenie’s, meet her near a high school and tell her that she was extremely worried about her son, who’d disappeared from school. Reenie assured her not to worry and introduced Colter, the Tracker, who had solved many missing person cases. Erica put her trust in Reenie and Colter, and together the three of them went inside the school to meet the dean. Noah had been dealing with substance abuse and got sober for some time after he was enrolled in this high-security school, but the dean told Erica that Noah had relapsed weeks ago, which was damaging both his health and academic skills. Colter realized that the school was so strict that most of the students there felt like prisoners, which might have prompted Noah to relapse. 


Erica had no idea that Noah had relapsed, so she was utterly devastated by the news. Moreover, she had no idea of her son’s dating history until Colter found some stuff that belonged to a girl in Noah’s dorm room. Noah told Erica that her son might have had a relationship that he had been hiding from everyone.

Colter met another student from the school, Johnny, who was Noah’s friend, who confirmed that Noah had been in an argument with a guy named Zeke who used to work at the school. However, Zeke had also been absent for a few days since the day Noah left the school. Bobby helped Colter with this and searched the security footage till he found Noah leaving the premises with Zeke, hiding himself.


Colter looked into the secret relationship between Noah and Bobby and asked Bobby to track the call list on his phone. Bobby found that Noah had been calling a woman named Lisa, who might be the one Colter was looking for. Colter tracked down her address and went to meet her, only to find that she was badly injured in the face. First, Colter thought it might be Noah who did this to her, but Lisa confirmed that it wasn’t Noah who had beaten her up, but a drug dealer named Ray, who was her ex-boyfriend. Actually, when Noah and Lisa got into a romantic relationship, Lisa confided in him about Ray, which deeply bothered her boyfriend. So Noah decided to confront Ray to make him pay for what he did to her. That’s why he and Zeke sneaked out of the school to meet him. 

What Happened To Noah?

Bobby looked into Zeke’s phone, tracked his location, and forwarded it to Colter, who set out on his mission to rescue them. Colter decided to search the woods, which was shown at the very beginning of the episode. As he drove his RV towards the woods, on his way he stumbled upon an injured guy with a stomach wound. This was Zeke, who was shot in the stomach. Zeke lost his life due to the huge blood loss, so Colter quickly ran into the forest, realizing that Noah’s life was also in grave danger. On his way, the school’s security chief, Ritter, joined him, but Colter couldn’t trust him wholeheartedly. While looking for Ray and Noah, Colter finally found the latter, who was also injured. Colter put a bandage on his wound and tried to get him out of the woods. As Noah came to know about Zeke’s passing, he began to blame himself for his death. However, Colter tried to reassure him, but in the meantime, another gunshot was heard. It was Ritter who Ray shot, but he told Colter to run with Noah to save his life; however, Ray confronted them in the meantime. Ray, a sociopathic maniac, pointed his gun at both Colter and Noah, and he was about to shoot them, but Noah managed to distract him by falling on the ground and trying to run away. Meanwhile, Colter pulled out his gun and shot Ray. Ray survived, as it was not a fatal shot, but he was badly injured. Bobby had already tracked Colter’s location and sent it to the police to have them rescued.


Colter and Noah were safe, and so was Ritter, who was later rescued by the police. Colter managed to take Noah out of the forest safe and secure and brought him back to his mother, Erica, who was grateful to Reenie and Colter for saving her son. She promised her son that she would take care of him and would never let him out of her sight.

In the concluding part of the episode, we noticed a budding chemistry between Colter and Reenie as the two shared some fun conversations with each other. Colter believed it would be his responsibility to meet Noah and give him the support he needed in his life. He took Noah back to his school and escorted him to his dorm room, where Colter also shared some childhood memories with his father, who used to be strict and disciplined. But despite being a strict individual, he always used to reward them with something whenever they learned a skill. It inspired Noah, as he learned that he had been given a second chance in his life, so he’d probably honor that from now on. 

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