‘Tracker’ Episode 3 Recap & Ending Explained: Who Killed Mia?

The new CBS thriller series, Tracker, revolves around a man named Colter Shaw, who calls himself the Tracker, who tracks down missing people as well as the criminals involved in murder cases. In the previous two episodes, Colter Shaw and his team of trackers have been introduced to us, and we have also learned how they usually solve missing-person cases. So, in the latest episode of the series, let’s see if Colter Shaw will be able to solve another missing person case and find the victim alive.


Spoilers Ahead 

Who Had Kira Been Looking For?

Episode 3 opened with Colter driving back to Springland, Idaho, in search of a stolen car. However, he stopped by a parking lot, where he found a group of men, among whom was a guy named Tom Tozer, trying to scare off a woman who had been putting up some posters for her missing sister. The woman, named Kira Stine, wasn’t ready to leave the area, so Tom began to intimidate her, but meanwhile, Colter came to her rescue and asked Tom to leave the woman alone. Tom pulled out his knife and punctured his car’s tire. As the two got into a scuffle, Tom left the place after injuring Colter by stabbing him in the chest. It was a minor injury, so Colter didn’t pay much attention to it and wanted to talk to Kira Stine. Kira told him that her sister had gone missing, and the police didn’t actively investigate her disappearance. So Kira took it upon herself to find out about her sister at any cost.


Colter decided to look for Mia and went to a clinic, where Beth, a doctor, tended to his wound. Beth also informed him about Mia, who had previously come to her clinic. Mia used to live in her van, as she might have been a vagabond, traveling from place to place. Later, Colter talked to Kira about her sister and learned about the Winslow family patriarch, Eric Winslow, who had some illegal properties in his name. Mia was last seen on one of their properties, after which she had been gone. Colter realized that Eric Winslow might have had his hand behind Mia’s disappearance, so he forwarded some intel on Mia’s case to Bobby, who began to look for both Mia and her van.

Why Was Mia A Threat To The Winslows?

Soon it was revealed that Mia had had a brief affair with Eric’s son, Matt “Gecko” Winslow, who had been sleeping with her for quite some time. After Mia’s disappearance, Matt decided to leave Springland, but the trackers managed to track him down and catch him in the act. Matt told them everything about his relationship with Mia and said that he knew Mia had left the town, leaving a letter for him. Colter collected the letter and showed it to Kira, who told him that it was nothing but a lie, as this wasn’t even Mia’s handwriting. Colter realized that Mia was either killed or captured by the Winslows, who wrote a fake goodbye letter to make it look like she had left the town.


Meanwhile, Teddy and Velma began to look into the Winslows and dug deeper into their records, only to find that the Winslows had several complaints regarding these properties against them. Eric had been involved in a legal case with Nathaniel Orkutt, who had filed a complaint against him, but before Nathaniel could move forward with the case, he was found dead under mysterious circumstances.

It was evident that Eric had something to do with Nathaniel’s death, so as the trackers dug deeper into this particular case, they found out that Mia was to be presented as a witness against Eric Winslow, and that she’d agreed to do so. Mia had always been a straightforward and strongly opinionated woman who never backed off from doing what was right, so when she learned the truth about the Winslows, she decided to speak up against it. But Eric Winslow, who knew Mia very well, didn’t let her appear in court.


Matt was once again interrogated by Colter and his partner in the investigation, Reenie, who pressed him to reveal what he really knew about Mia getting involved in the lawsuit against the Winslows. Matt told them that he was the one who told Mia about her father’s illicit activities, which prompted her to take the decision to go against him. However, Matt had no idea what happened to Mia, as he only knew that Mia had left town. He suspected Tony, their driver, might have done something wrong to her. From the footage discovered by Bobby, who was able to track the location of Mia’s van, Colter found that it was Tony who drove the van away from their property. Matt felt guilty, but he was certain that no one in his family had brought harm to Mia, but Colter proved him wrong. 

Who Killed Mia?

In the concluding part of the episode, Colter took Matt to his parents, whom he confronted and asked about Mia. Eric confessed that all he wanted to do was scare Mia off so that she would back off from appearing in court, but the truth was that Mia was killed by one of the Winslows. It was Eric’s wife, Charlotte, who had killed Mia, because she knew that Mia wouldn’t stop, so she had to get rid of her, and that’s why she asked Tony to finish her off. Mia’s dead body was ultimately found on another property owned by the Winslows. Eric was about to call the sheriff, but Reenie had already called the police, who later arrested Charlotte. 

Kira was heartbroken, but at least she was content as she learned the truth about her sister. She finally got closure and thanked Colter by paying him. Together, Colter and Kira decided to decorate the van Mia used to drive so that it could honor her memories. 

Reenie told Colter that she was about to file a lawsuit against the Winslows on behalf of Nathaniel Orkutt’s family, which was good news. They were about to part ways, but before that, Reenie told Colter that she had been getting weird calls from a guy called Russell. Colter asked her not to take the calls and block him, as Russell was his brother who had killed their father, Ashton. Colter and Russell were probably no longer close to each other, and the reason why he called Reenie might be explored in the upcoming episodes of Tracker. Reenie assured Colter that if he needed help, he just had to ask her, as she’d always be there for him to help. 


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